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It is critical to set meaningful, relevant, and attainable targets to ensure that everyone is focused on a Lean supply chain. Education , Supply Chain Management. Today, millennial and Generation Y candidates who have a supply chain degree or education can immediately fill a gap that previously took a senior person. But that's only part of the solution. Applying Berra-isms to logistics management yields valuable insights. Remembering the beloved Yankees legend Yogi Berra with fondness and celebrating his memorable words of wisdom.

Supply chain continuity planning is critical for global businesses. Armed with an end-to-end digital model of their supply chains, shippers can react rapidly and intelligently when unplanned events occur. In spite of U. Increasing costs and challenges within the logistics industry affect your bottom line.

Use these steps to reduce logistics costs. E-commerce and omni-channel retailing have a major impact on supply chain and logistics needs, and customers have to make sure their supply chain is equipped to offer maximum flexibility. Value-added services that fall outside the realm of traditional supply chain solutions can save millions of dollars and create mutually beneficial, collaborative relationships. Latin American perishable exports have grown dramatically in recent years, but there are still some logistical shortcomings preventing maximum cold chain efficiency.

Lean , Logistics , Supply Chain Management. When applying Lean principles to procurement and purchasing processes, non-traditional sources of waste can be identified, which benefits the entire supply chain. As e-commerce continues to transform consumer behavior, retailers explore hybrid omni-channel supply chain models that deliver the best that online and in-store have to offer. Freight damage, loss, and theft will always occur. Planning for those inevitabilities is key to prevention and faster claims settlement.

Retail , Logistics , Logistics I. When you consider the rapid evolution of supply chain management over the past two decades the 3PL industry has been a featured piece in an increasingly pixelated mosaic. Terri Anderson, production warehouse management systems analyst at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, configures, enhances, and tests the company's WMS by the book. Amazon and Walmart vie for last-mile supremacy; Nevada community college establishes logistics program to meet Tesla labor demand; Industrial buyers think outside the box; Consortium establishes new chemical footprint assessment; VMI opportunities abound as shippers look to optimize inventory; study looks at the ghost economy.

Port of Hamburg unveils new traffic light system; CEVA Logistics TireCity in Italy demonstrates interest in sector-specific supply chain collaboration; China debuts longest freight rail route in the world; TPP agreement raises concerns about traceability in the seafood supply chain; Africa capital investment heats up; New G6 Alliance rotation features Polish port; Indian 3PL uses containers as mobile logistics classrooms; Intel eyes Asia for IoT ecosystem.

An Enterprise Logistics partnership helps improve companies by delivering customized applications to improve market advantage. Digital Business integrates the value chain to realize a constant stream of operational data and transform it into balanced, end-to-end metrics that improve decision making. Logistics , Security , Supply Chain Management.

Minimizing employee downtime with ergonomic initiatives and equipment can have a big impact on the bottom line.

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Collaboration is key to having a productive relationship between the supply chain and marketing departments. Using the data the TMS is already providing can help shippers improve their transport operations. The Panama Canal expansion will provide many businesses with opportunities for growth on a global scale. The Internet of Things is bringing major changes to the way companies plan and execute supply chain activities as sensors, communications systems, and analytics solutions all become cheaper, faster, and more capable.

Join us as we turn back the clock and consider how outsourcing demand has changed over the past 20 years — and perhaps shed some light on where the 3PL industry is tracking. Readers select the third-party logistics providers that provide the best outsourced logistics services. As technology brings supply chain data into focus, the ability to access and interpret business information moves from nice-to-have to must-have. Logistics , Supply Chain Management , Transportation. Successful companies are concerned about supply chain security. All global supply chains carry some element of risk, but working with third-party logistics providers, with transparency in full effect, can help you achieve the best risk management outcome.

