Manual Garden Crafts: 30 Beautiful and Practical Projects for Patio, Porch, Deck, Garden, or Yard

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These house plans are very detailed. From the large living room to the good size kitchen. However, what stands out most about these floor plans are the future plans for an addition. Oh, my!

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This cabin is something else. Not only does it have a beautiful modern design but it also comes with a beautiful balcony. If you have a gorgeous piece of property to overlook this would be a very desirable feature. And quite frankly, something many would love to have. This house reminds me of a lot of the original smaller farmhouse style. I love the loft and the actual layout of the house. However, this home also has a balcony upstairs on the outside of the home and room for a large front porch.

You know us southerners and our front porches. It is basically a must-have. I really like this cabin. The roof gives it a different look from most of the cabins mentioned previously. I think the layout is very practical and something a lot of people would consider to be functional and enjoyable. This cabin looks like it could be tucked away in Alaska somewhere. I love Alaska. It is beautiful in so many different ways. I especially love the houses that people built out of whatever materials they had and make them absolutely gorgeous masterpieces.

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  4. Just like this gorgeous cabin that dawns a welcoming front porch. This cabin is absolutely adorable.

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    It basically consists of one open room with a fireplace and then a loft overhead for sleeping quarters. There is a little cut-out kitchen and bathroom. If you need a little place to tuck away somewhere for a little vacation spot then this cabin just might do the trick. It is one open room with space for a king size bed. It also includes space for a kitchen, bathroom, and hot tub.

    If you are like me, again, you love a basement. I love the underground protection and storage of a basement. It is a great place to seek shelter in a storm but is also a great place to store canned goods and grow fodder in the winter. This cabin has an ample amount of room for all sorts of things. It even includes a loft. This cabin is a great size. It has an open floor plan with a kitchen and a large great room and dining room combo. Then the sleeping quarters are in the loft on the second floor. This house has a fireplace which adds beauty to the outside of the house with a distinct chimney.

    It also has a gorgeous front porch where many beautiful sunrises and sunsets can be enjoyed.

    76 Fresh and Unique Ways to Update Your Porch and Patio

    This cabin is packed full of rooms. There is a garage with lots of storage. There are multiple bedrooms and also a full basement for more rooms or storage. It also has a wraparound porch that could be filled with rocking chairs so you could enjoy a gorgeous view and a cup of coffee. That sounds amazing.

    I love the loft that overlooks the great room. Look no further! Follow these instructions to spice up your home with unique color and design. Bring your bathroom to life with patterns and color. Follow these instructions to properly install and apply wallpaper. No doors, no problem — Lose your cabinet doors and open up your kitchen with colorful access to your dishware. Liven up your workspace and invite creativity to your home office with this fresh update of color.

    2. Revamp your tool shed

    Fireplaces need love too! Add a fresh coat of paint to those old bricks and create a cozy space that will inspire your most discerning guests. Learn the best ways to open up the possibilities of your kitchen cabinets with this easy 5 step guide to painting your kitchen cabinets. Invite new life into your bedroom by transforming an old or basic chest of drawers into a designer accent piece. Follow these how to instructions to get started. First impressions make a big difference. Follow these how to instructions to create an entryway gallery wall and make a big visual impact. This easy paint project uses bright colors and angular shapes to turn plain wooden chairs into something fresh and cool.

    Check it out! Adding the Ombre Effect to an accent wall is a great way to introduce your own personal color to a room. Make a unique statement and add a little dimension to any room by painting stripes on your walls. Have fun with color combinations and stripe thicknesses for dramatic results! Refresh even the dullest pieces with a bright accent color and updated hardware. If you want to add a punch to any room, add a geometric pattern. This hot trend can enliven any space. These old frames just needed a fresh coat of color and beautiful photos to make them hang-worthy.

    Give it some love by elevating your cabinets with colorful, two-tone paint. Elevate your bedroom's vibe by adding custom trim and eye-catching paint color to the walls and ceiling. The final product promises to deliver twice as much character as your typical one-coat paint job.

