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This New York Times bestseller reveals the intimate story that could only be written by the woman who lived it. It serves as a tribute to the man as well as the King of Rock n' Roll. First printing. Elvis Presley G. First Issue is for sale. This is the G. The front of the sleeve has a great large photograph of Elvis in costume in U. Army uniform as Tulsa Mclean; the reverse of the sleeve has 4 photographs of Elvis in U. Army uniform with and without his guitar. The sleeve is in Very Good condition with edge wear and small separation to the top edge of the opening of the sleeve, otherwise an exceptionally clean and attractive first issue G.

Blues sleeve that will be perfect for any collection of Elvis memorabilia. The vinyl LP is in Mint condition. The original inner sleeve has age toning to the front and back but is otherwise in great condition. Scholastic Book Services. Very Good-. Warner Books. Manor Books. Ships with Tracking Number! May not contain Access Codes or Supplements. May be ex-library. Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!

Biography with 32 page photo-insert. London: RCA Victor, This is from the Elvis film that was also known as Viva Las Vegas. The front cover has a great photograph of Elvis in costume in his role as Lucky Jackson, a racing car driver. In the same issue, Time writes despairingly about the whooping success of Jailhouse Rock's title song, whose moviebred lyrics of Jailhouse Rock suggest a powerful argument for penal reform Leiber and Stoller lyrics, such as:. I sure would be delighted with your company, Come on and do the Jailhouse Rock with me'. Certainly suggest what happens sexually to men cooped up together for long periods of time without women.

Keeping this in mind and Elaine Dundy's penchant for analysis of her subjects life and career, of the 21 pages about the movie Jailhouse Rock, she gave that topic only a few lines. I believe many view the lyrics and its contribution to the film as a whole to be a lighthearted reference to forced enviromental improvisation.

I think that the TCB band, symbol, etc. However, I lack the knowledge to write it. I mention it here in hopes that someone can be spurred to do this. Migp talk , 21 April UTC. This story has just broken in the UK.

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It hasn't been verified. There's a good deal of skepticism about it. Rikstar talk , 23 April UTC. They think because he's gone they can get away with it, but they forget that we, the origianl guys who were close to him for 20 years and more, are still here. At least one of us and most times more, were with him just about everyday for all that time. We know what he did and who he did it with. The only time Elvis was in any part of Great Britain is when his army plane made a brief landing to refuel in Prestwick, Scotland on his way home from the army in Germany.

He went with a couple of guys and met Steele as part of a group. He spent a few hours with him and the others but he never went to Parliament as Steele claims or any other sightseeing tour with him. Hope this sets the record straight for people. Beautiful People: "Once it was established that a man could be a sex object, it was time to show he could be pretty, too. Androgyny in men would become a fact of life with the rise of rock and roll in the 50s. It was one thing for a flaming queen like Little Richard to cross the line segregating the genders, but even the overtly heterosexual Elvis Presley did some trespassing by wearing mascara and dressing in gold lame, the latter recommendation of Liberace, the entertainment world's most flamboyant fairy.

Following the example of Elvis and the rock and roll rebels he inspired, straight men broke free from the rigid dress code of earlier generations and started strutting their stuff without shame. Now, as men keep in shape with regular visits to health clubs which their stogie smoking ancestors would have called a gym , the appreciation of male beauty is out of the closet as the gay men do much of the appreciating".

Source: Date Info - The webzine of Date. Brian W. I think he is a bit of an Elvis Fan, don't hold that against him , the man just shows good taste. I personally think it's about the music, first and fullmost, the rest just follows,we are all human. Go to Brian W. Fairbanks -Writer on the web, if you care to have a look. There were a couple of fans of Elvis Presley. Then, Rishi saw music videos of Elvis on Youtube and soon, he loved Elvis. Jerry Hopkins' updated biog is essential reading as it was the first, and has been updated.

It is unfortunate that LaraLove's wikiproject for this and other sections has not been followed. The content of Hopkins' biog is as valid as anyone else's and contains highly relevant information positive and negative I might add. More to follow? Rikstar talk , 9 May UTC. So Samuel Roy has an opinion. So does Jerry Hopkins. His books on Elvis have been combined and "thoroughly revised and updated", according to Jann Wenner, Rolling Stone founder.

Rikstar talk , 11 May UTC. With a rare combination of seat-of-the-pants reporting and thoughtful portraiture,he creates a richly nuanced picture of a world in flux,both for Elvis himself and for the broad range of humanity that was - and continues to be - so indelibly affected by his music.

