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New York: Palgrave MacMillan.

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Rethinking the ‘New’ Public Diplomacy

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Katz, E. London: Transaction Publishers, New Brunswick. Leonard, M. Diplomacy by Other Means.

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In: Foreign Policy. November 9.

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Mark, S. ISSN: , April. Melissen, J. Concluding reflections on soft power and public diplomacy in East Asia. In: Lee, S.

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Public diplomacy and soft power in East Asia. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

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The new public diplomacy: soft power in international relations. Nye, J. New York: Public Affair. Potter, E. US Department of State. Cultural diplomacy: the linchpin of public diplomacy. Report of the advisory committee on cultural diplomacy. Rosendorf, N. Foreign Policy. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Saliu, H. Doi: From the United States to Yemen, from China to Venezuela, the quality of the decisions taken by politicians and diplomats has been under the closest scrutiny.

What is more, with the increased personal mobility created by globalization, many individuals and groups now focus as much on international events as on affairs within their own state. Diasporas, company managers, humanitarian volunteers and other non-state actors are aware of the necessity for effective diplomacy to secure the outcomes they hope for. This revised and retitled new edition of the author's acclaimed The Changing Politics of Foreign Policy provides the concepts and analysis needed to make sense of contemporary developments in this key site of political action.

It provides a clear and engaging synthesis of what foreign policy means in the twenty-first century and shows how it can vary according to regime, level of development and geopolitical position. Stressing the interplay between context and shared dilemmas, it examines how actors — including the many non- and sub-state entities which have developed international strategies — engage, and attempt to manage their differences, within a network of complex multilateral relationships.

Written by a leading scholar of international renown, this new edition has been updated throughout, with particular attention given to contemporary issues such as soft power, transnational security challenges and the role of regional actors such as the European Union. Foreign Policy in International Relations 2. The Politics of Foreign policy 3. It is hard to say what this means.

It is doubly disconcerting because it is the Internet that provides the cost-efficiencies a strapped DFAIT and for that matter CBC require, not international broadcasting.

Wireless digital delivery of Web audio and video along with vastly cheaper reception technology will in any event soon make the distinction between Webcasting and broadcasting irrelevant. And Potter serves us all by playing the prac- tical Pancho to the digital Don Quixotes of this world, as he brings some conceptual order to a vastly com- plex set of issues and paradigms. And if the conceptual garden needs a little weeding here and there, that is only natural. The Web has its roots in previ- ous communications technologies. But, like a genetically engineered plant, it can run a little wild sometimes.

The Return to Great Power Competition

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