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Have you placed an order? Fitz the cat is supposed to be enjoying the normal activities savored by those of the feline persuasion—napping a lot , nibbling on house plants, sharpening his claws on expensive furniture, and, most importantly, never, ever doing what a human wants him to. But instead, thanks to Zeke, Stephanie, and Hector—those meddling, tuna-hatin', whiskerless kids who dragged him down to Underwhere—Fitz has bigger fish to fry though, of course, he prefers his fish raw.

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Not only has he started thinking like a human, he's actually helping them recover the stolen Scepter of Underwhere, battle a wild pack of triceradoodles, outwit a roaming band of savage mice, and foil the plans of the strange new movie director in town, who happens to smell awfully familiar. Help Centre.

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Fat, white cat appears as if he were here by accident. It is difficult to assess whether it is first or second set.

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