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As I said above, I see no problems quoting from Jerry Hopkins's books. Here are some quotes from the author's book, Elvis: the final years :. However, the quality of the author's writing is not always as good as here. Hopkins's more recent book, Elvis in Hawaii , a publication of less than pages, is written for Elvis fans, filled with photographs and memorabilia collected from some fans and chronicling Elvis's time in Hawaii and his three Hawaiian movies.

There can be no doubt that Elvis helped create Hawaii's modern image as a tourist destination, but his three movies in Hawaii - Blue Hawaii, Girls! I don't waste my time and can concentrate on actually writing. Onefortyone talk , 12 May UTC.

The transcript is here. The reason I am bringing this up is because I actually believed the Wiki article that he just wasn't very sexual with women, etc. Linda Thompson does say she did not sleep with him for a few months into the relationship, but then it did turn sexual, and she recalls their "romantic first night". She also states that he was faithful for about a year in their relationship and she said it was "some kind of record" not exact quote, but she implied that he was not a monogamous type of person.

Emotionally monogamous yes, but not physically monogamous. She said that after that he was cheating on her with a lot of other women, ie having sex with them. She also states the reason why they broke up in the interview, and how, when they were breaking up, Elvis had another female in the room below their room, waiting for him ostensibly to have sex with him.

I just want to note that I am personally not an Elvis fanatic, I am merely pointing this out, and I hope some other editor on this page uses this information. I realize there are bios of Elvis out there, but this is straight from Linda Thompson. Ruth E,thankyou so much for your recent comments,I am aware of this particular interview. I believe Linda Thompson along with her brother Sam Thompson are going to be writting a book about Elvis in the very near future. Linda Thompson is very well liked with the majority of fans and I have only heard favourable comments by many of Elvis's associates.

I have been editing on the Elvis talk page for only 3 months or so,but I really like the concept of Wikipedia,that it's a public domain and everyone can express their opinion,which at times can get heated,but that makes it all the more interesting and yes at times frustrating,but you can learn from it. Of all the Elvis books out there and there are many,along with their contradictions,I could use that information and make Elvis look like a choir boy,ready for saint hood or a monster,if I so choosed,like most of us I believe he was neither,I go with somewhere in the middle.

So my advise is don't believe everything you read,search around other sites as well and make up your own mind. I would like to site something I read from Joe Esposito that made sense to me and pertains to the subject your talking about. All the best to you. He loved women,but he was not the super-sauve stud everyone thought he was.

No one could live up to that image. Elvis slept with a lot of women,especially in the early days,but he couldn't have slept with every girl he dated. As you can see above User's test is quite large,so the only way I can clearly dicipher it,it to write it in sections,along with my responding comments. It is unclear whether he actually had sex with most of the womem he dated. Judy Spreckles and June Juanico say that they had no sexual relationship with Presley.

Juanico "recalls a time when she stood up to Elvis in front of his band of hangers on,who even then were beginning to accompany him everywhere.


He grabbed her arm,took her into the bathroom and declared. He kept her there for five minutes,then swaggerd out,his image intact. Responding Comments: Early in Elvis's career,Elvis's manager Colonel Tom Parker would have wanted Elvis to be seen and photographed with many different women and incoureged Elvis to do so,this was all to make him look available to his predommantly female audience,so they would buy his records. In the early days Colonel Parker did not want Elvis to get married or appear to have a serious girlfriend,such as the case with June Juanico. In her book ,June Juanico comments about her dislike for Colonel Parker for this reason.

As for comments about Judy Spreckles and June Juanico,Judy Spreckles was a friend,as for June Juanico relationship with Elvis goes,here's a bit of what she had to say about that. But,in a whisper,she warned her son,"You just better not let Colonel Parker know how serious you are about June. You know how he feels,especially about marriage. Gladys was determined to get him married and settled near her. The Colonel was equally determined that Elvis maintain his image of a rock'n'roller who was "available" to the legions of girls filling the concert stands.

The Colonel wouldn't even sanction a steady girlfriend. He desperately wanted to have sex with June,who adamantly refused. As Juanico noted five decades later,"It was another time,another sensibility. There were alot of virgins running around including me. She had her suspicions about Elvis,as well. They were both apprehensive. The big fear then,reminded June,was pregnacy and if you got pregnant you got married. She did allow him to kiss her passionately. And they engaged in serious and creative foreplay. User writes: Byron Rahphael and Alana Nash have stated the star "would never put himself inside on of these girls" and that the so-called dangerous rock-and-roll idol was anything but a despotic ruler in the bedroom It is to my understanding that Alana Nash is a writer for Penthouse Magazine and was assigned to interview and write Byron Raphel's intriguing little story,that is all,that's what a writer does.