In the logistics of trade, the relationship between Canada and the United States is both friendly and advantageous on both sides of the border. This list of new supply chain and logistics books helps logistics professionals keep their skills up to date. Work with a team of service providers to get a new retail distribution center up and running in only six months? We should all be so lucky. Retail , Logistics , Supply Chain Management. When BaubleBar saw the untapped potential of the international market, they tapped an parcel shipping partner to help them succeed.

Cost reductions are uncovered from raw materials to end delivery, but companies must focus on its customers to keep them satisfied. Kelvin Miller, an equipment and mobility readiness spare parts allocation supervisor with the military contractor DynCorp International, manages inventory and gets it ready to deploy when the time comes.

Short-term Highway Trust Fund extension renews call for national transportation strategy; Medical cost inflation and cyber risk are the most prying business concerns; Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach create shared working groups to explore operational efficiencies; GS1 Simple Product Listing creates new standard for e-commerce marketplace.

Shippers should consider partial shipping when looking for faster transit times, less handling, and a more cost-effective solution. Finding a common ground between cost and corporate social responsibility remains a challenging proposition — unless organizations nurture a culture of sustainability. These supply chain, logistics, and transportation companies lead the way in supporting sustainability. A new study determines the top 15 undergraduate and graduate supply chain management programs in the United States, based on the teaching of technology, software, and quantitative tools used by supply chain professionals, as well as the variety and depth of this coursework.

A look at logistics trends and challenges that affect companies in the chemical industries, and their strategies for dealing with those issues. When Ocean Spray wanted to reduce its carbon footprint, they found the answers they were looking for from an MBA student. Rail , Supply Chain Management , Transportation. Logistics , Supply Chain Management , Warehousing. Supply management professionals are increasingly accepting cross-functional cooperation in purchasing, supply management, production and inventory control to optimize overall company performance and increase competitiveness.

Customer Service , Logistics , Logistics I. Lori Harper, vice president, supply chain management at Ingalls Shipbuilding, a division of Huntington Ingalls Industries HII , is a natural leader who figures out solutions to unexpected challenges. Martin Associates report points to the importance of continuing U. Trans Pacific Partnership nears resolution; Indonesia logistics industry fights new capital requirement regulation; China and Pakistan pave way for new trade corridor; Global ocean container trade shows signs of growth despite enduring supply-demand imbalance; European railroads partner around procurement; China looks to replicate U.

When setting future supply chain budgets, companies must take into account not only the increased cost of industrial real estate, but also longer lead times for new space in many markets. Recent improvements in wireless cellular technology and mesh networks provide solutions that can be adapted for warehousing space, easing startup challenges and costs.

Shippers making simple, but meaningful changes can go a long way with helping carriers attract and retain drivers. Inventory management is often difficult and time-consuming for smaller businesses, but the right solution can remove some of the pressure. Cloud computing, omnichannel management, and big data are the questions. Can your warehouse supply the answers? A look at the challenges warehouse managers face as they build a well-integrated warehouse workforce, and how they address those issues.

In today's high-speed logistics infrastructure, rail represents a key component of the intermodal framework. Choosing the right pallet unlocks myriad benefits from improved process efficiency to cost savings and sustainability. When Sleepy's customers got tired of short notice and missed deliveries, the specialty mattress retailer brought in a technology partner and dreamed up a solution that put those problems to bed. Labor Management , Supply Chain Management. The key to any successful relationship is communication.

Your logistics network is no different. Inventory Management , Logistics , Logistics I. New lower-cost commercial systems and equipment are just over the horizon; they will provide an exciting array of inventory control to the logistics and supply chain community. Intermodal , Logistics , Logistics I. Judi Griffin, director of logistics at Burkhart Dental, is responsible for three distribution centers, purchasing and customer service teams, and inbound and outbound freight costs. Manufacturing , Retail , Logistics , Logistics I. Larger container ships pose new risks and liabilities Peel Group invests in oil and gas business while European interests dry up Scientists raise concerns about Nicaragua canal environmental impact.

