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The food is made up of wholesome and iconic dishes that are quick and easy to cook. Week 6 — Sicily: This food of this island has absorbed influences from its many invaders including the Greeks, Arabs, Normans, and Spanish. The result is a cuisine full of delightful distinctions from Italian food to the north. Examine the customs and culture of each destination through its culinary delights.

Explore the rich flavors from bright green olive oil to spicy chorizo that have kept Spain deservedly in our culinary spotlight. Week 1 — Northwest — Galicia, Asturia, Cantabria: A region well known for its seafood, the northwest also boasts a variety of meat dishes that are both simple and flavorful. Week 3 — Andalusia: Equally influenced by the land and sea, Andalusian cuisine highlights the exotic spices and ingredients introduced when the Moors invaded from North Africa several hundred years ago. Week 4 — Valencia and The Mediterranean Coast: Seafood, citrus, and rice are dominating culinary forces in this culturally diverse region.

Week 5 — Catalonia: A generous and varied selection of fish, meat, and vegetables abound in Catalunya. Week 6 — Basque Country Basque, Navarra : As far as food goes, the Basque country just may be the most important tourist destination in Spain. This coastal and border region boasts a rich gastronomic history with a mix of French and Spanish influences. Basque cuisine is truly unique. The Techniques of Cooking series cover the basics of general cookery from knife skills to complex cooking methods.

The Techniques of Baking series cover pastry arts from breakfast croissants to elaborate desserts. Each of these series takes place within a one-week period. Teen Techniques of Cooking 5 Day Series This is the perfect first step into the world of culinary arts for budding foodies! Discover the basics of general cookery, including food safety, knife skills, and both basic and complex cooking methods. Day 3 — Braising, Stewing, and Steaming: Immerse yourself in this liquid-based cooking technique by infusing meat and vegetables with your flavorful stocks to make hearty recipes.

Day 5 — Master Sauces: Discover the ultimate finishing touch to any culinary experience, as master sauces build upon flavors to transform the ordinary into extraordinary. Teen Intermediate Techniques of Cooking 5 Day Series Whisk together the next chapter of your culinary excursion with even more cooking skills and techniques to practice. Learn to prepare full meals from start to finish, adding fun and finesse along the way with different culinary themes.

Day 1 — Grilling: Learn to control the heat, select the tools, and discover the endless possibilities beyond hot dogs and hamburgers that are unique to grilling. Day 2 — Brunch: Discover the recipes and the simple plan-ahead techniques that make rolling out of bed exciting and worthwhile. Day 3 — Pasta: Craft a selection of fresh pasta, made with your own two hands and naturally dyed with colorful herbs and vegetables to pair with flavorful sauces. Day 4 — Comfort Foods: Explore our favorite fan-favorite comfort foods that always bring joy to family and friends.

Day 5 — Around the World: Join us on a whirlwind tour of the entire world to experience a few classic dishes and treats found beyond our borders. Techniques of Baking 5 Day Series Explore pastry arts from yeast breads to simple, yet delicious cakes and doughnuts. Everything is made from scratch from start to finish, providing basic technique and ample opportunity for creative pastry arts expression.

Day 4 — Cakes: Explore the basic styles, recipes, techniques, and tricks that produce perfect birthday cakes and cupcakes.

Day 5 — Doughnuts: Learn to make classic yeasted doughnuts, delicious glazes, fillings, and top everything off with colorful sprinkles and decorations. Intermediate Techniques of Baking 4 Day Series Take your baking skills to the next level with these more complex techniques. Learn and grow as a baker with a journey from delicate puff pastry to the wonderful world of chocolate.

Day 1 — Puff Pastry: Focus on the classic French method for making and handling puff pastry to create artful and delicious sweet and savory treats. Day 2 — Meringues: Whip your baking skills into shape with light, fluffy meringue-based recipes from cookies to tortes.

Day 3 — Cakes II: Reach new baking heights with lighter-than-air sponge cakes layered with fruit preserves and buttercreams. Day 4 — Introduction to Chocolate: Discover different methods of working with chocolate in various forms and learn why chocolate is integral in so many of our favorite sweet treats!

Advanced Techniques of Baking 4 Day Series Round out your pastry skills with twists on traditional styles and a venture further into the art of specialty baking. Day 1 — Cookies: Learn a different-styled approach to concocting creative versions of our favorite afternoon treat.

These are not your average drop cookies! Day 3 — Chocolate: Explore even more amazing chocolate recipes and learn how to create Willy Wonka worthy chocolatey treats. Teen Just Cakes! Discover different styles, practice new skills, and build intricate and distinct cakes each week to perfect the art of cake baking and decorating. Day 1 — Batter Cakes: Kickoff your cake adventure with classic American batter cakes, learning the basics that will carry you through the next days.

