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What a response! The books are listed alphabetically by title and without links so as not to favor any particular online book seller.

Breakthrough Thinking for Nonprofit Organizations

Please look for them via your favorite search engine, online bookstore, or local bookstore. My Favorite Books for Nonprofits. Crutchfield and Heather McLeod Grant. Chait, William P. Ryan, and Barbara E. Policy vs. A Voice for Nonprofits by Jeffrey M.

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Berry with David F. I welcome additional recommendations! This page guide is a short and provocative read that should lead to some powerful discussions. Finding the right questions to ask is often as challenging as coming up with the right answers. Each of the 34 chapters introduces a key question and briefly explains why it needs to be addressed. For example:.

Nonprofit board members will find How to Make Your Board Dramatically More Effective, Starting Today a valuable tool that can be used for new board member orientation, special board retreats, and ongoing board development. Enough so that Branham wrote a second edition of his book based on new data collected from employee exit surveys.

Integrated Communications Strategies for Nonprofits

Dissatisfaction with pay is cause for some turnover, but more as an emotional issue related to salary fairness than with the actual amount of the salary itself. Branham explains that employees "are bothered by inequity — knowing that they make less than others who are no more qualified, or even less qualified than they are. They feel the injustice of getting the same pay raises as those who have contributed far less to the organization than they have This book will help you better understand why employees leave and what you can do about it.

Branham shows how to recognize the warning signs that employees are getting ready to exit and shares examples of what employer-of-choice organizations do to minimize turnover. Given employees share responsibility for their own engagement, he also offers suggestions employees can consider before they leave as a last resort. I strongly recommend Branham's updated book for managers and business owners who need to address employee retention for a better bottom line. I found her insights into internal marketing tools of engagement to be particularly apt and important. Too often in leanly staffed, undercapitalized nonprofits where staff is pressed for time, we overlook this crucial area.

Morale and profits suffer as a result, with organizations sometimes seeming disconnected and disengaged from their customers, volunteers, and in some cases overall mission. I've found that the whole idea of marketing is intimidating to many non-profits. They often believe marketing is too complicated for them and requires a commitment of resources both human and monetary beyond their capability. This insightful book dispels these fears as myths.

Marketing is presented here as it truly ought to be: a simple, people-based idea about creating and communicating value. Each chapter provides an understandable exercise that will cause the reader to pause and reflect upon how to bring the marketing concept to life in any non-profit. Share of Mind, Share of Heart is an experiential wisdom-sharing tome written for organizations that benefit us all.

Full of practical how to's and laced in the language and philosophy of non-profits, it will open eyes, enhance skills, and enrich outreach. Bell, noted author and consultant, The Chip Bell Group. Special thanks to Andrew, Frank, Chip, Ivana, and Wayne for taking the time to review and share their thoughts on my book! How did I shorten the learning curve between my two books? Thinking back on my experience, I realize that I benefited from:. I have to remind myself to just get something anything! Then I give it a rest by taking a break so I can go back to it later for fresh editing.

The process is sometimes laborious, but it works for me. Do I have book 3 in me? See details at the end of this post.

12 Books for Non-profit Managers

The topic is as timely as ever as managers seek help for engaging their employees and customers in a challenging economy. My deepest thanks to all who have read my book, including those whose companies continue to purchase and share the book with their clients and enterprise partners. The results were compiled by HR and shared with the executive team to develop an overall internal marketing plan.

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Since my book was published, I keep finding great examples of what works in fostering a positive workplace culture. As always, I welcome your ideas on this important topic. Be sure to enter special discount code FOS case sensitive, no spaces in the coupon code box. The book also makes a great gift! Not all organizations offer a formal orientation or onboarding program for new employees.

It's the time of year when I can take advantage of summer's slower blog traffic for a short break. This summer will be a busy one! My book was inspired by many dedicated nonprofit professionals and volunteers, including my colleagues, clients, and participants in my nonprofit workshops.

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Do anything that will take you outside of what you know, broadening your experience and increasing the probability of having new connections, and therefore new ideas. A lot of time is wasted on ineffective ideas sessions or brainstorms. If you are going to get a group of people together, make the most of their precious time by planning your session. For this part agree some ground rules for example;. Part two is about analysing and critiquing ideas — two very different disciplines, both equally important.

Have a process so that people know where to send their ideas and a system so ideas can be progressed. Many organisations processes look like a series of filters. Your process should be a flexible framework, to help you develop ideas. When you have your breakthrough idea, if its genuinely new you will have to get buy in and backing to develop it. If you can build a prototype or pilot it on a small scale it will help bring your idea to life for others.

This will help you move your idea forward. Failure and innovation are best mates. If you are trying out new ideas they are unlikely to be perfect first time. Accept that.

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Roll with it. Think about how you minimise risk, e. The worst thing you can do is nothing. Do something and embrace the learning. Like with anything, the more you practice the better you will get. Keep going. Remember why you are doing this.

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