Taking steps to adapt to ACE regulations ahead of final deadlines will save businesses much time, money, and hassle. Enabling a holistic, integrated approach to managing global supplier risks allows companies to minimize risks, protect brand integrity, and reduce supply chain costs. Big Data , Lean , Logistics I. The confluence of faster data access, better analytical tools, and data-driven business decisions, make it more likely that future supply chain optimization will be continuous. This story looks at the role technology plays in the value that various third-party logistics 3PL providers offer to their shipper customers.

In the face of increasing capacity issues, carriers prefer to work with shippers that will support their business needs. Big Data , Logistics , Logistics I. Many transportation and logistics professionals hear outsourcing and think offshoring, but there is a big difference. Providing technology solutions helps third-party logistics providers stand out from competitors and adds value to their services.

A yard management system allows greater visibility with key yard information at a glance, and reporting metrics to improve the operation and save money. New regulations ensuring the integrity of the pharma supply chain are nearing the finish line. While some companies have taken an early lead to compliance, others are late getting out of the gate.

Which team are you on? To break the cycle of needless, duplicative logistics costs, many competitors are choosing to work in tandem. Challenging weather and a remote location make delivering freight to and from Alaska a complex operation. To simplify operations, many shippers turn to transportation companies and logistics service providers that have the expertise to make sure freight flows smoothly despite the complexities. To increase fulfillment efficiency and order picking accuracy, eBay Enterprise gives its warehouse a voice.

Companies doing business globally are learning to be more flexible to adapt quickly to uncertainty without sacrificing economy, speed and service. Jim Young, senior supply chain manager at Applied Microstructures, Inc. Port of Beirut plan for transshipment expansion irks truckers; New treaty greenlights Ghent—Terneuzen Canal lock upgrade; China-Europe rail development continues with UTi and Changjiu partnership; Global suppliers still laggard when it comes to environmental mitigation; Hong Kong looks to ease industrial real estate regs to create more warehouse capacity.

Globalization has a dramatic impact on strategic sourcing, logistics excellence, and supply chain management. Here are three ways companies are optimizing their oil and gas supply chains and creating more predictable financial returns. With a skills gap narrowing the options, companies must hire employees that are valuable in the long-term. New software helps warehouse operators keep up with the real-time demands of omni-channel fulfillment.

Shifting global dynamics and internal business process changes are compelling manufacturers and retailers to challenge the status quo and reinvent their supply chains. A look at the many logistics assets that make Georgia a terrific location for companies involved in manufacturing or distribution.

Freight forwarders provide value-added services beyond just transportation and logistics. Here's advice for choosing the right one for your business. The United States Postal Services has revised domestic mail regulations for shipping lithium batteries. Online and mobile commerce has shifted consumer behavior, as well as how products flow through the supply chain to the end user. E-commerce excellence and proximity to large population areas are the new drivers behind site selection for fulfillment centers. The role of supply chain practitioner is evolving by integrating technology, functional expertise, and experience to identify problems and engineer solutions.

Digital technologies are shaking up supply chain solutions; Maritime industry opposes Keystone XL Pipeline amendment; Procurement is the gateway to innovation, collaboration, and revenue growth; Introducing the 10 best warehouse networks. Lawrence system; Changing political relations between the United States and Cuba could signal new trade opportunities; UK faces a truck driver shortage among younger people; Panama approves new port development. Debunking these five myths helps retailers and manufacturers see the real value of dedicated returns management.

Product Lifecycle Management software produces metrics that can help business make sure they are using ethical vendors. The list of competencies employers seek when they recruit supply chain professionals keeps growing longer and more complex. Volatility in the oil, gas and energy business is forcing producers and industry to confront a legacy of poor logistics execution.

A review of the important mile markers in supply chain management that brought us to present day shows we have made progress, but there is more work to be done. A route planning systems can drastically reduce the time it takes to plan your transportation schedule. Other benefits include lower mileage and fuel usage, decreased carbon emissions, and increased customer service. Eelco de Graaf, vice president, supply chain operations at Lewis-Goetz and Company, is responsible for purchasing, shipping, manufacturing, and operational excellence.

