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Tuck your tail between your knees and move to a nice socialistic country, which is exactly what you deserve. Your letter was full of hate. One attack after another for no reason you should be ashamed of yourself. Get a real life. Why are you the way you are? You and the rest of you small amount of people who hate Trump so much. Always saying something from your mouths like you guys just want to hear yourself talk. Grow up! This is why America is, because people like you, Which is a small number! Go Trump!! I will be nominating you for the Biggest Idiot in America.

I believe you are now the front runner! Congratulations again. Re your article against Trump Get over the fact that the anti-American, Halloween-commie-hippie movement lost. Suck it up and report the truth, such as how well the economy is doing. Those retard males in pr. Puerto Rico is just a welfare island. Yrump did more then I would have done. The more u help them the more dependant they will become.. Males of Puerto Rico have no respect. My people never ask for help. Long live trump How do I keep your hateful, stupid comments popping up on my Google feed.

So again how do I get rid of your opinions?? You sound like a talking head for the unhinged Michael Moore lunatic followers.

(PDF Download) I Wish I Knew That: U.S. Presidents: Cool Stuff You Need To Know Read Online

Why dont u shut ur damn mouth. Communist pig. Dont like thi gs here in Ameria? You r not even human. Secret Service coming your way. Journalist no longer have any integrity, they just print garbage. Do you not have any professional responsibility. President Trump is doing an excellent job for this country. The big problem that we have is lack of truth in the media and a negative bias against conservative principles. I suppose you support Hillary and neglect the fact that there is no doubt she should be in prison.

I am 49 years old, have always been a democrat. I did NOT vote for Trump. Currently I am a Trump supporter, one readon is for people like you writting unsubstantiated claims, claoms that tell part of the truth, claims that are twisted to support the agenda of the left. In fairness both sides do this; although I believe the left goes too far. Remember I have been a democrat my whole life, the web of lies disgusts me. Whether you support Trump or not, you and the rest of the liberals need to come togeather and support him as our President, leagally beat him in the next election, but support him now for the good of the country.

Dont be so close minded and brainwashed. Step back and do the ptopper research. God Bless you, and God Bless our country True reporting comes from chatting unbiased facts and letting the reader interpret the meaning from there. I will not state my political views, however I will now block your site because you force feed your opinion in your articles. State the facts.

If hes a pig, the facts will show that. If the facts dont show it, dont shove a narrow minded opinion down thousands of readers throats. Got alienated a lot of potential readers because of this. Its bad journalism. The last thing I need for my sports feeds is more political bullshit. I thought you already said bye. Why are you still here? You have to go away for us to miss you, Daniel. Your an idiot! Respect the office of the presidency just like we did when OBama was the president and a massive failure. You arrogant fool.

I am certain that all the bad words you call president Teump represent YOU. You are really and literally crazy and pritry stupid. Im sorry to inform you sir, but your biased reporting really makes you look like a dumbass. This president has completely disrespected the media, antagonized his opposition; politicians, celebrities and civilians alike. I better get back to work the economy is at full employment have fun writing fake news ya clown. You are a minority piece of shit.

The majority love him because hes doing what we hired him to do. Make stupid fucks like you miserable and he needs a raise for the job he has done. Keep up the good work Mr. Because dead people didnt vote for him like they did Billary. He gets overflowing crowds everywhere he goes. Ive meet the man and hes a good man.

The last president we had was all about giving worthless ass people money to sit home on their lazy asses. This man has jobs for everyone who is willing to earn a living. Embrace the future and quit trying to go back to hand outs for lazy people days. Haha hey Sonny remember when like people showed up to his sad-ass empty inauguration and he spent the next year loading up his diaper over it, those were good times. I think that the awfully horrible human being you are referring to in your article is not the President, but yourself. Clean up your act and maybe more people will listen to you.

Thank you for using Picture and Video Messaging by U. See www. Here is my question? You may remember something about the American Revolutionary War starting over the principle that people who do not have representation in government should not have to pay taxes to that government. Yes here is a tip.

Stop spewing hate and garbage. You do nothing but complain and spew hate in your writings. Who would want to continue reading such trash. This is not journalism but sounds like a bunch of childish tantrums and hurt feelings. So sad that journalism has become just trash. Hey here is an idea, why not try to write something positive about things that have happened. There are so many positive things and you choose to ignore, you are so consumed with hate.

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You all must be a delight of people to be around. Supplies donated or sent to Puerto Rico were found rottening also the government of Puerto Rico did not respond in getting supplies to their People that was on the news and facebook not to long ago and their communications were poor that had nothing to do with President Trump or the United States government That is the fault of the government of Puerto Rico We cant baby sit everybody.