Day 2 — Foam Cakes: Expand your horizons with light French and Italian genoise and airy chiffon cakes. Day 3 — Rolled Cakes: Keep the fun rolling with this unique presentation that lends itself to classic holiday Yule logs. Day 4 — Tortes: Explore taste and texture combinations with layered tortes built on a variety of complex flavors. Teen Morning Bakeshop 3 Day Series Learn the tricks to perfecting the most popular bakery treats like muffins, rich breads, and croissants. Day 1 — Quick Breads: Cake for breakfast? Not quite, but some of our favorite flavorful muffins, scones, and tea cakes serve as a delightful morning treat!

Day 2 — Yeast Breads: Proof, knead, shape, and rise to the top of breadmaking glory with a delicious yeasted bread. Day 3 — Viennese Pastry: Perfect your bakeshop skills with this final layer! Croissants and puff pastry are the most labor intensive of doughs to make, but the buttery layers also make them the most rewarding. Bake Shop Basics for Pre-teens 3 Day Series for 8 to year-olds For younger siblings longing to keep up with their teenage brothers and sisters, this series provides their chance to practice baking and decorating techniques in smaller, intimate classes.

Day 1 — Muffins and Cookies: Mix up the fruits, spiced, and chocolate-filled muffins and cookies that shine at the counter of every bakery. Day 2 — Pies: Create flakey crusts and quick crumbles to highlight the best fruits of summer and sweeten up any backyard picnic. Day 3 — Cupcakes: Bake up crowd-pleasing flavors and whip up classic buttercream recipes to pipe the most show-stopping decorations.

Practice these new skills on our flavorful adventure into the world of bread making from sweet to savory, and crusty to chewy doughs. Teen Cookie Bakeshop As much as we love the classic chocolate chip a Massachusetts original! Teen Craving Chocolate Cookies, cupcakes, and brownies, oh my! Chocolate is integral in so many of our favorite sweet treats that we think it deserves a moment in the spotlight.

Learn about the many forms and varying flavor profiles of chocolate, tricks for bringing out the flavor, and recipes in which it shines. Teen Cupcakes Why settle for a single slice of cake, when you can have the whole cup cake? When everyone is baking different cupcake recipes, there are tons of great flavors to share and experience! Teen Doughnuts Discover what it takes to bring a simple fried dough to the next level. Learn to make classic yeasted doughnuts, delicious glazes, fillings, and top everything off with colorful sprinkles and decorations.

Teen Filled Pasta Workshop Do you know all the pasta names? From tortellini to cappelletti, and ravioli to agnolotti, there are so many types of filled pasta to make from scratch. Learn how to roll pasta, make delicious fillings, shape and form each bite, and top with a sauce to match. Teen Hand-cut Pasta Workshop Craft a selection of fresh pasta, made with your own two hands and naturally dyed with colorful herbs and vegetables.

Teen No-Bake Dessert These delicious crowd-pleasing recipes are the stars of summer for a very simple reason: no preheating your oven. Teen Pies Workshop Flakey crusts and sweet fillings go together like summer and picnics. Learn to make the most of summer berries and buttery crusts by mastering the tricks to making our favorite backyard treat.

Join us to make fresh pizza dough from scratch and top with a range of traditional and more creative toppings to design your own one-of-a-kind pizzas. The Teen Tours introduce future and current world travelers to the culinary wonders across the globe, bringing the best of each region to the CSCA kitchens. We make it easy and approachable in this whirlwind tour! Day 1 — South China: The delicious and delicately seasoned dishes emphasize sharp knife techniques and fresh ingredients like ginger and Chinese broccoli. Day 2 — West China: Sichuan peppercorns add a unique heat to many dishes from Western China, but there are also plenty of less spicy dishes to go around.

Day 5 — Vietnam: Textures and flavors contrast and complement each other to provide a rounded and unique culinary experience filled with fresh herbs and vegetables. Teen Tour of France 5 Day Series From its lush valleys to its majestic Alpine peaks and azure Riviera coastline, France possesses a wealth of regional cuisines, each enduring over centuries. Put aside haute cuisine and fine dining to study the simple pleasures of the delicious and approachable French food found in homes and bistros. Day 1 — Normandy: The food of Normandy is simple, but rich, thanks to the generous use of butter and cream.