    Your useful yet unremarkable apothecary cabinet deserves a dazzling new look. Add a vivacious pop of color and a decorative knob for a complete DIY transformation.

    Wooden windmill decor

    Go for the green. The psychology behind the color has telltale roots — green makes us think of nature. We transformed our living room using two deep, energizing green hues, a living plant wall, and some playful punches of color. We opted to use this cheerful hue in our kitchen, a space that houses daily hustle and bustle and is the heart of our home.

    A color that evokes calm, intelligence, logic, and efficiency? Famously associated with royalty, purple has a lush history. Experts say it evokes feelings of luxury, quality, and mystery. What better place to feel lavish than in your bedroom? Painting a staircase is a budget-friendly, approachable DIY project that can instantly add some fun to your home. Sometimes matchy-match is good. Get a gorgeous designer look by coordinating wall color and a stylish console.

    Pull together some mismatched chairs with vivid paint and some funky upholstery to transform your dining room. Use a fresh color scheme and vibrant shades of pink to add new life to this functional piece of furniture.

    27 Cool and Free DIY Gazebo Plans & Design Ideas to Build Right Now

    Your bedside collection of books, beauty products, and trinkets will look even more alluring when placed on a nightstand painted in Mellow Coral SW A paint-dipped stool is the ultimate handy item for storage, sitting, and stepping — but this Mellow Coral SW DIY is so charming, you may just want to keep it as a decorative accent! Give your space a colorful flourish by creating your very own dip-dyed coatrack with pale blue paint. With a few key items and a fresh coat of paint, you can transform a simple wall into a beautiful statement storage solution that holds your finest treasures.

    Create a stunning wall mural in your home by following these simple steps. Adding a colorful coat of paint to Adirondack chairs completely transforms a backyard from meh to magical. Make the most of your summer with this easy DIY. First impressions are important. Give your home a welcoming pop of color with this Front Door refresh using SnapDry. Take an inexpensive raw wood plant stand to the next level with a coat of Emerald Exterior. Your garden has never looked so good. Your dog may not notice, but a simple upgrade to the dog house can make it stand out in a backyard full of greenery.

    Follow these instructions to revamp the dog house with color and care. Skip the time running back inside to grab drinks with this simple picnic table upgrade. Follow these instructions to keep your drinks cool and your guests entertained. An outdoor storage bench is a no-brainer for your backyard. Use it to store outdoor pillows, blankets for cozying up around the fire, games, pool toys, or towels.

    40 Awesome and Cheap Landscaping Ideas

    If you have enough seating space, it also doubles as a buffet table or drink station. Pool toys are some of the worst backyard clutter offenders. They come in a variety of sometimes bulky shapes and sizes, making them difficult to store unless you have a dedicated shed or massive bin to stash them in. A basic wood pallet with a few added hooks on the front can accommodate pool noodles, rafts, kickboards, squirt guns, and even cleaning equipment.

    All you need are some cinder blocks, heavy-duty construction glue, and a bit of imagination. Make your planter as tall or intricate as you like. Give your home a green makeover, too. Here are the best house plants and planters for anyone who lives in a tiny apartment. Even your littlest tots will be able to declutter following these simple yet extremely effective organizing concepts from Useful Beautiful Home and our decluttering flowchart.

    Bring it to the backyard instead. The Organised Housewife proves that a good scrub and a fresh coat of paint can transform an old cabinet into the perfect outdoor potting station. Store gardening gloves, tools, and seed packets in the drawers, then use the shelves and cupboards to hold bags of soil, pesticides, and extra pots.

    This wooden bench with crate storage project from The Kim Six Fix puts a fun twist on a classic storage bench. Try these eight cheap and easy wood pallet ideas that will revitalize your home in no time. Enter: The minimalist backyard toy storage solution from Bless Our Nest. Just screw a couple hooks into your fence and hang a durable plastic bucket from each. All you have to do is schedule a pickup and pack your stuff.