A story is only as reliable as it's source.

The funniest won I heard was Byron Raphel claiming that Elvis was well endowed in the private area,it's even more funnier that Elvis nicknamed it Little Elvis, go figure. This source is just to silly for words. Byron Raphael was not even mentioned in the updated "Elvis and the Memphis Mafia" book,showing him total contempt and rightfully so. User writes: During his military service,he had "discovered prostitutes and picked up the intense fear of transmitted deseases which led to claims that he had a morbid fear of sexual penetration. H Broeske. However she did make a comment that got me wondering.

Talking about things in it's entirety, writes in the first section I have written from this very article "Jaunica recalls a time when she stood up to Elvis in the front of his band of hangers on,who even then where beginning to occampany him everywhere. He grabbed her arm,took her into the bathroom and declared "Look" your so right,I'm really sorry. He kept her there for five minutes,then swaggered out,his image intact.

An outspoken and fiesty teenager,June recalls a time when she stood up to Elvis in front of his band of hangers on,who even then were beginning to accompany him everywhere. He grabbed her,took her into the bathroom and declared.

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  8. He kept her there for five minutes then swaggered out,his image intact. My question to you ,you're not one for short edits,why did you leave the first sentences out,don't you like sentences that use the word macho in them, to describe Elvis? After all these two sentences were the first part of the paragraph. Getting back to what mentions about prostitutes,transmitted deseases and claims about fear of sexual penetration,here are some sources that discuss these subjects. Sam Phillips likes to tell the time a flusted twenty-one-year-old Elvis showed up at his home to anxiously confess,"Mr Phillips,ahh,Mr Phillips,I got somethin I'm just worried to death about.

    Broeske p. The above comment shows Elvis was concerned about deseases way back then. I was going to site more information,don't get me wrong I am pretty open minded,but I'm finding this all just a little perverse. I'll move on to the next section. I'm just trying to makeing a point to all this. User: writes: Even the Memphis Mafia members didn't exactly know what was really going on in Elvis's bedroom. In most cases,when the girls were waiting for the star were bought up to the singers suite,Peter Guralnick writes "Elvis would go in the other room,he'd go in the bedroom or somewhere,and then when they came back with the girls,the girls would sit there for maybe ten or fifteen minutes and finally one of the cousins would go in the bedroom and come out himself and another ten minutes would go by and then would come Elvis.

    And there would be silence,and then the cousins would say,'Oh,Mary Jane,this is Elvis,and the girls would be totally gone. In most cases,when the girls who where waiting for the star were brought up to the singers suite,". As I've said before you not won for short edits, then why did you leave out the first two sentences out of that paragraph you quoted from Peter Guralnick's book? Reading that paragraph you used from Gurlanick's book and your final personal view of "Does this sound as if he was very interested in these girls? Here are the first two sentence you choose to leave out of that paragraph from Peter Gurlanick's book,"He wasn't really serious about anyone for the time being,though.

    He was engaging the single life,and when he got bored he just had to tell the guys to hunt up some girls in the Lobby of the hotel. He would have them bought up to the suite,offered one observer". Just two paragraphs before Peter Gurlanick writes: "In the evenings they would go to the movies sometimes,the whole gang of them,it was,according to Vince Edwards,like "The Clan of the Beverley Wilshire full of cousins and him.

    We all got out and bought our tickets and formed a line. Now by this time a crowd has formed,you know,they'd see all these strange-looking characters get out of the cars and wonder,who the hell is this,so if there wasn't a problem before,there is now. Anyway,there would be two lines right up to the ticket taker,and Elvis would be the last one,or if he had a girlfriend,the girlfriend would come out with him,and Elvis would go right between the two lines,and everybody would be blown away they'd just move back.

    I always thought Elvis loved the entourage,and he loved playing the part-he seemed to have an instinct for entrances. Reading this paragraph and the one you quoted,as it flows in,I believe that the author was pointing out that Elvis liked making entrances,whether he was out in public or in his private life,that's all. But then we all see things differently I guess. Evertime I write the word section,Im typing in Sextion by mistake,do you think it may be some sort of fruedien slip perhaps ,just kidding,I think I just getting a little tied.

