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It's a method that encourages practice, progress, confidence, and best of all - success! Students respond with enthusiasm to the:. When new concepts have an immediate application to the music, the effort it takes to learn these skills seems worth it. Teachers appreciate:. Place your hands in this position two octaves above middle C. Note that this is one key higher than the Andantino position.

As your teacher plays the accompaniment below, play Andantino in this new position. Use the same finger numbers and keep the shape and rhythm of the melody the same. Get ready to improvise! Place your hands in the Travelling Along The Prairie position and get ready to improvise a new piece titled Orange Horizon. Practice playing this repeated accompaniment ostinato with your L. Repeat as necessary. After you can play the accompaniment easily, improvise a R.

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Try playing your melody one octave higher. When you are ready to end your piece, rest your R. Gradually fade away by playing softer and softer, slower and slower. Place your hands in the Watercolors hand position.

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Play in the rhythm shown. Let your hands talk to each other! One way to create a piece is to trade phrases between your hands, playing first one hand and then the other. Make up your own piece using the following notes in both hands: L. As you listen to the accompaniment to A Little Latin, play along as your R. As your teacher plays the bar blues accompaniment below, make up your own melody using the same notes in question and answer phrases between the hands.

In jazz style, a repeated accompaniment pattern is called a vamp. Practice playing the L. When you can play the L. Keep the vamp going as you improvise a melody in your R. Create a new piece in A B A form! This is the A section of your piece. Return to the beginning of Pop! She maintains a private studio in Evanston, Illinois, where she teaches 45 students. Kreader holds a M. Widely known as a clinician, author, teacher, composer and arranger, he has published five texts and two methods on piano instruction.

Kern holds graduate degrees in piano performance, music education, and piano pedagogy from Illinois Wesleyan, Northwestern University, and the University of Northern Colorado. She is an active adjudicator and performer in the Dallas area and teaches at The Hockaday School. Rejino has conducted numerous workshops across the United States, and is a contributing composer to the Hal Leonard Showcase Solos Series. She has taught piano for over nineteen years, and is active as an adjudicator and clinician as well.

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She began teaching during her undergraduate studies at Catholic University in Washington, DC, and has maintained an independent piano studio for over twenty-five years. She has given lecture-recitals, workshops and master classes, and has appeared in solo and chamber music performances throughout the USA and in Europe.

From the very first lessons in Book 1, students are making music as they explore the piano keyboard through fun improvisation pieces called My Own Song. The beginning of the book introduces finger numbers, the black-key and white-key groups, and basic rhythm patterns. Directional reading is taught first by finger number, then by note name, and then by interval step, skip, and repeat.

Once the students are introduced to the staff, they learn reading guides Bass F and Treble G and read by interval in several different hand positions. Unit 1 introduces phrasing and legato touch, and also presents harmonic 2nds and 3rds with staccato touch.

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The following two units are dedicated to the introduction of 4ths and 5ths. Also in Unit 3, sharps are introduced in a diatonic setting starting on D, and flats are introduced as blues notes. Most pieces in the second half of Book 2 coordinate hands playing together. This book works very well for transfer students. H A Tie same pit of both n e of the ined valu comb.

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  • Unit 1 of Book 3 opens 44 with eighth notes first in time, 2 then in 4 time. Swing eighths are also presented in the first half of the book. Folk, jazz, classical, and contemporary selections provide students with an interesting variety of repertoire. Chord progressions in close position are also presented in each of these keys. KEY gnatu r key si compose ith a w s rn the y en ce op scale patte otes to pla ie p ich n piece.

    Every tifies the h w u It iden d tells yo ghout the u an used or flat thro sharp. Syncopated rhythms, syncopated pedaling and opposing articulations between the hands create performances with style, color, and texture. Scales in both 8th and 16th-note patterns with their cadences are presented in five major and five minor keys.

    Root, 1st inversion, 2nd inversion, and open position chords for each key center are also introduced. In Book 5, students are introduced to sixteenth notes in various rhythm patterns. The wide variety of student selections include 3 folk, 4 jazz, 13 classical, and 8 contemporary original pieces.

