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These new amazing cushion covers are Made by Sequins. The front of cushion cover is adorned with two tone sequins in different color as you choose. Pattern Type: Double Sided sequins. See details. See all 2 brand new listings. Passman , Hardcover. Be the first to write a review About this product. About this product Product Information An exposition of the derivation and use of equations of motion for two-phase flow.

The approach taken derives the equations of motion using ensemble averaging, and compares them with those derived from control volume methods. Closure for dispersed flows is discussed, and some fundamental solutions are given. The work focuses on the fundamental aspects of two-phase flow, and is intended to give the reader a background for understanding the dynamics as well as a system of equations that can be used in predictions of the behavior of dispersed two-phase flows.

The exposition in terms of ensemble averaging is new, and combining it with modern continuum mechanics concepts makes this book unique. Intended for engineering, mathematics and physics researchers and advanced graduate students working in the field. Additional Product Features Number of Volumes.

List of Figures. Continuum Theory. Fluids and Solids. Kinetic Theory. Classical Theory of Solutions. Mixture Equations. Ensemble Averaging. Other Averages. Averaged Equations. Closure Framework. Maxwell-Boltzmann Dynamics. Interfacial Area. Equations of Motion for Dilute Flow.

Well Posedness. Sponsored Research. Principal Investigator: S. Lai; Co-PI: S. Project number: k Sun, P. Knio; Co-P. Sun, D. Keyes, D. Ketcheson, M. Mustapha, K. Sun, co-P. Lai, sub-award P. Wheeler; Co-P. Hoteit, and T. Arbogast, and M. Calo, Co-P. Sun et al.

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    Mathematical Theory of Incompressible Nonviscous Fluids Applied Mathematical Sciences v 96

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