    People can interperat things differantly sometimes, I can appreciate that,but if your playing some sort of little game here,please don't do it with me,I just want to try and help where I can to make this a good article okay. User: writes: Gurlanick further says "For the more experienced girls it wasn't like with other Hollywood stars or even more sophistacted boys they new. They offered to do things for him,but he wasn't really interested. What he liked to do was lie in bed and watch television and eat and talk all night - the companionship seemed as important for him as the sex" and it seems as if he only occassionally had intercourse.

    There are just a few more sentences that follow after what quoted in the same paragraph. It reads: "-the companionship seemed as important for him as the sexand in the early morning hours they would make love. In your response to what I said,you never explained why you did that,you just quoted the next paragraph from Peter Gurlanick's book etc. By you leaving those few sentences out,to me it was like you slammed on the brakes,it looked very strange. This time however you did go a little further and say "the companionship seemed as important for him as the sex" then you put the brakes on again and you didn't write "and then in the early hours they would make love.

    But instead you finish with "and it seems as if he only occassionly had intercourse. Just recently have woke up this morning to find your recent response,I'm absolutely speechless,the only thing I can think of to say to you is thankyou for sharing that with me. Let me explain something to you if I may,I chose to dissect your recent edits, section by section,because I didn't agree with what you said and wanted to explain why,that is what I have chosen to do and something that is important to me.

    However,I have spent 18 hrs research on this so far, because if I have a problem with what you say,I have to back it up and it hasto be thorough and accurate as It can be. I thought I would have this finished by now. However reality sets in and I have to go to work and do 14hr a days for the next three weeks. You said in your last response to me,that I have accused you of twisting things around,selective referencing etc. Yes I did, because that is how I genuinely see it. You also mentioned that my doing so,was showing bad faith,as you put it not the Wikipedia way.

    May I remind you that you also have called me an Elvis fan,which I am,but as I see it,spoken by you in a way that appears to be used in the most derogatory of terms. I've been called a sock puppet,which I am most definetely not. That my comments of past have been amusing and funny,which I find are both belittling and discouraging. But that's okay then isn't it,one rule for you and another rule for everybody else,is that how it's going to be. This is why I think that this article is stagnet and will continue to be fo god knows how long.

    Here's what I'm going to do,to show good faith. Two things,firstly I've decided to have three weeks timeout from what I'm doing on the Elvis Talk Page, because of work commitments and also if I don't do this ,I may very well blow my fuse with you and I don't want to do that. Secondly,I will however cite a paragraph that you wrote today,that I have a problem with,there are more but I am a little pressed for time at this point.

    Isn't this partly what the talk page is for? With that I will endeavour to continue these discussions with you in three weeks,see if we can work it out,for the better of this article and for it's readers. Keeping in mind , that what ever I say is not against you personally,I would like you to believe that,as I wouldn't be spending all these hours citing my sources. I would just say something like your wrong onefortyone and that your an Elvis hater,well that would be productive,not.

    See you in three weeks. Jaye9, it is unfortunate, but wholly predictable, that you would be accused of being a sockpuppet and that you would be referred to disparagingly as an "Elvis Fan" we've all been there. Do not take his comments to heart. Rikstar talk , 19 May UTC. User: writes: This is followed by the most important part of the text. They offered to do things for him,but he wasn't really interested" This is a clear statement. Other sources,among these eyewitness accounts by several girls,also say that Elvis primarily liked to lie in bed and watch TV and eat and talk all night.

    This certainly means that the companionship was more important then having sex with these girls,although Gurlanick claims that "in the early morning hours they would make love. Both Elvis and the girls must have been tired after talking or reading the Bible or phitoshical books all night long. I think what the author was trying to point out,of the girls he met,if they were experienced he didn't go off with them. Elvis was 22 years old,a very young 22 year old,not very experienced at that time with life in general,also shy. That's why I think he was with girls who were not worldly.

    He also wasn't very well educated and I have heard Elvis say in an interview that he didn't like interlectuals and didn't hang around with these sort of people,for the same reason. They intimidated him. User: writes: "Other sources,among them eyewitness accounts by several girls,also say that Elvis primarily liked to be in bed and watch TV and eat and talk all night. This certainly means that the companionship was more important than having sex with these girls,although Gurlanick claims that "in the early morning hours they would make love" Query: how should the author or the Memphis Mafia know whether they actually made love in the bedroom?