United States gives Mexican truck drivers the green light for cross-border moves; Uber pilots cargo service in Hong Kong; Latin American rail freight market ripe for investment; Panama Canal Authority restructures its toll system; Turkey and Iran toil over truck fees; Global airfreight market set for steady growth; Lithuania railroad faces antitrust inquiry over competitive switching practices.

Companies are seeking data to help them understand their supply chain networks, and strategic enterprise partners are providing the needed information to them through logistics. Logistics , Technology , Supply Chain Management. Companies must formulate a strategic plan that includes core competencies and future business objectives to prepare to meet the challenges of the next decade.

Driverless trucks may be a solution to the truck driver shortage in the future, but here are some ideas for how to cope now. Before entering the international trade arena, shippers must understand the stakes involved in regulatory compliance. All logistics and transportation stakeholders must work together to eliminate the supply chain talent gap. Many manufacturers have turned to molded pulp as an environmentally friendly packaging alternative. From first mile to last mile and every mile in between, truck drivers are the lifeblood of your supply chain. Meet some of these dedicated professionals.

Mark our words: Legislative and regulatory resolutions could spell trouble for shippers and carriers in With its subscription-based clothing rental model, Gwynnie Bee is tailoring the rules of e-commerce to make fashion fulfillment a perfect fit. Manufacturing , Logistics , Supply Chain Management. As hospitals begin transforming to adapt to new healthcare initiatives, they are easing the pain by restructuring and streamlining supply chain operations. Vendor Managed Inventory is shaking off its old-school image and regaining popularity thanks to improved technology, robust communication, tighter demand signal linkage, and a new openness to collaboration that has turbo-charged enterprise benefits.

We hit the road this past fall to get an up close view, around the bend, of where the railroad industry is tracking in and beyond. It was the worst of times for U. Can demand-driven logistics make it the best of times? Big data is a big deal, but what is it? Inbound Logistics asks four industry experts to file their report on big data and its benefits. Facing a number of challenges and constraints, the global port industry is addressing concerns and capitalizing on new opportunities.

Inbound Logistics asked these experts to weigh in on the dimensional weight pricing changes that UPS and FedEx implemented on January 1, This article looks at issues that companies should consider when developing a more resilient supply chain.

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Inclement weather and capacity problems giving your supply chain the winter woes? Chill out! Here are some good reads to keep you up to date on supply chain, logistics, and transportation best practices. E-commerce , Retail , Logistics , Logistics I. To expand its footprint in the luxury accessories market, Royce Leather indulged in a solution that connects it to new customers and streamlines fulfillment. Tired of relying on e-mail blasts to place freight, L. Foster ups its game with a third-party solution that has transformed the enterprise.

Increases in public and private aircraft demand have aerospace supply chain stakeholders changing the way they get things done. Risk Management , Supply Chain Management. Managers must carefully consider all factors of their operation before selecting a new bar-coding system. With the holiday season in full swing, logistics managers must be able to rely on their vendors to perform. Demand Planning , Logistics I. Christopher McGovern, vice president, supply chain management at Aero Precision, knows the importance of communication and data collection.

Technology is enabling an unprecedented level of transparency and communication to help shippers and their logistics providers understand each other's operations, and collaborate in ways that were much more difficult in the past. A successful supply chain team needs just the right mix of talent, skills, and personalities, not to mention a clear mission, the freedom to pursue it, and the structure to succeed.

Supply Chain Sustainability: A Force For Good

All companies should incorporate a business continuity plan into their operation so they are never unprepared for a disruption. Expedited Shipping , Supply Chain Management. The best way shippers and consignees can accommodate speed and reliability is to practice demand-driven logistics. Lean , Supply Chain Management. The Internet of Things is the wave of the future — but for the logistics segment, the future is closer than you think. Shippers, carriers, 3PLs and brokers who are not fully utilizing their transportation management systems to secure capacity and manage global trade may be leaving money on the table.

