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Internal Medicine | School of Osteopathic Medicine | Rowan University

We train our residents to be well rounded Internists, prepared for careers as clinicians in Primary Care, Hospital Medicine, or fellowships in medical subspecialties; to be educators, researchers and administrators. Our program strives to achieve the appropriate balance between service and education, in part by minimizing resident involvement in activities of limited educational value.

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Our academics are rigorous and our expectations are high. At the same time, our residency program and its teaching venues provide a nurturing and supportive learning environment.

Internal Medicine

We are proud of our mission and the superb clinicians who graduate from UMass. We welcome you to join our team!

Internal Medicine vs. Family Medicine

As our program director, I have the opportunity to guide an outstanding group of physicians. We have a strong leadership team made up of talented Associate Program Directors, motivated and inspired chief residents, creative and enthusiastic Core Faculty, and dependable and involved Site Directors. Our leadership team works day in and day out to optimize the training experience for our resident physicians.

The mission of our program is to train competent and caring physicians in Internal Medicine whom are exceptionally prepared for their next professional step. We are looking to recruit physicians with a strong work ethic, a kind and empathetic personality, and an internal drive towards the achievement of excellence with maintenance of humility.

We look forward to meeting you, and we are confident that you will leave KU with the sense that we are the right fit for you. Leigh M.

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Residency Program Home. Benefits Overview Vacation and Leave. Internal Medicine Residency Program Welcome from the Program Director Thank you for your interest in our program, and congratulations on nearing the completion of your undergraduate medical education.