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It is only a matter of getting the word out to the next generation. So we work with local Creation groups and schedule a seminar with highly qualified scientists with tangible evidence as speakers.

Many of these scientists were once evolution believers, but their own research convinced them that evolution is not viable. Students, many for the first time ever, are discovering that the Bible is true — that science and Genesis are in total agreement. And, if Genesis can be trusted, so can John From the first grade on our children are brainwashed with the Darwinian dogma while the state refuses any mention of Creation whatsoever.

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Though all the evidence supports Creation, that evidence has been swept under the rug and hidden from view. The campus events are called Summits, which is just another word for Conference. But, unlike most Creation Conferences, they're not for Creationists. New life and opportunities arise from the wreckage of a North American city urban renewal at what cost?

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A new mother takes us on a tour of Hamilton, a Rust Belt city born of the Industrial Revolution and dying a slow death due to globalization. Creation looks at gentrification from the inside out—an artist mother making a home and neighborhood for her family, struggling to find her place amid the existing and emerging communities. Creation presents the city as a living thing—a place where many small lives intersect and where death, motherhood, pollution, poverty, and violence are all interconnected.

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Drawn in evocative watercolor, Creation is unafraid to leave questions open-ended as Nickerson wanders the city and ponders just where the personal and political intersect, and where they ought to intersect. Way back in the Stone Age, when I first began making comic books for adults, it was with hopes that books like this would follow.

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With chronic hunger affecting millions, the world today needs to completely rethink its relationship to both agriculture and the environment. This book by Ed Brown explores the question, "What would the world look like if it reflected God's goals, rather than our own?

Host a seminar at your church or college.

All rights reserved. Call us at Mobilizing the Church to care for God's creation. About What is Creation Care?

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Care of Creation: Mobilizing the church around the world to bring healing and wholeness to all of Gods creation Donate Today. Strengthen, Increase, and Expand: the Keystone Fund Small but mighty: Care of Creation, like a keystone species, has played an important role in the global creation care movement.

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  • But at its root, it is a spiritual problem. Why We Exist Our mission is to pursue a God-centered response to environmental challenges that brings glory to the Creator, advances the cause of Christ, and leads to a transformation of the people and the land that sustains them.

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    What We Do. Discipleship We help Christians mature in their faith and take a deeper look at the scriptural basis for creation care as we speak at seminars, conferences, and other speaking engagements. Networking We partner with and work alongside evangelical networks and organizations, such as those focused on conservation and sustainability, holistic missions, and advocacy. Mobilize Your Church.

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