Kevin Hickey, Vice President, North American Customer Service for Maersk Line outlines the benefits of performance metrics, and the impact they have on carrier relationships and ongoing improvements. Determining the best location for a new or expanding business in an increasingly competitive and global marketplace is challenging. Memphis supports global supply chains through highway, rail, airport, and inland port assets, and a qualified workforce. Today, the facility successfully distributes products to customers in 50 states, and overseas through five supply chain channels. Global Logistics , Logistics I.

An optimized supply chain allows companies to reduce costs, lower risk, increase transparency, and support new products. Freight Forwarders , Supply Chain Management. Check broker credentials to protect your goods. Supply Chain Management. Plan now to avoid supply chain disruptions from the latest Icelandic volcano eruption; Australia struggles with home delivery challenges; EU and China sign landmark customs agreement.

Mexico presents an attractive option for U. Intertape Polymer Group outsourced transportation to gain control of its diverse product line and protect profit margins. When customers need products fast, Chet Mullen of lift truck manufacturer Raymond Corporation rises to the occassion. Expanding beverage product lines are generating new stockkeeping units SKUs - and supply chain management challenges. Hospitals can cut costs by improving supply chain operations, inventory control, and transportation management.

Incoterms simplify international purchase-sales contracts. Here are tips for applying them correctly.

Third-party logistics services evolved to meet shippers' changing transportation, distribution, and warehousing needs. Online retailers such as Amazon and eBay are expanding their offerings to provide their vendors with logistics support. Enterprise logistics providers are developing solutions that fuse data elements for insights that enable decisionmaking. Integrated Logistics Services providers address supply chain challenges facing shippers to improve logistics operations.

Demand Planning , Retail , Logistics I. Transportation forecasting lets shippers collaborate with carriers to identify capacity gaps and reallocate assets. Kevin X. Jones, vice president of inbound transportation at Walmart, focuses on building transportation synergies. Logistics market report reveals trends in 3PL offerings and shippers' logistics outsourcing strategies. When a natural disaster hits, consumers rely on home improvement stores for the products they need to repair or rebuild. Partnership , Supply Chain Management , Transportation. New supply chain and logistics books help logistics professionals thaw out their skills after a brutal winter.

Manufacturing , Ports , Supply Chain Management. Logistics managers support inbound supply chains by informing company leaders about the effect of vendor non-compliance. Demand-driven supply chains strive for synchronicity between functions and among partners to ensure optimal performance. Many companies use social media to improve supply chain operations by connecting shippers and service providers. The number of stockkeeping units has increased considerably. Doing an ABC analysis helps eliminate unneeded inventory. Supply chain partners must work together to maximize the benefit to their customers — and boost their own bottom line.

Bar-coding Systems , Logistics I. Shipment monitoring tools allow manufacturers and shippers to locate cargo, manage inventory and prevent theft. Outsourcing reverse logistics to a third-party logistics provider offers shippers flexibility and cost savings.

Global trade management GTM solutions help coordinate trade compliance, and allow trading partners to share data. Companies make contingency plans to prepare for possible supply chain disruptions caused by port labor negotiations. Georgia offers manufacturers and distributors superior access to logistics providers and transportation infrastructure.

Faced with long lead times and potential production delays, Badcock Furniture and More invested in a cloud-based tool. Inbound Logistics Editor Felecia Stratton discusses the merits of supply chain continuing education. Jason Shefrin, executive vice president, global sourcing, at InterDesign Inc. Optimized reverse logistics processes provide a good customer experience and recover value from returned goods. Third-party logistics providers are assuming a less transactional, more consultative role with shippers.

Ensuring supply chain security requires that shippers and logistics providers stay one step ahead of thieves. New books on supply chain, logistics, and transportation help logistics professionals stay sharp. Collaborative risk management helps automakers and their supply chain partners protect against disruptions. George Calvert of Amway explains how the company's supply chain strategy supports its business model. Many healthcare companies are investigating ways to consolidate and trim expenses in logistics and supply chain. Shippers protect against supply chain disruptions with physical, analytical, and financial risk mitigation strategies.