Day 2 — Touraine: Located in the heart of the Loire Valley, Touraine is known for exceptional foods, delicious cheese, and stunning scenery. Day 5 — Provence: Enjoy sun-ripened vegetables, seafood, fresh herbs and a liberal helping of olive oil in every dish. Day 2 — Emilia Romagna: Largely considered the culinary heart of Italy, this northeast region is the origin of Italian staples Parmigiano-Reggiano, Prosciutto di Parma, and Balsamic vinegar!

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Day 3 — Tuscany: Unlike its northern neighbors, Tuscany favors unfussy, rustic foods dressed with olive oil rather than heavy sauce. Day 4 — Lazio: Home to Rome and Vatican City, the food here is made up of wholesome and iconic dishes that are quick and easy to cook. Teen Tour of the Mediterranean 5 Day Series Travel along the Mediterranean coast with a stop in many of the major historical trading cities to experience the variety of coastal cuisine.

Explore the cooking techniques, flavor profiles, and popular ingredients along the way. Day 1 —Greece: This paradise for foodies is best known for light, traditional dishes topped with a drizzle of olive oil and a hunk of feta. Day 2 —Southern Italy: Italian coastal cuisine is showcased by fresh flavors like tomatoes, olive oil, and plenty of fresh herbs.

Day 5 — The Levant: Levantine cuisine is home to popular foods including hummus, falafel, and shawarma, but there is so much more this region has to offer. Teen Tour of Spain 5 Day Series Spanish flavors are bold and delicious with recipes deeply rooted in tradition, but the country also has a flair for innovation! Explore some of the recipes and cooking techniques that will leave you asking for more, por favor! Day 2 — Madrid and the Central Plains: Touted as the culinary capital of Spain, Madrid serves as a melting pot of culinary delights!

Day 4 — Valencia and the Mediterranean Coast: Seafood, citrus, and rice are dominating culinary forces in this flavorful cuisine. Day 5 — Basque Country: The delicious cuisine along the border of Spain and France is unlike any other. Enjoy the small bites called pintxos and tasty fritters. Make marinades, quick seasonings, tortillas from scratch, and various fillings from grilled chicken thighs to guajillo-beer braised beef short ribs. Several sweet and spicy salsas will take your taco game right over the edge of excellence! Brunch After a long week why not plan to have a midday feast with friends or family.

Try some of these magnificent dishes like overnight sausage strata, chicken and waffles, and cherry coffee cake. Discover the recipes and the simple plan-ahead techniques that make rolling out of bed exciting and worthwhile. Chicken Butchery Build a solid foundation with the invaluable technique of chicken butchery, a skill that will save you flavor, time, and money in the kitchen.

Learn how to cut a chicken into even pieces to make the most out of every bird. Classic Sauces Nothing elevates good home cooking like a masterful sauce! Line cooks, sous chefs, and even garde manger cooks must have expertise in sauce-making. Explore the classic mother sauces and their myriad of flavors, textures, and colors so you can start making restaurant-worthy dishes at home.

Not us! These easy weeknight preparations will make busy evenings more enjoyable for the whole family. Fish Cookery Learning how to shuck an oyster is a rite of passage for New England cooks! Garden Party Nothing beats vegetables freshly picked from your own garden. No garden you say? The recipes and techniques featured in this class celebrate the warm weather bounty of summer produce. Enjoy dishes like grilled vegetables with rosemary, summer vegetable tarts, chilled avocado soup, and berry shortcake. Gnocchi Workshop Gnocchi Italian for dumplings is most recognized and prepared as a potato based favorite.

Learn to make a variety of gnocchi using semolina flour, ricotta, and squash. Grill, Roast, and Deep Fry Join us to practice the techniques that encourage the caramelization of flavors known as the Maillard Reaction. This chemical reaction between amino acids reduces sugars that gives browned foods its distinctive flavor.

Grill fish, roast pork, fry eggs, and tackle the cooking techniques that yield the browned, complex flavors we crave.

Delicious Steak Dinner Recipes With A Twist

Knife Skills Time to slice and dice your way to culinary wizardry. As a bonus, our instructor will help turn your expertly cut vegetables into a delicious feast. Pasta Workshop — Filled Pasta This class is for those who aim to impress! The world of filled pastas is vast and flavorful. Discover many of our favorite Italian variations including familiar pasta shapes like ravioli and not so common shapes like caramelle candy-shaped and pansotti half-moons.

Complete each dish with a sauce made from scratch. Pasta Workshop — Hand-Rolled Pasta Explore the fundamentals of pasta making, including rolling, cutting, and pairing pasta shapes with sauces. Work from scratch, incorporate various colors and flavors into your dough, create many shapes, and complete each dish with some bold and flavorful sauces. Preserving the Seasons Homemade compound butters, chutneys, conserves, flavored oils, vinegars, condiments, and jams are a tasty and traditional way of preserving the bounties of the fall harvest.

