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They represent a significant body of work which will help to inform developing practice on applicable law and conflict throughout the field. This new work presents the Principles, alongside article-by-article commentary and notes, which analyse thoroughly the context of the rule within the Principles, as well as within the existing legal solutions at the national, European and international level.

It also explores the policy considerations underlying the rule, enabling a better understanding of why the Principles adopt the solutions laid out in the rules. Useful references are provided to the relevant legal provisions and cases dealing with the respective issues of intellectual property and private international law.

ILA Committee Intellectual Property and Private International Law

Basedow, P. Dinwoodie, J. Drexl, C. Heinze, A.

Conflict of laws

The Federation Press April, pp. ISBN Hardback : Learn More. Mark Leeming. Stephen G.

Restatements (2d, 3d and 4th) and Principles of the Law, with Appendices

Pitel and Nicholas S. The Statutory Foundations of Negligence. Content Commons We strive to make our material accessible to everyone who reads and uses our books. Find out More. Canadian Online Legal Dictionary. Explore Dictionary. The rule of law and human rights are two sides of the same principle, the freedom to live in dignity.

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The rule of law and human rights therefore have an indivisible and intrinsic relationship. In the Millennium Declaration , Member States agreed to spare no efforts to strengthen the rule of law and respect for all internationally recognized human rights and fundamental freedoms. In the World Summit Outcome , Member States recognized the rule of law and human rights as belonging to the universal and indivisible core values and principles of the United Nations.

In the Declaration of the High-level Meeting on the Rule of Law , Member States emphasized that human rights and the rule of law were interlinked and mutually reinforcing. The Human Rights Council has actively advanced the rule of law.

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