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Personal Author:. Diwekar, Urmila M. Publication Information:. Physical Description:. Filling this void in the chemical engineering literature, Batch Distillation: Simulation, Optimal Design, and Control, Second Edition helps readers gain a solid, hands-on background in batch processing.

Batch Distillation

The second edition of this bestseller explores numerous new developments in batch distillation that have emerged since the publication of the first edition. New to the Second EditionSpecial sections on complex column configurations and azeotropic, extractive, and reactive distillationA chapter on various kinds of uncertainties in batch distillation A chapter covering software packages for batch distillation simulation, design, optimization, and controlSeparate chapters on complex columns and complex systems Up-to-date references and coverage of recent research articlesThis edition continues to explain how to effectively design, synthesize, and make operations decisions related to batch processes.

Through careful treatments of uncertainty analysis, optimization, and optimal control methods, the author gives readers the necessary tools for making the best decisions in practice. Gritsis, D. Gu, D.

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2nd Edition

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Batch Distillation by Diwekar, Urmila

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Batch distillation : simulation, optimal design and control by Urmila M Diwekar;. Batch distillation : simulation, optimal design and control by Urmila M Diwekar.