    Technique Classics Hanon for the Developing Pianist Exercise One Mastering the ability to play the interval of a third easily, using fingers 4 and 5. Practice these and all other warm-ups throughout the book slowly, with a smooth, legato touch. Play the first two notes in the same excerpt. Name the interval between these two notes. In measure 1 of the exercise, circle the interval of a third on each staff, and the corresponding fingering in each hand.

    In measure 8, circle the interval of a third on each staff, and the corresponding fingering in each hand. Listen carefully to the sound you create. Drawing on the original G. Schirmer edition, this new G. Download a complimentary Virtuoso Variations chart for these Hanon exercises at our website today! Czerny Selections from The Little Pianist, Opus The second book in the Technique Classics series features a collection of little-known early-intermediate level etudes by Carl Czerny.

    Drawn from the original G.

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    Schirmer edition, this new edition is a must for every studio. Popular Piano Solos Songs students know and love with great teacher accompaniments! Instrumental accompaniments are also available on CD and GM disk. Each solo is expertly arranged with a winning combination of creativity and solid pedagogy. These exciting pieces for beginners through intermediate level students provide excellent supplementary material for any method, and are a perfect complement to the Hal Leonard Student Piano Library.

    All Rights in the U. Administered by Green Fox Music, Inc. For Levels 3, 4, and 5.

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    Each book features equal-part duet arrangements of classic American patriotic songs, arranged by favorite HLSPL composers for one piano, four hands. Presenting 12 exciting patriotic solos in the Showcase Solos series! Arranged by your favorite Hal Leonard Student Piano Library composers, these uplifting songs celebrating the spirit of America are sure to be a hit with all your students. Carol Klose. Barrett Byers. America, The Beautiful arr.

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    • Christos Tsitsaros Battle Hymn of the Republic arr. Phillip Keveren. Favorite orchestral classics, carefully graded and arranged for piano solo with great teacher accompaniments! Favorite traditional hymns, carefully graded and arranged for piano with great teacher accompaniments! Available in five levels: Early Elementary to Intermediate piano solos. Level 1. Seasonal Songbooks Favorite carols and seasonal songs, many with great teacher accompaniments! Let It Snow! Piano Ensembles Four-part student ensembles arranged for two or more pianos.

      Since completing a Master of Music degree in piano performance at Indiana University, she has taught children and adults of all ages and levels in a home studio and at various colleges and universities throughout the Southeast and Midwest. He has taught piano and piano pedagogy in a variety of settings: universities and colleges, community music schools, and in his home studio.

      Berr has written extensively about the art of teaching piano. He has been an associate editor and webmaster for Keyboard Companion magazine since Berr received his degrees in piano and pedagogy from Washington University in St. Louis and from Northwestern University. Boyd composed numerous jazz collections including the Think Jazz piano method and the Jazz Starters series for beginners. After retiring from teaching, Mr. Boyd devoted all his time to arranging and composing.

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      She is an internationally recognized specialist on the music of Charles Ives and a long-time Bay Area music critic. Clark now devotes herself to composing full time, and since , over forty of her compositions have won awards, one of which was a ASCAP award. Additionally, Matthew serves as the Director of Music and Youth at the Harvester Baptist Church in Columbia, Maryland, and maintains a private piano studio at his home. Additional published works include original compositions in the new NGPT Allison Contemporary Piano Collection, as well as numerous solos, duets, and folios arranged for students.

      Louis, Missouri, has maintained a private studio for over 17 years. In , Ms. Linn holds a B. The music in the Hal Leonard Student Piano Library encourages practise, progress, confidence and success. The series offers: a variety of styles and moods; natural rhythmic flow, singable melodies and lyrics; teacher accompaniments; improvisation; instrumental accompaniments through CD or MIDI files; realistic pacing which is challenging without being overwhelming; clear and concise presentation of concepts which allows room for a teacher's individual approach; uncluttered page layout; basic theory and technique covered.

      Practice Record and Teacher's Planner are also available. We have the largest stock of music books in Ireland and stock the latest editions for all exams for schools. Call in and check out the range of books.