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Informal STEM education ISE exhibitions, public programs, media, and games also have these and other outcomes as goals for designed experiences and settings.

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This page provides resources and links to connect knowledge about these fields, based on knowledge gained from experimentation, evaluation, research, and reflective practice in these fields. Although these areas of activity sometimes go by different names, their purposes and strategies often overlap.

These include not only scientists but communication and engagement professionals whose job it is to engage a diversity of audiences through education, outreach, or broader impacts of research efforts. As part of this new charge from NSF, CAISE recently conducted two baseline studies on how and where the ISE and science communication fields diverge and converge, and is facilitating three task forces that are actively producing tools and resources designed to address common challenges in both fields.

By collecting, tagging, and making accessible papers, reports, articles, and links drawn from the learning sciences, the science of science communication, and other relevant research and practice, CAISE continues to build a robust repository of knowledge that serves the wider related fields. Every U. NSF grant proposal is reviewed on the basis of two criteria: intellectual merit and broader impacts.

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Researchers are given the skills to become national ambassadors of technology visiting second level schools to talk about their experiences and passing on advice to students. Undergraduate Internships Personnel from the institute also give talks to young people on such topics as the importance of innovation, Internet Safety and Cyberbullying Awareness , and on the exciting career opportunities being presented in our ever-changing world.

Click here for an summary of the institute's Schools Outreach projects.

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Insight liaise with and supports local digital makers clubs such as Coderdojos , Labs and Hacker-space, and organise. There are exhibits too on the development of the portable computer , the printer , the microprocessor, Women in Technology- Hidden Histories and on the Influence of Science Fiction on Technology Development.

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