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I have listened to this book many times. It was a great story and captivating. I highly recommend it to all. Any additional comments? I always expect big things from Mercedes Lackey, Nick Podehl just brings out the best of her books. He also does a really good with the accents.

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While the book is well written the story didn't have much to it, what transpired is part of a story not exactly a story I would put on its own. Also Mercedes' books always tend to have a slow start and get better - this book was mainly slow start and got better in the last hour of the book. What do you think your next listen will be?

Closer to the Heart (The Herald Spy Book 2)

If you could play editor, what scene or scenes would you have cut from Closer to the Heart? I don't like buying books twice. Loved the characters both two legged and four legged. Will definitely buy the next book. Your audiobook is waiting….

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By: Mercedes Lackey. Narrated by: Nick Podehl. Series: The Herald Spy , Book 2. Length: 10 hrs and 33 mins. People who bought this also bought John Length: 12 hrs and 14 mins Unabridged Overall. Collins Length: 13 hrs and 40 mins Unabridged Overall. Publisher's Summary Mags was a Herald of Valdemar. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Amazon Reviews. Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent.

A good continuation of the series If you enjoyed the last book you should fine this one to be satisfactory. Melody Elliott Hard to put Down The author has woven many disparate threads, each representing it's own story line - and then merges them all masterly together by the conclusion. Amazon Customer Love Mags and Amily Loved hearing the continuing story about these two! Good but but the same It was good but it's a very similar story to the rest.

Great rendition of a great book Love the narrator.

Shannon LaCaze J Deutschendorf Arapaho, OK Mags is amazing Any additional comments? Mercedes Lackeys Herald series has turned becoming a bit more realistic problems but retains it's sense of Heraldic Glory, the desire to work to better the whole instead of the individual. I don't like buying books twice 1 of 24 people found this review helpful. Benny Good as ever. In his own established alternate personas, Mags observes the Court and the alleys alike, quietly gathering information to keep Haven and the Kingdom safe.

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The Herald Spy 3 books in series. Closer to Home Publisher's Summary. Book 1.

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  • Add to Cart failed. Please try again later. Add to Wish List failed. Perry's dream is to follow in his father's footsteps as a Herald Spy, but he has yet to be Chosen by a Companion. In this chronicle of the early history of Valdemar, Mercedes Lackey's best-selling world, a 13 year-old orphan named Magpie escapes a life of slavery in the gem mines when he is chosen by one of the magical Companion horses of Valdemar to be trained as a Herald.

    Thrust into the center of a legend in the making, Magpie discovers talents he never knew he had - and witnesses the founding of the great Heralds' Collegium.

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    Both Alberich's skill and secret served him well in the army of Karse, and when Alberich became one of Karse's youngest captains, he received a special gift - a powerful white stallion "liberated" from the enemy. But this honor was merely a distraction, for the Sunpriests had laid a trap that even Alberich's strange foresight could not predict The first audiobook in this thrilling new series introduces us to a young slave who dreams of becoming a jouster - one of the few warriors who can actually ride a flying dragon.

    And so, in secret, he begins to raise his own dragon It would be sheer folly to try to conceal the true nature of Althalus, for his flaws are the stuff of legend. He is, as all men know, a thief, a liar, an occasional murderer, an outrageous braggart, and a man devoid of even the slightest hint of honor. Yet of all the men in the world, it is Althalus, unrepentant rogue and scoundrel, who will become the champion of humanity in its desperate struggle against the forces of an ancient god determined to return the universe to nothingness.

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    Mags was a Herald of Valdemar. But he had once lived the brutal life of a child slave. When he was Chosen by his Companion Dallen, his young life was saved, and he slowly adjusted to being well fed, educated, and treasured as a trainee in the Herald's Collegium at Haven. Singled out by the King's Own Herald, Mags would thrive in his secret training as a spy. His unusually strong Gift - an ability to Mindspeak and Mindhear anyone, not just others who were Gifted - made him a perfect undercover agent for the king.

    Cover art by Jody A. If you enjoyed the last book you should fine this one to be satisfactory. This isn't action packed, but rather a continuation of Mag's life and explores his role life as a spy master. Amily has an equal and separate part in this story where she deals with politics at home while Mags will go off undercover on an investigation for the crown. I am happy at the pace this series is going and I would like to see a few more of them. The author has woven many disparate threads, each representing it's own story line - and then merges them all masterly together by the conclusion.

    I marvel at her imagination. The narrator is fantastic! I have started other books that I subsequently put down because of the of the narration. He uses inflections of voice and accentuation to deftly portray each character's individuality.