    Both Elvis and the girls must of have been tired early in the morning after talking and reading the Bible or phitophical books all night long. This certainly means that the companionship was more important then having sex with these girls,". Other souces and several girls, what there were two,three,four a hundred sources and girls all said the said the same thing as apposed to the other sources saying the complete opposite. Lets just cite them all and tally them up and see what we get.

    As I said before in his book Joe Esposito puts it in it's rightfull purspective when he says "In certain ways Elvis was not a very unsophisticated man. He love women,but he was not the super-sauve stud everyone thought he was. Elvis slept with alot of women,especially in the early days,but he couldn't have slept with every girl he dated. Actually Elvis acknowledges this as well,in his own way,which I'll cite from Joe Esposito's book.

    He smiled. Before I went into the Army,there were three differemt girls who claimed I made them pregnant. A couple of them claimed they'd had abortions. But I didn't get them pregnant. Then you continue with "although Gurlanick claims that "in the early morning hours they would make love" Query: how would the author or the member of the Memphis Mafia know wherther they made love in the bedroom?

    Both Elvis and the girls must have been tired early in the morning after talking or reading the Bible or philosphical books all night long. In regard to you saying how would the author or the Memphis Mafia know this to be the case. So you see,looking at what he said and being the type of biograhpher Peter Gurlanick is known for, I seriously doubt he would have said that Elvis had made love with these girls in the early hours of the morning without a having a reliable source or sources. So here you are questioning Peter Gurlanick's integrity as a writter and the Memphis Mafia who knew him men talk.

    You don't look at that, instead you give you own interpretation of things, by saying "Elvis and the girls must have been tired early in the morning after talking and reading the Bible or philophical books books all night long. Have a guess? User writes: "Only occassionly this might be the case, as Anne Helme stated that they had sex,relating that they "played cards into the early morning hours,when Presley would ask her to slip into a flauncy,yellow baby-doll nighty he had bought her" Perhaps this was the souce Gurlanick had in mind.

    Are you saying that Anne Helme may have been Peter Gurlanick's source or based on what she said,to give cause for Peter Gurlanick to put that in? As I've said before Anne Helme to my knowledge has not down many interviews. Peter Gurlanick was talking about the girls he was with back in For that reason why would Peter Gurlanick use her as a source,she wasn't there in So this is your explanation as to why the "making love" bit not be included into the Wikipedia article. User writes: "However most girls say it didn't happen,as in her memoir,Breath Out Peggy Lipton says that Presley was like a teenage boy.

    I don't know much about Peggy Lipton as I havn't read her book,but the little bit I've heard is that she dated Elvis for about a month I think,didn't she take him to that Scientology place in Los Angelos in the early 70's? I will let the sources I cite explain this. Let me say quickly ,this was the 70's,not the 50's,so I don't know why you felt the need to mention this in your text in the first place,isn't this all over what Peter Gurlanick had to say what occured in ?

    Before I cite this it is pretty explicit for an Elvis Talk Page, for that reason I will just touch on it shall we say: Barbara Leigh who dated Elvis from to writes of their first date: "If anything was foreplay to Elvis it was kissing. He loved to kiss. Our heavy kissing led to our first night of lovemaking". Skipped a bit We kissed even more passionately,almost out of control.

    He was spontanious,hungry and made love with the enthusiasm of a teenager" and it goes on. He was moving quickly,much more quickly than usual,maybe he feared the pills would take effect and prevent us from making love. Waiting to keep pace , I sat up and started to pull my nightgown over my head when suddenly I found I was struggling,my arms heavy as lead. The pills Last source around Joe Esposito talks about Elvis's girlfreind Shelia Ryan. But he was no longer the healthy young man he's been with Barbara Leigh and Linda Thompson" skipped a few paragraphs.

    As soon as they took effect,he would grin sloppily and drawl,"Baby The article reads "[..

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    So, is it Friedberg where Elvis spent most of his time in the army? There are several other places mentioned in connection with his military service: Wiesbaden at least there he supposedly met Priscilla for the first time and Bad Nauheim there is even a Bad Nauheim medley to name just a few. So, were those just temporary residences during manoeuvres or holidays? Where was he after all? Speaking about Priscilla, there are quite a few details of her story I never really understood and there's no mention of them here either:.

    It was many years ago I read Priscilla's book and my English was pretty far from being perfect, but I remember this part being somehow foggy. Other bios such as Jerry Hopkins book are even more silent about it if I'm not wrong he also briefly mentions another girl, 11 years old. Perhaps such details are beyond the scope of wikipedia, but at the same time it could provide further insight in their relationship and Elvis personality. Ruth E,have a look at what User has done with his recent information and how he delievers it in a certain way,or should I say to appear in a certain way.

