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Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Suggest Edits. The Framers adopted ten constitutional amendments, called the Bill of Rights, that would preserve individual rights and state authority. His proposals—such as term limits for members of Congress and Supreme Court justices and limits on federal taxing and spending—are pure common sense, ideas shared by many.

They draw on the wisdom of the Founding Fathers—including James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and numerous lesser-known but crucially important men—in their content and in the method for applying them to the current state of the nation. Now is the time for the American people to take the first step toward reclaiming what belongs to them. Kathy Urbano Actually Mark it is the other way around!! Why do Dems pretend to want to help the underdog but only create programs that help big government? Have a …more Actually Mark it is the other way around!!

Have a hunch you listen too much to the main stream media as well as Jimmy Kimmel! You need to start to educate yourself on what each party not only truly stands for but what each one has contributed good and bad less. See 1 question about The Liberty Amendments…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Sep 22, William C. This is an important book that could appeal to all Americans. This book should appeal to all Americans. But this book doesn't appeal to all Americans because it is too backward looking. Levin has written a wonderful book that will appeal to constitutional conservatives and libertarians like myself but is crucially missing any crossover appeal.

That is a massive flaw. The problem that modern Republicans have is that they think they can win every political argument by appealing to the constitutio This is an important book that could appeal to all Americans. The problem that modern Republicans have is that they think they can win every political argument by appealing to the constitution.

An ever-increasing percentage of our population dismisses the constitution as a racist document that is obsolete in the post-Civil War and post-Civil Rights world. So direct appeal to the document and its authors has little persuasive power. We need convincing contemporary arguments that appeal to modern-day voters. This book is a missed opportunity to convince liberal, conservative and non-ideological Americans alike that restoring primary governmental powers to the states is a great thing to do.

This concept should be equally appealing to a liberal state legislator serving in, for example, the Oregon House of Representatives as it does to a state legislator serving in Utah because it re-empowers both of them. And on an individual level, every voter's ballot would count more because the governmental bodies that write laws that most impact their lives are closer to them. The only people who wouldn't like this are the control freaks and busy bodies who feel a compulsion to force everyone else in the world to live a certain way.

Again, this is an important book that reminds us that the constitution contains a failsafe that allows the states to reign in the federal government. Furthermore, many of the amendments that Levin proposes would be wonderfully effective in breaking up the stranglehold that career politicians and bureaucrats have over this great nation.

It is my fervent hope that the states take the initiative to restore their rightful role. Too bad Levin missed such a great opportunity to bring non-conservative minds into this movement. View 1 comment. This book does not delve into the controversial topics of today or spout un-examined talking points or partisan rally cries. It deals with the legal history of our constitution and the original intentions and debates behind the Bill of Rights and other amendments.

Why is it that current state legislatures have no actual representation in the federal government? Is it really a good idea to have the same officials elected to the same positions over and over and over? Are voter ID requirements anywhere near as Orwellian as some claim? This book answers these questions not from arguing partisan policy but by comparing how the Constitution worked at its founding and how it has often been neglected even when it was being "reviewed" by courts or administrations. The Constitution is indeed a "living document" and was designed for change and improvement - what worked and was understood years ago will not always be the same in today's world, but where others simply dismiss the Constitution as limited, Mr.

Levin shows it is still powerful and valid. It was a profoundly optimistic and inspiring read, even in its darkest revelations about our great nation's legal shortcomings. If nothing else, this book should help to rekindle interest and debate in our Constitution, it's original intentions and shortcomings and what can be done to bring it back to the public forum. Our laws and values are defined there and in the federalist papers and state constitutions , not solely in the mandates of federal agencies and over-reaching courts.

August preview review I heard the audio excepts today on Mark's show from the Liberty Amendments and was encouraged enough to buy a copy. I thought I would the be one of the first to indicate what I thought about the potential solution to the problem that the federal government is imposing on us.

This is yet another way that the average countryman can start fighting the hundreds of unconstitutional laws and pages of regulations that are spitting out of the federal government every year. I have read Tom Woods' Nullification book and Michael Bolden's tenth amendment center, where the states can Nullify unconstitutional laws like Obamacare, Indefinite detention, Real Id, drug laws, and the travel freedom act. Mark is presenting a 2nd method to control the federal leviathan by proposing many new amendments to the constitution that will protect us from the federal government.

