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The task of a fairy-tale therapist The task of the fairy-tale therapist is to help the person find an acceptable solution for himself with emerged task before him, without edification, false promises and luring in empty dreams. When a person comes to such a decision himself — without unnecessary fuss, through a deep comprehensive independent understanding of the situation — this decision contains a huge stock of energy, determination and patience.

The strength starts to appear in order to pass that same road in thousand steps from the Chinese proverb. There is discipline to take one step every day, there is a wisdom not to give up when something goes wrong when there was an initial plan.

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Flexibility begins to appear in response to unforeseen situations. Since , the method has been patented. The method allows to provide operational, long-term and in-depth psychological assistance without age restrictions.

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The Institute has developed training programs for professionals who want to use the method in their own practice, and development programs for children, teenagers and adults. According to the materials of the book T. That is a treatment with fairy tales. Probably, several questions immediately arise: What can fairy tales treat? Can fairy tales really treat??

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And if they really can, then what are fairy-tales? What are fairy-tales?

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What can fairy-tales treat? And why is this title written with a copyright notice?

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  • To request an electronic inspection copy for course use consideration, please visit one of the following services to submit your digital examination request online:. Add to Cart. More about this book. One of Choice's Outstanding Academic Titles for Book Trailer. Chapter 1 [PDF]. The book is a classic, formed like a mosaic of precious small pieces, each one glinting with its own color and character, glass and crystalline, but somehow hard, unyielding. Zipes' most important achievement, though, is simply putting the complete, uncensored tales before readers to judge for themselves.

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    But for readers whose tastes lean more to, say, Tim Burton, wading into the collection might feel like stumbling into an agreeably dark and Gothic forest. His version of the original stories. Zipes's introduction.

    This is the uncut Brothers Grimm: shocking, funny, and at times downright weird. Morrison, Independent. They unearth gems, and further our understanding of the stories and storytellers' place in the cultural history of their respective countries and, more broadly, in the universal human need to tell and listen to stories.

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    The rewards of these collections are irresistible. Be prepared for a nasty shock. It's an excellent little book. If not a replacement for whatever illustrated fairy tale collection you had as a child, it's certainly a valuable addition to the library of a fairytale-loving child or adult.