Chris Halkyard, chief supply chain officer for e-commerce site Gilt, discusses managing flash sale logistics. Foreign Trade Zones can help global shippers cut operational costs and speed customs clearance for imports and exports. Supply chains must develop strategies for reducing risk related to climate change, such as drought and extreme weather. These five components are key for companies who want to streamline their international supply chain. Shifting production closer to the U. Processing defective returns and overstocks quickly helps retailers maximize the recovery rate on this inventory.

Actionable tips help you revitalize your warehousing, 3PL, trucking, and global logistics operations. As evolving retail models push shopper expectations, companies explore new models for delivering great customer service. Geodis Wilson helps integrated design technology company Dana Innovations expand its international supply chain. Leading food manufacturers and producers make sustainability best practices part of their supply chains. Packaging , Supply Chain Management. Positioning product packaging downstream in the supply chain offers food manufacturers varied selling opportunities.

Companies such as Amazon show delivery speed and logistics agility provide the customer service levels retailers need to win. Drive out inefficiencies and boost customer service by aligning with vendors to meet your supply chain goals. Partnership , Supply Chain Management. A fourth-party logistics provider 4PL can help companies set and achieve supply chain improvement goals.

Reverse Logistics , Supply Chain Management. Planning for peak returns season can minimize processing costs and maximize recovery values of returned inventory. Incorporating business intelligence tools into logistics strategy gives companies access to efficiency-boosting data. From retailers to OEMs, companies track parts and finished goods to drive supply chain visibility and flexibility.

Manufacturing , Supply Chain Management. A look at the supply chain for manufacturers that supply materials or components to other manufacturers. Global Logistics , Supply Chain Management. Collaborating with a global logistics provider helps small and medium-sized businesses ensure regulatory compliance. Trading partners share sales and inventory data to support mutual benefits such as optimized inventory and productivity. Outsourcing transportation and logistics to third-party logistics providers 3PLs blends function and flexibility into a supply chain feng shui. Logistics providers can help shippers save money through decreased labor, lower overhead, and technology tools.

Collaborate with suppliers to manage supply chain risks with the highest potential to occur and risk of business impact. Four companies worked with 3PLs to make over their logistics operations, so they could meet evolving business demands. The emergence of domestically sourced natural gas heralds significant changes in the North America energy market. Shippers and 3PLs have applied lean principles to remove waste from their operations and improve performance. This story examines what customers want in an e-commerce operation and shares fulfillment strategies that merchants use to keep those customers happy.

Shifting manufacturing operations in Asia back to North America provides companies more control of their supply chains, says Steve Sensing of Ryder Supply Chain Solutions. Monitoring contracts, delivery commitments, and contingency plans helps online retailers keep their supply chains running smoothly, writes John Haber of Spend Management Experts. Ocean , Supply Chain Management. Lars Kloch of SBS Worldwide, looks at the impact of slow steaming containerships on supply chain reliability, speed, and transport costs.

Plan for seasonal peaks by securing efficient labor, sufficient warehouse space, and reliable carriers. The transportation and logistics sector is in the midst of some of its biggest changes since deregulation, and will play a pivotal role in discerning which companies will rise to the top, writes Chad Eichelberger of Access America Transport. In a business world defined and dictated by change, supply chain management balances challenges and competitive advantage.

Companies large and small are leveraging transportation and logistics best practices to act as great equalizers. Adopting demand-driven logistics can increase visibility, drive supply chain efficiency, and offset any market advantage your competitors might have. Developing an effective supplier compliance program requires planning and communication, writes Peter Wharton of IBM. A well-oiled trading partner network allows one-to-many and many-to-many partners to collaborate and communicate using a single source of truth garnered from real-time information, writes Christopher P. Mazza of IAS.