    This is exactly what I was talking about before,just by using certain information,piecing it together,I can make Elvis be what ever I want him to be. This is called selective referencing. I usually find 's responding text to be both perplexing and annoying,however on this occasion I am pleased he has done this very thing,because what I plan to do is disect this information section by section with the authors involved and put it into its rightful perspective once and for all and hopefully move on and get back to what it's supposed to about,a conscience and informative encyclopedic view on Elvis Aron Presley.

    Give me a week and I will have it ready by the weekend. Riskar tidy it up where you see fit,I would really appreciate your help with this. I propose adding someting to the Legacy section or a new one? Wall's observations re: EPE, etc. Rikstar talk , 12 May UTC. A new section may indeed be created. Here are some paragraphs from a former version of the article which could easily be used perhaps in an abridged form:. It was only after his death that an industry built itself around Presley.

    Many people of every race, creed and nationality were taking up a career as professional Elvis impersonators — or Elvis Tribute Artists ETAs as they now prefer to be called. Conversely, a parallel industry, mostly kitsch, continues to grow around his memory, chronicling his dietary and chemical predilections along with the trappings of his wide celebrity. Many impersonators still sing his songs. It has been claimed that there are over US fan clubs and that they exist in every state except three: North Dakota , Idaho and Wyoming.

    Music critic and Presley biographer Dave Marsh says about the singer's fans: "There are people in places that count in the world, and people in places that don't. He is the son of the people who don't count, and their shining star. That's what makes him unique and what people still respond to.

    Part of this volume is the article, "Fandom and Gender" which includes an examination of female fantasies of Presley. There can be no doubt that it was primarily "the recording industry, which made Elvis Presley a mythical media demigod. What is more, David S.

    Elvis Presley: A Biography

    Wall has shown that many authors who are writing books and articles on Presley are part of a "worldwide Elvis industry" which has a tendency towards supporting primarily a favorable view of the star. The content of the majority of these publications can be characterized as based on gossip about gossip, only occasionally providing some new surprising details. There are not many critical, unfavorable publications on Elvis's life. An example is Albert Goldman 's controversial biography, Elvis , in which the author unfavorably discusses the star's weight problems, his performing costumes and his sex life.

    Such books are frequently disparaged and harshly attacked by Elvis fan groups. Professor Wall has pointed out that one of the strategies of the various fan clubs and appreciation societies to which the bulk of Elvis fans belong is " 'community policing' to achieve governance at a distance These organisations have, through their membership magazines, activities and sales operations, created a powerful moral majority" endeavoring to suppress most critical voices. Cantor goes as far as to call the American Presley cult "a postmodern simulacrum of the German Hitler cult.

    In his book Elvis after Elvis: The Posthumous Career of a Living Legend , Gilbert Rodman traces in detail Presley's manifestations in contemporary popular and not-so-popular culture. He draws upon the many Elvis "sightings," from Elvis's appearances at the heart of the presidential campaign to the debate over his worthiness as a subject for a postage stamp, and from Elvis's central role in furious debates about racism and the appropriation of African-American music to the world of Elvis impersonators and the importance of Graceland as a place of pilgrimage for fans and followers.

    The author further points out that Presley has become inseparable from many of the defining myths of US culture, enmeshed with the American Dream and the very idea of the "United States," caught up in debates about race , gender , and sexuality , and in the wars over what constitutes a national culture. This Presley cult has been much criticized. You would use one on McDonald's? Indeed, there are not only positive voices concerning the singer and his life.

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    During the early years of his career, Country blues guitarist Mississippi Slim constantly criticized Elvis. According to Robert A. Segal, Elvis was "a consummate mamma's boy, who lived his last twenty years as a recluse in a womblike, infantile world in which all of his wishes were immediately satisfied yet who deemed himself entirely normal, in fact 'all-American.

    Greenwood Biographies. Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Elvis Presley , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Nov 16, Whitney rated it really liked it.

    This book is so good! I love this book because it go's through every detail of big moments in Elvis' life. The book does talk about some very disturbing things that he did and it made me feel very uncomfortable reading through that. Kathleen makes each moment through the book make you feel like you have to know whats coming next. Dec 10, Wesley Quill added it. This book enlightened me on so much of Elvis' life.