These accoutrements will turn ordinary fare into a gourmet extravaganza, and they double as impressive personalized gifts. Learn about preserving techniques and tools, and practice making your own compound butters, jams, and marmalades to bring home. Risotto Workshop for the Seasons At its simplest, risotto is a hearty, warming rice dish that meshes well with hundreds of ingredient combinations and stands up to tons of Parmigiano Reggiano or Pecorino. Discover the basic principles of risotto making from assessing rice types to building flavor layer by layer.

Explore a multitude of recipes and discover just how brightly this Italian classic shines. Sausage Making Welcome to the land of charcuterie! Discover the equation for making a simple, yet mouthwatering sausage base from which the flavor possibilities are endless. Learn about balancing fat to lean muscle ratios and proper seasoning as you create sausage perfect grill-ready links from scratch.

Your backyard gatherings will never be the same! Learn what makes a great soup base, how to cook seasonally, and of course discover just what went into those slow-cooking stews that Grandma used to make all fall and winter. This workshop shows us just how approachable soups and stews should be. South of the Border Warm up your palate with tantalizing South of the Border cuisine.

Use some staples of the cuisine — chiles, cilantro, tomatoes, lime, black beans, and corn — to create a modern twist on the authentic dishes of Mexico. Recipes may include grilled shrimp with Chipotle pepper sauce, pork tenderloin with macadamia nut peach salsa, and a spicy chocolate cake. Learn to depict the flavors and nuances that create a culinary diversity and often times, rivalry, between Southern Indian cooking and the rest of India. Tapas Tapas refers to Spanish small plates enjoyed before dinner or late into the night with sangria or vermouth cocktails.

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The food and wine of Spain is seductive, earthy, robust, and flavorful. Enjoy a bounty of tapas small plates like stuffed piquillo peppers, lamb albondigas meat balls , and salt cod fritters. The Art of Grilling Not just for summer cookouts! Go beyond hamburgers and hot dogs and discover the endless possibilities that are unique to grilling. Learn to control the heat, select the best tools, explore the differences between dry rubs and marinades and make delicious dishes.

Guaranteed to add some sizzle to your next backyard gathering. Vegetarian Grilling Grilling season is every season! Dust off your grill and fire it up, because we are about to delve into the flavor profiles and vegetarian meal ideas for any day of the week. Vegetarian Indian Cuisine Indian cuisine maximizes flavor and aroma with toasted spices to warm up your soul, and Indian vegetarian foods are among the most flavorful and the most varied around.

Grab a friend or come solo to learn critical techniques for preparing Indian foods from toasting spices to making fresh paneer. Vegetarian Tapas Tapas, the Spanish custom of sharing lots of little plates, is making its way to the American table. The food is seductive, earthy, robust, flavorful, and completely vegetarian for this class. These innovative and delicious small plates are sure to satisfy even the most carnivorous person.

All You Knead Learn the basic techniques of bread making from kneading to proofing to baking. Our instructor will review various flour types, yeasts, and natural starters. Learn the basics of chocolate tempering, create molded chocolates, infuse flavors into rolled truffles, and make stunning petit fours in this compact introductory workshop. American Classic Cakes Some classic recipes never go out of fashion. Did you know German chocolate cake originated in Dorchester, Massachusetts by a man name Samuel German? Artisan Breads Do you enjoy a crunchy crust? How about a soft luxurious crumb?

In this class, explore the bread making process, learn about different types of yeast, flour, and methods to incorporate in your most artisanal bread loaves. Practice using a variety of tools and techniques to enhancing your abilities to the next level in this intermediate workshop.

Baking with Whole Grains 2 Week Workshop Breads and pastries made with whole grains are not only more nutritious, but also taste great!

Join us series to learn to incorporate a variety of whole grains and seeds into your baking. If you are passionate about baked goods or British television , this class is a must. Cake Decorating Curious about all those different piping tips your decorating set came with? Take your cake making skills to the next level with intricate decorative techniques. In addition to learning traditional buttercream, chocolate glazes, and royal icing, you will learn how to make various designs: roses, basketweave, leaves, and more.

Cake Decorating with Fondant 2 Day Workshop Decorating cakes with fondant offers endless design possibilities. Caramels and Chocolates 2 Day Workshop Step into your own little confections shop of sweet and salty, rich and chewy caramel and chocolates. Filled with recipes to satisfy every sweet tooth, this two-day workshop covers the techniques for making perfectly chewy caramels and shiny tempered chocolates that yield a satisfying snap when you bite into them. Gluten-Free Bakeshop Have you been dreaming of gluten-free baked goods that actually taste good?