Shifting production and consumption patterns push inter-regional trade; Ford tinkers with polymers, finds hidden green; Motorola Mobility flexes its supply chain with outsourcing approach; American consumer electronics companies more transparent than Asian competitors; Smaller Florida ports bullish on Panama Canal-triggered growth potential; Retail supply chain sophistication makes overstock sales obsolete; Sustainability and CSR rank low in procurement priorities; Retailers fail to appreciate the true power of mobility.

By providing end-to-end visibility, demand driven logistics practices deliver competitive advantage and solve supply chain challenges for businesses of all sizes, writes Publisher Keith Biondo. Supply chain management makes a difference by empowering companies to do more with less, and project a stronger competitive force, writes Editor Felecia Stratton.

In a true collaborative relationship between purchasing and logistics, order and routing pattern planning comprises a single, optimized decision process that yields measurable results, writes Bill Michalski of ArrowStream. Shippers can create a "control tower" view within their own supply chains—a common platform for aggregating, cleansing, and communicating real-time data.

Export , Supply Chain Management. To successfully manage export compliance, companies must fully understand export regulations and filing requirements, advises Scott Byrnes, Amber Road. Supply Chain Management , Transportation. Greyhound partners with One Network to enhance parcel delivery business. Truck driver turnover increases,Urban Outfitters equips Nevada e-fulfillment center with state-of-the-art materials handling system.

Shippers turn to spot market to find capacity and compare carrier rates. Supply chain visibility helps flag upcoming supply or demand problems, allowing a company either to take action to prevent disasters or to respond by activating backup plans, writes George W. Prest of Material Handling Industry of America. Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba invests in logistics to support online shopping growth; Jamaica looks to transform economy with the development of a global logistics hub; Vietnam faces a dearth of logistics talent and expertise; China grants licenses to UPS and FedEx to provide parcel delivery services in select cities; China Airlines Cargo joins SkyTeam Cargo alliance; Germany debuts JadeWeserPort amid slack container volume growth.

Supply chain managers should work closely with compliance professionals and corporate tax specialists when making decisions about related-party transactions, writes J. Anthony Hardenburgh of Amber Road. While many factors influence customer loyalty, a well-run returns process has proven to drive repeat orders and improve consumer satisfaction. Paul Galpin of P2P Mailing outlines three points companies should consider when designing their reverse logistics. Lean concepts such as 5S, Visual Workplace, and Kanban help reduce motion waste to create safer, more efficient workplaces.

Supply chain managers must determine the best technology for their supply chain based on their specific organizational needs, says Krishna Rallabhandi of Four Soft. By managing supply chain interdependencies and adopting a full view of service and cost, supply chain executives can amplify their organizational scope and heighten their financial contribution to attain the C-designation they deserve, writes Terry Harris, Chicago Consulting.

Retail , Supply Chain Management. As retailers look to grow their business, the challenge of keeping up with the market becomes exponentially greater—especially as new channels emerge, writes Editor Felecia Stratton. Supply chain management can help create balance between supply and demand. Many companies, including Kimberly-Clark, Ebro, and USG Corporation, are moving beyond the traditional, transactional shipper-3PL relationship to form collaborative partnerships focused on mutual gain. New publications on supply chain and logistics topics such as warehousing, sustainability, and procurement help logistics professionals stay sharp.

Here are some recent books on supply chain topics of interest. Companies are increasingly realizing that supply chain must become a core competency. Adding a supply chain control tower and taking on the fourth-party logistics 4PL role offers them the ability to accelerate collaboration and achieve higher performance levels. Cloud-based business networks are the future of supply chain intelligence; Chemical supply scarcity threatens global auto production; Fuel costs eat into transportation revenues; Organizations should consider insurance options to mitigate supply chain risk and improve resiliency.

