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Principles of Inorganic Chemistry

Reaction mechanisms, new chemical transformations, and novel structures, bonding, and electronic states lie at the heart of these areas. At Yale, one might investigate the catalytic properties of a new material; the mechanism of an organometallic reaction; the interaction of organic and metal-based radicals with the core of a photosynthetic site; the nature of proton coupled electron transfer in nanoparticles; the mechanism of action of a metalloenzyme; the design of a new catalyst; organometallic methods development in organic synthesis; or a green synthesis for a pharmaceutical.

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Thus the inorganic chemistry program at Yale blends a flair for the practical with an emphasis on developing fundamental principles. New catalytic processes to functionalize small molecules and synthesize pharmaceuticals are discovered in parallel with basic principles involving metal systems.

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As a result, your education in inorganic chemistry at Yale will open the door to apply your knowledge in both academic and industrial settings to areas as diverse as polymer science, organic synthesis, chemical biology, and electronic materials or to studies at the core of inorganic chemistry where many major discoveries and significant applications remain to be found.

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