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Practical knowledge is better than theoretical knowledge - Inesh Dheer - Bhavan Vidyalaya

You will get more knowledge how to bring the promotional ideas info life and also how to develop and implement marketing. Management courses will provide you with the practical skills and knowledge required to manage strategic and operational areas of different projects and organisations.

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You will gain the understanding of. IT courses are dedicated for all those with an interest in new technologies and digital media. Withthese courses you can develop your skills and gain practical knowledge in software programming, systems or. This course offers you academic knowledge with practical experience. You can develop your management skills and learn how to operate on international markets, do the research and analyse data or how to. This course offers practical skills and relevant theoretical knowledge of the hospitality industry.

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You will learn about hospitality budgeting, business operation, rostering, law regulations and service. This practical course will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to work in any childcare area. You will learn about the requirements of the relevant child care and quality standards institutions,. Do you want to be an entrepreneur, manage a company or start your own business?

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This practical course gives you general business skills like managing projects, finances and people, to get exactly what you need. Business administration courses will prepare you for different positions in company organisation. Programme participants immediately learn how to apply their knowledge and how to work in a solution-oriented way.

No matter the type of university and programme format, at the end of the day they should be able to deliver theory and practice of equal quality. Learn more about Masters programmes at the University of Nottingham by taking a look at this handy school profile.

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No doubt it will take some time to settle on the perfect mix of practice and theory to satisfy your academic aspirations. In practice, they are not. The latest online version of the Guide is available here. Masters in Finance vs MBA?

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Which one is better? It depends on what you want to gain from the programme. Read more details and choose wisely! Are you wondering in which foreign country to study?

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Are you thinking about going abroad to pursue an international Masters programme? Here are five good reasons to do so. Choose to study Masters abroad and seize the opportunity to build a network, improve your language skills, and sharpen your cultural sensitivity!

You may be asking yourself: "Is the Masters degree worth it? Although nobody would deny that we learn a lot from reading literary works, as soon as one tries to say more precisely what it means to come to know something from them, the answers become elusive.

There is after all a long tradition in literary criticism according to which the aim of literature is to bring us knowledge of the world and of human nature. Click here to download full article. Toggle navigation.