Tired of gluten-free products that sacrifice texture and taste?

Back to Basics: 100 Simple Classic Recipes with a Twist

If so, then look no further. Join us and learn the secrets to successful and delicious gluten-free baking with recipes for coffeecake, biscuits, quiche, waffles, and more. In this intensive baking class, discover the essentials of gluten-free bread making. Experiment with a variety of recipes utilizing specialty grains, binders, and emulsifiers to get a beautiful crust and gluten-free crumb. Hole in One! Learn to make classic cake and yeast doughnuts, as well as some favorites from around the world. Want to start your day with fresh apple cider doughnuts, jelly doughnuts, or zepolle?

Pate a Choux Workshop There are many superheroes in the pastry lineup think buttercream, meringue, and the perfect pie crust , but none are as versatile and easy to master as Pate a Choux, or choux paste. This classic French dough is the key to delicious eclairs, cream puffs, profiteroles, and gougeres, and it comes together with simple ingredients, a practiced technique, and no specialty equipment.

In this one-day workshop, attendees will learn how to make a perfect, flaky, tender pie dough. You will learn important techniques like blind baking and if you really need to or not. Quick and Easy Croissants Traditional croissants are a labor of love, made over two or three days with alternating cycles of resting, rolling, folding, and shaping.

Sensational Summer Desserts Summer desserts are hot, hot, hot! Learn a variety of techniques and tricks to make your next summer picnic or grill out sweeter than ever. Unique and delicious recipes include cheesecake cake pops, margarita mousse, and grilled peaches with mascarpone. Start her day with breakfast in bed, serve her an elegant tea midday, and top off the day with a box of homemade caramels and truffles. French Macarons Did you know that French Macarons have feet? Create a traditional assortment of almond macarons with various fillings featuring passion fruit, coffee, and ganache.

Sign up quickly — this is always one of our most popular classes. Sachertorte is a classic Viennese cake composed of two dense chocolate cakes separated by a thin layer of apricot jam, and enveloped in dark chocolate icing, traditionally served with unsweetened whipped cream. Make the cake, cream fillings, ganache, chocolate glazes, and syrups to learn the art of creating an elegant and decadent dessert from start to finish.

Join us to make your very own rendition of this decadent classic! Chocolates and Caramels Two-Day Workshop Step into your own little confections shop of sweet and salty, rich and chewy caramel and chocolates. Cooking Couples Seasonal Our seasonal cooking classes feature techniques and flavors best suited for each season, highlighting local ingredients from New England.

Each class presents recipes that show off our favorite vegetables and fruits when they hit peak flavor, so you can create impressive, seasonally-appropriate multi-course meals every time of year. Learn the fundamentals of pie making and how to show off a brag-worthy pastry! This class will cover double crust pies think apple and cherry and custard pies think pumpkin and pecan and you will go home with one of each to serve at your holiday gathering. Gifts from the Kitchen Are you looking for more creative gift ideas? We think the best presents are the ones you can eat, so we collected crowd pleasing recipes that can be packaged neatly for thoughtful, heartfelt gifts.

Ginger Bread Workshop 2 Day Workshop Build an edible holiday centerpiece and let your inner architect shine during this two-day gingerbread workshop. Gently lower the fish, mussels and prawns into the soup, cover the pan and cook for minutes until the fish and prawns are just opaque and the mussels have opened discard any that remain tightly closed after cooking.

Check the seasoning, scatter with parsley and add lemon juice to taste. Make this a meal with a loaf of garlic bread: mix some softened butter with extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, black pepper, chopped flat-leaf parsley and a few crushed cloves of garlic. Heat the oil in a large pan I use a deep, cast-iron frying pan , sear the chicken for minutes on each side and remove from the pan. Add a bit more oil if needed and cook the onion, stirring occasionally, with a pinch of sea salt until soft and translucent.

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Add the garlic and ginger and cook for minutes. Add the ras el hanout and cook until fragrant. Stir in the rice, return the chicken to the pan and pour in the stock. Stir in the honey, orange zest and sherry vinegar. Bring to the boil, cover the pan, turn down to a simmer and cook for about 40 minutes until the stock has been absorbed and the rice is cooked. Stir in the pistachios, dried apricots and coriander. Chop and remove pits from g dried medjool dates. Mix with the juice of 1 lemon, 2 tablespoons chopped flat-leaf parsley and tablespoons extra virgin olive oil.

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