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Coaching in Depth

Coaching In Depth introduces the reader to the management consultancy technique of Organizational Role Analysis ORA ; a technique with the immensely practical purpose of helping managers to stay "in role and on task". The ORA method is grounded in a process of consultation that derives from the conjunction of open systems theory and psychodynamic understandings of human behaviour.

This book will become a classic. For years an international professional and academic community has consistently worked in depth with Organizational Role Analysis ORA , which, with this book, has 'come out' into the mainstream of organizational coaching, managing, consulting. In this it contributes to a wider important recent literature drawing on psychoanalytic, systems and group relations contributions to organizational effectiveness.

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Ships in 7 to 10 business days. Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. Description Table of Contents Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Industry Reviews 'This book represents a major advance in our knowledge about coaching and coaching practice. About the Editors and Contributors p. Organizational Role Analysis: from here to where? At a time Consultants and practitioners working with change can feel at a loss as to how to help their clients move forward.

Coaching in Depth : The Organizational Role Analysis Approach (2006, Paperback)

Organisations get stuck in routine ways even when they have innovations in mind This book gives in-depth insights into the core issues of workplace bullying from the perspectives of the individuals involved, their interpersonal relationships, the group dynamics and Socioanalysis is the study of groups, organisations, and society using a systems psychoanalytic framework: looking beneath the surface and the obvious to see the underlying dynamics and how these A collection of papers by well-known contemporary writers that describe their own models of coaching and their thoughts on the theoretical roots that underpin their thinking and coaching practice.

Edited by Clare Huffington , William Halton. The chapters contributed to this book have been written by the staff and associates of The Tavistock Consultancy Service, whose distinctive competence is in the human dimension of enterprise and the This is an innovative text which aims to make systemic ideas available to a wider market for the first time.

A central theme is to get maximum benefit out of the workplace. These ideas will appeal Leaders, teams and organisational consultants are faced with a situation of permanent transitions. The current world of organisations is full of beginnings and incomplete endings. The author assumes McRae , Ellen L. Offers a theoretical framework for understanding covert and overt processes in group and organizational life.

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Using psychoanalytic interpersonal and relational and systems theory, the book examines There is evidence of a movement from 'a culture of narcissism' toward elements of a perverse culture. This book brings forth and examines the evidence as it reveals itself through one of the major Edited by Laurence J.

Gould , Mark Stein.

Laurence Gould

This authoritative source book on the learning and creative application of the systems psychodynamic perspective defines the field, presenting the key concepts, models, and social methodologies that This volume provides a positive and productive model for helping people to move out of static positions or difficult relationships in the workplace. Informed by systemic thinking and social Edited by Phil Hartley , David Kennard.

Staff burnout and work-related stress in mental health professionals cost the National Health Service not only millions of pounds each year, but also impact upon the welfare of those being cared for Edited by Gilles Amado , Anthony Ambrose. In this book Hinshelwood examines how the internal world of the individual interplays with the external world of society. Contemporary social and psychological processes are discussed with particular Sign in to My Account.

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Autism and Aspergers. Brief Psychotherapy. Child and Adolescent Studies. Clinical Psychology. Cognitive-Behavioural Therapies. Culture and Psychoanalysis.

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