He is hoping to start a new movement with this book to start the process. Our current solution of voting the bums out has not worked for hundreds of years. Your vote is only looked at when there is a tie. There has never been a tie. This is from Nozick tale of a slave here: Tale of Slave 1st chapter of the new book can be read here I know that our current president does not pay much attention to the constitution. If we don't pay attention to the constitution there is nothing to keep him from running for another term or declaring himself the supreme ruler of the United States.

Aug 15, Bryn Dunham rated it it was amazing Shelves: owned-books , civics-politics-philosophy. In "Liberty vs. Tyranny", Mark Levin wrote the definitive book on Conservatism. In "Ameritopia", he argued effectively how America has entered a post-constitutional era and that the never ending quest for an unattainable utopian society is not merely destructive but has been sought after by Statists since the dawn of civilization.

Now, in "The Liberty Amendments", Levin once again delivers an excellent escape route to restoring America to the image envisioned by the Framers of the Constitution, In "Liberty vs. Now, in "The Liberty Amendments", Levin once again delivers an excellent escape route to restoring America to the image envisioned by the Framers of the Constitution, via new constitutional amendments.

Levin admits that this is not an easy task and was not intended to be so by the Framers as such matters were not to be taken lightly. With each amendment, Levin not only offers the language of each amendment but also offers the justification for its ratification and historical relevance. Levin eloquently argues that since the Progressive Era, power has been substantially and significantly stripped from the states and transferred to a relatively small band of masterminds in the legislative, executive, judicial branches plus a "fourth branch" in an administrative branch of a national government, which was the opposite of what the Framers intended.

By restoring the Republic via the Constitution, Levin once again argues with passion that liberty can be preserved from the destructive ends of "do-gooders" and masterminds found in Washington, D. Read this book and place it among the other timeless books by Levin, whose works will not expire upon the next election cycle. Aug 21, Bruce Snell rated it it was amazing. In this book from Mark R. Levin, the author makes the proposal that the states call for a States Convention to offer amendments to the Constitution. He begins by debunking the prevailing theory that such a convention could lead to the wholesale destruction of our Constitution as we know it today - much as the Constitutional Convention that was called to amend the Articles of Confederation resulted in the replace of those articles with the Constitution.

In the course of the book Mr. Levin suggest In this book from Mark R. Levin suggests eleven potential amendments which in the aggregate serve the purpose of restoring the Constitution to the principles of the Founding Fathers. He proposes term limits, a balanced budget, limits on sales taxes, opportunities for the states to amend the Constitution in the future, protections for private property and protection for the integrity of the vote.

And in the end, he solicits suggestions for ways to improve these suggestions further. This is an excellent book and should be read by every serious scholar of the Constitution and every citizen who cares about the future of the country. Sep 03, Brad rated it it was amazing Shelves: conservative. Very good book. Explains his point of view clearly and explains the current problems with the Federal government. A lot of people complain about the things that are wrong, but Levin does an excellent job at laying out clear solutions to the problems that many people see with the Federal government.

Article V of the U. Constitution enables for Constitutional amendments to be proposed at special conventions called by two-thirds of the state legislatures.

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These amendments can then be ratified by a two-thirds majority of the state legislatures, thereby bypassing the need for input from the federal government. In theory, this would provide Americans with a method for passing strongly supported legislation that the federal government refuses to implement usually at the behest of special intere Article V of the U.

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In theory, this would provide Americans with a method for passing strongly supported legislation that the federal government refuses to implement usually at the behest of special interest groups or powerful donors. In practice, however, there is very little precedent for amending the Constitution in this manner, and to do so represents an uphill battle of the highest order.

However, that doesn't make it impossible. I wish both men all the luck in the world, but my pessimistic nature tells me they are grasping at straws here. I just don't see two-thirds of state legislatures standing in defiance of the federal government anytime soon.

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Then again, with Obamacare all set to implode as the Republican-majority senate stands idly by and watches impotently while it goes up in flames, perhaps there is cause for hope that someday a super-majority of states will stand up and wrest some of their power back. Much of it could be categorized as "conservative talking points," so don't go in expecting anything mind-blowing. However, I thought there were a couple surprises, such as Levin's criticism of the Seventeenth Amendment for decreeing that senators should be chosen through popular election rather than by the state legislatures.

At first, Levin's stance on this issue seemed almost anti-democratic, but his explanation of why America was actually better-off under the previous system ultimately made a whole lot of sense. Other of his proposed amendments, such as federal spending caps and term limits for senators, are simply no-brainers.

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  7. Oct 04, Jill rated it liked it. This book is a good primer on many of the issues conservatives seem to value today. Personally, I find this method much more convincing and deserving of further consideration that the alarmist and blustery tactics used by those prominent in conservative media. The book was strongest using historical context, but I found the modern examples lacking.

