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In fact, a recent survey shows that I am not alone. Additionally, according to a survey of 1, adult residents of the United States conducted by Scripps Howard News Service and Ohio University, one out of every five Americans believe he or she has seen an angel or knows someone who has.

Here are some of my favorites:. Hereafter starring Matt Damon. Can you explain mediumship and its purpose? Mediumship or spirit communication is a process whereby a medium under proper conditions get spirit messages from those who have crossed over to the Other Side — into the Spirit world. Spirits transmit messages to a medium for many reasons that can include, a life cut short, closure, and for the intention of healing.

Do you schedule private psychic spirit sittings? Ninety percent of the readings are now done through Skype, telephone, online Chat and through email. Additionally, LIVE sittings are completed prior to scheduled public or private psychic galleries. Do pets cross over to the Other Side? Yes, anything that lived and you loved is waiting for you when you die. Bring photos of your pet soul mate to events! Do you have any good suggestions as to how we can better prepare ourselves before a private psychic spirit reading?

The sitter, meaning YOU whether in a public demonstration, or private sitting plays a vital role for it is YOUR energy, positive mindset, and love that makes up to a large extent the atmosphere of whether a spirit feels welcomed. A key ingredient to a getting a great psychic spirit reading is to keep your mind focused on only positive thoughts, as this will provide the right energy needed for success. When negative thoughts, emotions such as anger, resentment, impatience, or distractions and expectations are present they can easily create congestion and an atmosphere not conducive for spirit communication.

In a public demonstration, everyone is looking for a connection. You need to be considerate and respectful of others; thus, you can help by being present, yet not creating distracting noises or movements leaving the room, snapping gum, crinkling papers as they can all be distracting to others including the medium. Many times spirits make themselves visible.

Also, like an antenna, my mind enables me to receive and see, hear, feel, smell, and taste things in subjective ways beyond the ordinary. Anyone can learn how to do this. Did you know babies and animals see spirits all the time? My dog SPOT sees spirits. I always sense the presence of a spirit and this does not bother me, as I know they want my help. Do you have a private mailing or email list? To simplify records there is a special confidential list of those that want to stay connected with me.

The purpose of the list is to inform you about up-coming events and classes prior to public notice. How should I conduct myself during a spirit or psychic reading?


During a sitting, you should be discerning when it comes to predictions. The energy of those plans exists within your aura; however, know that no prediction of the future is etched in stone. Positive changes can always be part of the experience. Always use good judgment concerning the future. Furthermore, always remember that the most effective attitude to have during a sitting is one of hope, love, harmony and that of cooperation.

Now, the people who can most benefit from spirit communication are those dealing with grief or have suffered a loss, such as a life cut short or to complete unfinished business. Fear, loneliness, and confusion are all emotions we deal with. Spirit communication can provide an opportunity for closure, a grasp of peace, and a full knowing and healing.

Through a sound spirit or psychic reading, we can gain knowledge of the condition in the higher phases of life and an understanding of natural laws that govern the universe. We can derive evidence of continuity between the physical and spiritual phases of life. These can include receiving comfort by way of communication with our loved ones who have passed into a higher expression of life to remove the fear of death, or comfort the bereaved, encouraging the sad, and to supplement our own spiritual hopes.

What might I expect from a spirit or psychic sitting with you? Noteworthy would be that during a spirit reading with a medium, there is a special yet uncanny attitude about the medium that develops and experienced as one realizes a positive and powerful unique and personal three-way process of spirit communication unfolds.

The medium becomes much like one standing on a bridge between the Spirit world and the physical world when the three combine for making a contact. These three-parts include a you, the sitter or client, b the spirit, and c the medium. What is spirit life like? Spirits have a variety of duties. They work and live like you and me. Some help new arrivals to the Spirit world, while others are healers, teachers and doctors. Other spirits help mediums and psychics to communicate.

Whatever responsibility or duty we have here, spirits also have in the Spirit world. What do you mean when you say the Other Side? The Other Side means to bridge two worlds. To do this, a process takes place in the form of a person who wants to make contact with those in the Spirit world. What is important to understand is that no medium can ever guarantee a certain spirit contact.

Like us, spirits also have free will. When I connect with those on the Other Side, I know not all spirits at all times are accessible as they too have work in the Spirit world. Secondly, there is no requirement for them to show up. Our love appeals to and attracts those in spirit to us whether they be family, friend, teacher, or a pet. Again, this happens because of love, meaning your love and not that of the medium. What happens if someone I do NOT want to speak to comes through?