Capturing and analyzing transportation spend data is the key to outstanding supply chain management, writes Steven Shoemaker, RateLinx. China , Supply Chain Management. Insurance , Ocean , Supply Chain Management. Incoterms are an internationally accepted set of standard commercial terms used between buyers and sellers.

Anthony Hardenburgh of Amber Road helps shippers understand these rules. People are a vital component of marketing - the fifth P - supporting products and companies with advanced logistics and supply chain management skills, writes Inbound Logistics Publisher Keith Biondo. Today's supply chain professionals are tough, practical, and undeterred by the specter of failure, writes Inbound Logistics Publisher Keith Biondo.

Inbound Logistics Editor Felecia Stratton discusses supply chain integration, citing articles from the January Logistics Planner issue. In strategic supply chain analysis, multiple groups of decision makers may have conflicting interests, since there can be an impact across departments and business units. Aaron Baker of Damco USA offers two global supply chain strategy examples that illustrate the decision makers and decision variables needed to ensure the chosen solution is optimal for the business.

See a Problem?

Supply chain trends for ; update on transportation issues in California, Washington, Kentucky, and South Dakota; reverse logistics helps retailers generate customer goodwill and create demand; airport warehousing demand soars; FAA regulations limit pilot flight time; Coca-Cola extends its environmental stewardship; Trucking industry responds to Hours-of-Service legislation. With companies intent on optimizing the supply chain, purchasing managers have emerged as key players in the business plan. To be successful, they need to communicate, collaborate, and venture into new territory. Shippers can protect their supply chains against rising fuel costs by optimizing distribution networks, creating a flexible infrastructure, and managing shipping practices.

Organizations all along the healthcare supply chain are taking a dose of smarter procurement and logistics practices to cure high costs and treat ailments in other areas of the business. The variety of cargoes that fly in and out of Alaska—ranging from time-sensitive medical supplies and oil field equipment to perishable seafood—means companies must identify specific shipment needs and align them with asset and service requirements.

Unpredictable consumer habits, the economic downturn, and limited ocean carrier capacity have transformed the traditional peak shipping season. Now shippers are preparing for a new reality: peak season variability. Transportation Management , Supply Chain Management. A combination of factors such as increased competition and global security threats have increased the pressure on companies to improve logistics efficiencies. Page Siplon, executive director, Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics, addresses these factors and offers strategies for handling them.

If your business plans include shipping to areas where civil unrest or natural disasters have occurred, be flexible and make strong connections, advises Larry Wenrich, Pilot Freight Services. Capable third-party logistics 3PL providers can help you manage rising logistics costs because they have highly developed processes and critical infrastructures in place, writes Brad Constantini, Comprehensive Logistics. Automotive Logistics , Supply Chain Management. Vehicle glass manufacturer Safelite increased distribution efficiency, enhanced customer service, and lowered costs by transforming its supply chain.

Restaurant chains squeeze costs out of the supply chain; TMW Systems acquires Appian Logistics; CPG companies pushed to adopt extended producer responsibility programs. These elements of good supply chain management must come together to achieve exceptional execution, according to John Williford of Ryder Global Supply Chain Solutions. Finance , Supply Chain Management. Global Economy , Supply Chain Management. Man-made disruptions and natural disasters have a radiating effect on global supply chains.

Inbound Logistics Editor Felecia Stratton discusses ways of coping. Abegglen and G. Mason-Jones and D. Clark and T. Eisenhardt and J.

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CO;2-E [ 11 ] G. Stalk and T. De Toni and A. McLaughlin and J. Hall and J. New Product Development. Helms and L. Taguchi and D. Bhattacharya, J. Jay and A. Kotler and J. Liker and J. Benton and H. Jiang and J. Nelley Ed. Unifying theory and integrating practice, 2nd Edition, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, , pp. Levin and C. King and D. Cushman, Eds. Chen and N. Hum and H. Hiraiwa and K. Goldratt and J. Boer and K. Goldhar, M. Jelinek and T. Buzacott and D. Lamberson and R. Kelley and M. Cemal and?. Winner, J.

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