    This was perhaps done by design t This book is a good primer on many of the issues conservatives seem to value today. This was perhaps done by design to appeal to the widest audience possible. The heat on some modern debates is still a bit too strong to win over anyone not already predisposed to the positions. Dec 15, Lance rated it really liked it. I am by no means a fan of Mark Levin, and in fact this book is the only thing written by him that I have read.

    While I don't agree with everything he proposed in his book, I do agree that we need to have a larger conversation about the principles upon which we will base our society. We need more voices, not less, engaging in dialogue about facts.

    Mark Levin’s The Liberty Amendments | The American Spectator

    And Levin does a good job of laying out facts. Our government is filled with corrupt, self-serving politicians who have warped the system slowly but sur I am by no means a fan of Mark Levin, and in fact this book is the only thing written by him that I have read. Our government is filled with corrupt, self-serving politicians who have warped the system slowly but surely to their advantage.

    Levin proposes several constitutional amendments designed to turn the system back towards its original intent: operation within restrained limits so that the liberty of the people is preserved. I like a number of ideas Levin proposes, though I disagree on a number of points.

    Perhaps the biggest disagreement I have is with the whole approach of fixing the system through constitutional amendments. That approach assumes that the government or whoever is in power respects the rule of law.

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    That approach won't work with those who think that their agenda and its need of implementation supersede the rule of law. If those in power will do what they want to do anyway, then adjusting the supreme law of the land which they don't respect won't suddenly solve the crisis. You can pass all the constitutional amendments you want to preserve private property rights, for example, but if a government which cares not for the law still wants to take your land, guess what happens.

    Now, if those in government will actually submit to the law, then amending the Constitution can offer some promise. The bigger problem, though, is not a broken system but rather a broken people. The system is working much as the Founders designed it to work. Those who are elected to represent the people are by and large representative of the people who elected them.

    So if our government officials are corrupt, it is because we as a society are corrupt. If our government officials are immoral, it is because we as a society are immoral. If our government officials are unethical, it is because we as a society are unethical. Clearly every barrel will have one or two bad apples. And those outliers don't define the distribution. But when we see such abuses of power as we have witnessed on every level of government by those who think it's okay to trample on the Constitution because the people just don't know what's best for them, we see a reflection of what happens on a smaller scale in the lives of individuals people who cheat their employers or cheat on their spouses, people who lie because it appears to give them advantage, people who drive with no respect or consideration for others on the road, people who step over others in order to get ahead in their careers or to get that hot deal on Black Friday.

    The people we complain about in government simply reflect who we are as a larger society. The fix is to back to the home and reinforce family values. One such value is respect. We don't have to agree with everyone in order to live peaceably with them. But to live in peace we need to respect our neighbors. That value is best learned as children by observing parents practice that value and then practicing it ourselves later as adults. So it is with every other virtuous value promoted in home and family. That fix is for the long-term. Political solutions play better to the short-term, and Levin puts his chips on that number.

    Where some systemic changes are proposed, I don't think Levin goes far enough. For example, he suggests giving power to the states to nullify acts of Congress. The Founders were right to restrict the power of the federal government through a system of checks and balances among three branches.

    The Liberty Amendments Explained: Article V Convention of States

    What I think they missed was the fourth branch of government. They thought it was the media, who would keep corruption in check through public criticism. But the state legislatures themselves can play the role of restraining the federal government much better.

    The Liberty Amendments

    They should be able to nullify acts of Congress, but they should also be able to overturn Supreme Court rulings and impeach members of the executive branch. The people, as represented by their state legislatures, should be able to constrain the government. Instead what we have seen is government which imposes itself in every aspect of the lives of the people, constraining their liberty. It's all upside down. Levin and I are agreed on one point. We need to engage a dialogue about that next best step, and that dialogue is best held in a convention of states, which has the constitutional authority to institute the type of changes that Levin proposes in his book.

    Though the powers that be may not all respect the supreme law of the land, that doesn't mean that we the people should also cast it aside. We need to do what lies within our legal power to seek after liberty. I don't agree with all of Levin's points, and I have questions about his approach, but I do recommend his book, if for no other reason than to provide a basis upon which to start a conversation about the society and the legacy that we want to pass on to future generations. Mark Levin provides an excellent platform for laying out a plan to save the USA.

    The USA is currently on course to become a has-been country which is very bad for the entire world.