Neal, thanks for the email. This is such a pervasive view that the President of the United States himself, holder of the most powerful office in the nation, often espouses it! If I ever get the pleasure to see you or come within a foot of you.. Think this is empty msg NAW I keep my promises.. Honorable Judge Cody Lee Dollar. You are a the one that is, and I quote you: insanely awful. Like probably most other people, I wear it around at all times, like a sodden and rotting wool sweater, scratchy at my neck and damp in my armpits and always, always, inescapably reeking.

Trump has done more for this country than that degenerate ignorant Muslim that was in office before him, or just about any president has since Truman. With that being said, you are an extremely poor excuse for an American. I saluted that piece of sh t that preceded President Trump just because he was President and you should do the same now.

You sicken me. God bless the USA. So sorry for you. Youut be a blmg deaf dumb progressive There is a cure for your condition I hope you can be man enough to receive it. Hope you get smart. Life can be tough on a fool especially a lying fool. More false news you twist to suit the narrative, the left elite agenda. Your disregard, non-reporting of the potus, [his many accomplishments] puts you right in the limelight of the Suppressive elements that want to take down this country.

Your withholding the facts, the truth of the latter is evidence that you Albert are part of the system. President Trump Is Succeeding and will continue to do so. Your choice to disparage yourself, your very honesty and your integrity is a dishonor to the greatest good of the peoples. Instead you knowingly cater to the extreme left, and to the public who are programmed naieve. Find something to write about that you can be honest and truthful of. I was wondering if anybody has informed you that you may be a reactionist idiot?

If not, please allow me that pleasure. Subject: Yea moron osbama was the worse president of all time You dummy. Your article is horrible. You and the fake news media are a disgrace to our nation. You are the problem. Hate is a awful thing! Pray to God to heal you. Anyone who writes such a article as you is very, very sick!! Subject: The enclosed article written by you regarding our president number one you and your kind are disgusting.

He is a wonderful human being as is the rest of his family. You ignore the fact that we had a despicable person in office for 8 years and we have to put up with that. Show called journalist and television personalities are constantly showing themselves as racist and race baiters. Talk about disgusting human beings you all fit that bill perfectly. You liberals make me sick Keep ignoring what Obama and Hillary did and they are still trying to destroy Trump..

Not happening Just knowing how much pain u are in seeing trump succeed brings much joy to my heart How dare you speak about anyone like you have and least of all the President of the. United States. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and keep telling yourself how wonderful you are.

Omg will you shut up and go die already? Because unemployment is at an all time low? Is it because hes trying to protect us from third world migrants who have no idea what laws are? Is it because hes trying to make sure we dont get shafted in trade? Your a pathetic fucking looser. Seriously too. I hope your mother, sister and wife all get rapped by an illegal from Guatemala in front of you. Take the money you make and go get an education. You are a fruitcake who cares nothing about America.

Dead Letters: Special "What Donald Trump Supporters Are Like" Edition

The drugs are killing our youth. Many are not documented and yes I have a social security card. Do you? There is not ONE city you can safely walk the streets at night. Hillary and Obama sold uranium to Iran and they hate Americans. What part of this great President do you not like? The fact everyone needs to be identified, wants to rid our streets of drugs to make them safe again, the fact we have jobs and they are plentiful.

Obama had 8 years and all he did was destroy health care for the people who work. Yes, allow. I surly pray you have no children because people like yourself will do nothing but destroy the chance our President is giving America to get on track I pray for you and those like you. To play video messages sent to email, Apple QuickTime 6. Visit www. Note: During the download process when asked to choose an installation type Minimum, Recommended or Custom , select Minimum for faster download.

Many time has that number changed. His point was that democrats will do any thing to get more people to vote for them. If u want to look at numners look at all tje food that sit there and rotted or the hundreds of thousands of cases of water tjat is still sitting at the airport. America sent aide and the government tjere played politics and didnt distribute what was sent there.

The government there is waste there is worse than here.

Fascinating Facts You Probably Don't Know About Every United States President

I dont agree with all that Trumps says but the economy is booms today an. It seems that no matter what trump says or does is never good enough. Both parties are pissed because he has thrown a wrench in the gears of the machine that has screwed the citizens for 50 years. Obama was pitiful, he said he would lower the cost of healthcare and make it better, he did neither.

His Obamacare Website production ended up costing the American public 2. Obama could read a teleprompter well and that was about the extent of his community organizer skill set. You do not like Trump; boo hoo hoo! I could not srand Obama! LBJ and Clinton were probably of less character than a dozen Trumps! I guess by your marxist reasoning such would be a good thing; but by people not living in a fantasy utopia world, it would not be.

