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Freud sparked the psychological revolution and personally trained the second generation of psychoanalysts. Sexual Impulses or more generally, life affirming impulses Libido or libidinal energy is the energy source for this impulse.

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Basic Life impulses are referred to as needs. Aggressive Impulse or more generally, death encouraging impulses Aggressive energy is the energy source of this impulse.

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As an Impulse grows, it becomes more likely that the person will choose an action which will reduce this need. Libido, the energy of life affirming impulses, is invested by a person in various activities, people, objects and goals. Neurosis can be cured through the process of catharsis , which allows the cathected energy to be released. Catharsis is generally referred to as "the talking cure". Neurosis : A mild psychological disorder.

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  6. Psychological trauma can sometimes produce physical complaints: loss of sleep, selective paralysis, overeating. Psychosis : A severe psychological disorder such as schizophrenia.

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    Freud himself did not believe that catharsis the talking cure could successfully treat people with psychosis. Conscious: Includes only what we are aware of at any given minute. The awake, everyday feelings of life represent consciousness. Preconscious : The easily accessible portion of the unconscious. This could include recent memories what you did yesterday , phone numbers, or favorite foods, to name a few. Basically, long term memories which are easy to retrieve.

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    Unconscious : Instinctual elements, as well as censored and repressed memories. Our earliest childhood memories may be locked in the unconscious, yet might still influence our everyday behavior. Freud believed that by understanding the memories "trapped" in the unconscious, he could explain "unexplainable" behavior. The Id - Das Es The original core of an individuals personality.

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    The Id is biologically driven and contains the libidinal energy. The Id is primitive and unchanging, because it has no contact with the outside world primarily unconscious. The ego controls voluntary motion and self-preservation behaviors. The ego must satisfy the impulsive demands of the ID while obeying the standards of the superego.

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    The Superego Das uber Ich - Developing out of the ego, this structure serves as the conscience, which can develop both standards of conduct and inhibitions on prohibited behavior. The superego can be both conscious, and unconscious as in extreme guilt feelings which the individual can not trace. Our superego is modeled after our parents superego. If the crisis is not properly worked out, the person could become fixated at that stage of development.

    Fixations are seen in adulthood as child like approaches to gratifying the basic impulses of the Id. The oral stage: The lips, tongue, and teeth are at the center of understanding the world. The impulses of hunger are thirst are paramount -- and can only be gratified orally. Energy becomes cathected to the mouth region and some energy remains there permanently.

    Oral Gratification in adulthood is seen as pathological only in extreme instances. Partial fixation in the oral stage is seen as a cause of smoking, overeating, or heightened interest in oral sexual gratification.

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    Stage 2: Ages 2 to 4. The Anal Stage. These findings demonstrate how much mental life exists even before birth and considers unevolved, unborn and barely born aspects of the self such as the birth of emotion and the birth of alpha functioning. Illustrated throughout with original data and extensive clinical discussions from some of the biggest names in the field, Primitive Mental States will be a useful resource for students and seasoned analysts alike.

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