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But it seems that people in other parts of the country says that they "look at" it. I come accross this when reading, and when watching the tube. In movies too. Either way is right, I'm sure. Peace, mangeorge. In TX we say "watch," I've never heard anyone around here say "look at" unless they are talking about repairing the TV.

I suppose if you can't afford a working set you sit and look at it. I normally watch a program on the television. For us it's "watch" if we're paying any attention at all. Otherwise, it's just "TV is on" and maybe we won't even be in the room with it. If we're in the room we're either "watching" or otherwise "listening" while focused elsewhere with our eyes. We don't just "look at" TV unless we're watching the video while listening to the audio of the same program on the radio. This latter activity is how we deal with Titans football games.

The radio is much better than the TV so we split the experience between "looking at" the TV and listening to the radio. I suppose the "looking at" applies when we're listening to music on the stereo but have the picture on something with the volume muted on the TV. We do that every now and then, too. Maybe it's an east coast thing. I last came accross it reading a Stephen King story.

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We say "watch" but I've heard "look at" too. A sidenote, my grandmother used to say davenport instead of couch. Go sit on the davenport. What's up with that? My grandma said that too. Problem was, it took me up until about the 2nd grade to learn not to call it that around my schoolmates. This thread just jogged that into my memory. Don't know why. Anyways, it's an old furniture company. The difference between "watch" and "look at" is something I go over with almost every ESL class I have. Watching is something you do over an extended period - usually whatever you're focusing on is in motion.

Looking at is usually briefer and the object of your gaze is static. I've never heard anyone say "look at TV" instead of "watch TV," unless it's in class. In which case I correct them. Davenport was something the persons we knew in Wisconsin and Iowa would call the coach.