I am amazed how little understanding of the word fascism the American people possess. Fascism, which I am sure you know, is basically when businesses are privately owned but are controlled by government, a method used often by Hitler and his Nazi following. The liberal press has continued to use the term fascist to describe Trump when in reality it was Obama who showed such inclinations when he forced the elimination of General Motors management because he thought their compensation was too great. Amazing he never worried about how much the government subsidized professional sports people, who were far less accomplished, were being paid.

Obama was the fascist and Trump the free enterprise person. No, I do not think liberals are more moral or compassionate, no matter how sanctimoniously they may pretend. To call Donald Trump the worst president ever is far from fact, let alone to call him the worst human being?! Where do you get off by saying such things? I want to know what has he or his supporters done to receive the amount of hate and discrimination the left are giving him?

How is he the worse human being, if his administration has been responsible for the lowest unemployment rate for African Americans in American history and being responsible for our economy doing well? If you even deny for a second that the left has been trying to make President Trump look like a maniacal man, then something is wrong with you. I thought being a publicist meant supporting your claims with concrete evidence?

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  • Get a grip. The so-called Deaths were by a computer generated count there was no physical proof of that they did it by generating numbers of death between a certain period of year.

    Flu season is legit

    Stop bashing Trump. What makes you better then him. Take a look at yourself. If he is bad then we need more. Just how great could the USA be if we help him. Who do you think you are? You sound very stupid. You are insanely awful!!! He is a great President and person. We are sick of the media constantly lying and misrepresenting this President! Have you done any investigation on your own? Why would he lie? Your not old enough to appreciate what this guy has done since he took office. Every press organization in America is against him. Trump has done amazing since being voted in.

    Look at the stock market, unemployment rates. You writers continue to make shit up. You know what I love? No matter how hard you piss poor liberal writers try to bring him down his stock rises. Enjoy the next 6 years. Well Albert burneko you suck. You are a piece of shit that talks shit about a great president. If you look at the economy everything is running well. Please do not trash our president again or else. If that is passes for journalism, you are hopelessly delusional. No real information, just an anti Trump rant.

    Who pays you for this bullshit? I can skribble together some meaningless garbage, I want a check too. I lay pipe line for the oil companies across the country and for the first time in 25 years at this job my pipes say made in the USA and NOT in China. You must really be grasping at straws with headlines about bagels and acknowledging the president is still the president.

    Go back to school and learn how to be a journalist. Try to enlighten people instead of whining like a little bitch. I love the way Donald Trump makes liberals like you whine, bitch and complain constantly. Obama and his apologize for America and treat crimals and illegal aliens better than police and hardworking law abiding citizens was not enough for you. You wanted Hillary who would have flooded our country with yet more needy illegal aliens and refugees that tax payers have to pay for or better yet Bernie who would have moved us toward socialism, a contstantly failing system eg venezuela, rather than the incredibly prosperous economy DT is responsible for low unemployment rate, red hot stock market, median income above 61k etc Have a great day and maybe get a real job instead of writing shitty articles for a living.

    If you want to write something with some meaning, then you need to point out that all politicians are completely useless and absolutely do not have our best interests in mind. Try pointing out how they are poisoning our food, water, and air. Your dumbass self probably still believes that you vote counts. Also, owning a small business makes you a petty dictator? Well, whatever, in a perfect world run by YOU, I guess.

    If there was an award for being an idiot I know your article about Trump and the alleged deaths in P. R was just to get your little 5 mins in the spotlight R that was actually delivered but the local government stashed from its own people I have never seen this many crybabies located in one place.

    28 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Traveling

    Bunch of pussies need to accept the fact America wanted him and not your murdering backstabbing dirty dealing treasonist you wanted in office. America is tired of the lies backstabbing dirty dealing you babies are doing drain the swamp. Political office was not ment to be a get rich position. Stop filling your pocket and do the job you were hired to do. Or leave the office. Capitol hill is full of nothing but and bunch of dirty dealing criminals.

    You seem to also be a bigot. You are not happy your President Obama could not run for another term. So Sick of these types of storys by people like you. This book has fun facts about all of the Presidents, as well as interesting and important things that happened during the different terms, like the government branches, economics, war, and random things like bathtubs in the White House and weddings. Here is a look at the fascinating profiles of each of the 44 presidents, including the names of their pets!

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    Thomas Jefferson, our third president, spoke six languages, invented many things the swivel chair and the pedometer, to name two , and designed and built not only Monticello his rural home but also the University of Virginia. He was also our first environmentalist president, setting aside nearly million acres for national parks and wildlife refuges.

    From the first presidential election to recent recounts, this chapter clearly explains to a young audience how we choose the next leader of our country. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Pray for the Best Prepare for the Worst. Earn Cash Back on Everyday Items. Earn Gift Cards with Fetch Rewards. Shop or Join the Legging Army. Tribe Favorites Sunday Blessings.