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Keep following Javier to him.

Pursued by a Bear Productions Ltd

Follow Javier. Like Health Core, you can regain Stamina by eating certain foods.

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Canned Peaches will restore Stamina Core moderately, but only slightly to health. Eat the Canned Peaches. Keep heading toward John. If you do, and are set on getting gold, you can always jump off the cliff and reload the checkpoint. Go toward the three wolves and slightly to the right to stand on a rock there. They should focus on you without being taunted. Shoot them, aiming for the heads, to take them out quickly. When you've taken them out, get out your horse and head back down the mountain with Javier and John.

How to Use "Pursue" with Example Sentences

Present I. Present continuous I. Simple past I. Past continuous I. Present perfect I. Present perfect continuous I.

Past perfect I. Past perfect continuous I. Future I.

BBC Radio 4 - Saturday Drama, CS Forester's London Noir, The Pursued

Future continuous I. Future perfect I. Future perfect continuous I. Conditional present I.

Pursued by Dogs

Conditional present progressive I. Conditional perfect I.

Conditional perfect progressive I.