However, a spirit medium does usually have the ability to ask a spirit to leave, and if necessary ignore who comes through in hope to terminate the spirit link allowing for a chance encounter with another spirit. In every instance, I found this approach to bring unsuccessful results. My conclusion is that we always get what we need, and never what we want in a spirit reading.

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That is why it is always best to go into a spirit reading with no expectations. I actually won two times, but not enough to make me a millionaire, yet! Still, please know that those in the Spirit world attempt to influence us positively in spiritual matters and are only interested in our higher spiritual understanding and awareness. By the way, I did have a caller who asked whether she should invest her life savings on one bet in a lottery.

The caller told me for over a week her deceased ex-husband kept coming to her in a dream telling her to take all the savings and play this one number. I questioned the woman about her ex-husband and quickly discovered he had a gambling addiction. With that information, I had to tell her she would be better off not following this advice. A week later the woman called to tell me the number given to her by the ex-husband never did appear and if she did what he wanted, she would have lost everything.

Just because someone dies, does not mean he or she becomes a saint on the Other Side. Do you ever withhold information? I would rather be wrong and give you messages than hold back anything. Can you explain why a spirit communicates through a medium?

A spirit communicates messages through a spirit medium to say they are okay, thank you, that there is life after death, and to inspire us. Spirits do not make a presence to tell us about romance, finances, or about our career. That is not their job. Spirit does not come to live our lives or to make decisions that we should be making for ourselves.

Just as there is a mindset for privacy among all in the physical world, there exists one in the Spirit world. Therefore, spirit, nor do spirit guides follow you around everywhere you go, unless you want them too. When should I seek a medium and what else should I do? The most valued spirit readings occur when there is a true need for spirit communication with a medium. More important, one should keep a genuine focus on self-reliance before seeking a go-between in any matter and in this case, there is no exception. What is important to understand is that mediums are here only to help make the connection that is otherwise difficult, but by no means is the only way to connect to the Spirit world.

Before seeking a spirit medium, ask yourself what reasons you have for wanting to make the communication. Is it simply out of curiosity? Is it just to see what relatives might come through? Is it out of true need to know a spirit is present in your life? Your reasons, the ones that are the most deeply felt by you will have an effect on your spirit reading experience. Can you explain to me what validation of spirit means? A validation takes place when information coming through the medium is true and verifiable for the sitter.

Validation helps to prove that the information coming through is from someone other than the medium. The process gives an assurance that it is coming from the spirit and that is truly them speaking. All successful spirit readings contain some form of validation. I am waiting for a certain sign in a reading, but have not received it. Why is this?

Specific mindsets, wants, and expectations will always reduce a spirit reading for all concerned. If you were meant to receive a special sign, you would get it, or you already have received it and maybe not aware of this. I have watched many people rush to reduce or refuse to acknowledge thousands of spectacular validations from special loving spirits and spirit messages just because a certain sign was not delivered and received in an expected way.

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Generally, when we ask for a certain sign from the Spirit world or a spirit, it comes, but in a place and time we least expect them too. Can you tell me how to know a real spirit medium and psychic from a fake? Many skeptics would have you believe that no spirit medium is for real and that all spirit communication is a parlor trick.

A spirit medium receives information they know is not their own.

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Skeptics define all mediums as fake by saying spirit mediums use cold reading techniques and other methods. Of course, in the end of all the debate, one needs to make a choice, to believe or not to believe. In the end, the only choice that really matters is your own. Let me say that when a real spirit medium is giving a reading, the ideas and or feelings expressed by the spirit are detached from those of the medium.

This is why it would be ridiculous to compare psychics, or their reading ability, when giving a reading. They can only get what they can the time the reading takes place from the spirit world. There is another important factor, and this has to do with the person getting the reading. Much of the way a reading moves is because of the mindset and energy of the person getting the reading and not the medium.

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Now couple this with the fact that more often than not the information conveyed is far too valid to be false. Yet, people do it! Perhaps out of fear. Thus, one more time, you really pay for their time of service. Well, because spirit mediums are human and they like YOU, can have off days.

As a rule, more times than not, much of the information given should be verifiable right away, and if not quickly, then expect it sooner than later when you least expect it to happen. The small inclusion of the number of articles available within each topical section also provides an added reason to delve in and learn more. The FreeSpirit FAQ page combines useful information navigational features with interactive content to empower the user to progress through the site and making buying decisions faster.

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