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Labels: mac. On the right you see the picture I used on the first slide. You don't know? The goal was not to "tackle" each other, but show the audience both technologies. We had a lot of fun! Both Lucas and myself are very passionate about "our precious", so once and a while we teased each other.

The 80 people had some good laughs, the atmosphere was very energetic, something you can expect of a good "fight" ;- So what did we do? Michiel Jonkers was the host and he welcomed everybody, prepared the audience for the evening and introduced both Lucas and myself. Where did it come from? How does the architecture look like? And why should you use APEX? Then it was time for Lucas to do the same for ADF.

During the preparation we discussed how we would do it and finally decided to start from the same ERD and try to create a survey application in 6 hours. We would see how much we could do in that amount of time. So we both demonstrated our application and explained how we did it. You can see the application I made here. The presentation with in it the break down of the time used to create the application you find here. After the break, with some great food, we both explained how you can start with both products and showed how to create an application.

I had a great time! If you were there I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Douwe Pieter van den Bos here and Marco Gralike here. If I missed yours, feel free to add a link in the comments. I believe Michiel Jonkers is also going to blog about it. Posted by Dimitri Gielis at 23 comments Links to this post. Labels: adf , ae , apex. This training will be held in London in March 18thth It's not a beginners training, more an advanced one, although "advanced" is difficult to measure. There are still a few places left, so if you have been looking for some Advanced APEX training by some of the most passionate APEX people around then sign up quickly as places are limited.

Labels: ae , apex , eatd , oracle. Posted by Dimitri Gielis at 3 comments Links to this post. Labels: odtug. After a good sleep John and I went for an English breakfast. To be honest, I expected more about the breakfast, especially as I already stayed in Reading and Manchester where the breakfast in these hotels were amazing. He did a nice job, it's definitely an area people are interested in.

I would have shown more demo's, but the downside then is that you can't cover the amount of content Peter covered now. Although I already saw the presentation, I like to listen to Steven. The way he presents and the content are so good and I learn by repetition ;- For ex. In the evening John showed me a part of Leeds and we had some nice Indian food. On Friday I headed back home. My last flight of the year Labels: ukoug. Wednesday morning I arrived in Birmingham. The weather wasn't great, dark clouds and rain.

Luckily it wasn't to far from the hotel, only a 5 min walk. The building was quiet impressive: lots of glass and big. I registered as a speaker and went to my first session, which I was a session chair for, which means I had to introduce the speaker. The speaker was John Scott , does that ring a bell? When I entered the room John would present in, I was amazed and tumbled! What a big and nice room! John asked me to keep my introduction short as he had a lot to talk about.

At OOW he did the same presentation but got 90 minutes, now he had only A challenge! I followed his instruction and did my fastest introduction ever, 8 seconds ;- John did a fantastic job in his presentation about " Debugging APEX Applications ", which proves this article and that some people came to him and told him that it was "the best presentation" they had seen so far. Of course I didn't do mine yet ;- only joking! John Scott was in the audience but answered also a lot of questions, so although it wasn't on the schedule, you can state John was in the panel too.

Jeremy asked the people the questions they had or the topics they wanted to talk about, noted that down and then we started to answer them. Then I went for lunch , I was really hungry as I had only eaten in the early morning before I left and it was already 2pm in Belgium time that's even 3pm.

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In the afternoon I walked a bit around and finally sat down to prepare for my presentation. I had to do the last presentation of the day, before the keynote. As I thought the people started to become tired I tried to make it as digestible as possible. For ex. Conditional formatting, multiple datasets, ppt output We had some excellent tapas and some beers. They are all really nice guys, we had good talks and laughs! Later that evening we went to another pub, it's the unofficial Oaktable pub I heard later, and it must be said that the more famous Oracle people bloggers were in that bar.

The later the evening the more tired I got, so at Posted by Dimitri Gielis at 1 comments Links to this post. Labels: apex , ukoug. After too little sleep I left to Birmingham. The flight went well and at 9 o'clock I was in a cab driving to the conference. At first sight the conference is more "serious". The people look more serious, wear suits and are more formal. But it can just be a first impression ;- I forgot my camera cable, so I can't show any pictures before Saturday.

I just finished the roundtable and I'm waiting to get in my room for my presentation, which starts in 30 minutes. In the evening I'll probably go for a beer and an early sleep.

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I'll post again in the weekend with pictures, in the meanwhile you my read John Scott 's blog or Mark Rittman or Doug Burns or a lot others. This need to be as automated as possible In a next version of APEX 3.

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I suppose you know how to create a report in BIP, so I won't go into detail about that. If you would use Single Sign-On, your live would be quiet simple as you don't have to do anything. But in this article I'm concentrating on the standard BI Publisher security. To solve my logon issue, I'm making my reports public. In BIP this is called a "Guest". In that folder I created a new report a copy of the example I showed above. When you call that report by clicking on it, you'll see the result. You can adapt it to see it in a different output format.

Then the most important part Click on "Link to this report" and select" Document Only". A new window will pop-up on the same page with the link to the report. Copy that url. Now we'll use that url in our button in APEX. Posted by Dimitri Gielis at 37 comments Links to this post. Labels: apex , bi publisher , bip , oracle application express , report. Now I'm extending my demo system with BI Publisher.

I could have gone for another VM for only that, which would be the most secure thing as it would be a "fixed" working environment without the windows updates etc. Nevertheless, I didn't do that, as my systems RAM is going bananas!

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So no room left for another VM with Windows. Installation of BI Publisher I hoped it would be as easy in Linux, but There're not that many pre-requisites, so I started with ". When you think you've all needed libraries installed, there's for an odd reason always one more! In my case I had to install the libXp Installation of BI Publisher Desktop Installing software to demo on your daily OS, isn't maybe the smartest thing to do, but I already explained why I'm still doing it.

Let's hope my settings will still be good at OOW ;-. Posted by Dimitri Gielis at 4 comments Links to this post. Labels: 11g , apex , bi publisher , bip , linux , oracle. I look forward doing the roundtable with Anthony Rayner and Jeremy Duggan this time I'm in the panel. This is the same presentation I did at Oracle Open World. It's a pity I will miss the first two days and the special nights Blogger Meetup etc , but that's live The venue still need to be decided. If you know some good places, shoot!

I don't know that much in Birmingham. So, if you want to have some drinks with other APEX users, feel free to join us! See you in the UK! Labels: apex , meetup , ukoug. I realized I didn't blog about Steven Feuerstein 's new website yet. The myflimsyexcuse. The website is completely build in Oracle Application Express of course! It's a fairly simple website; there's a front end, which you see when going to the myflimsyexcuse.

You'll see two pages; one where Steven gives you some nice excuses and the second page to download some addition things from his book. There's also a back end, which allows Steven to manage his excuses. Labels: apex , plsql , Steven Feuerstein. There's already a lot blogged about "when" to use "what" development tool. Normally an article should be made available soon. There were some other people also involved in this discussion, the final outcome is managed by Chris. Next on the agenda I happily accepted, of course! Of course it's not a real fight ;- Lucas and I will try to guide you through both technologies, the goal is not to have one winner.

I guess at the end of the evening we should know what to use when Labels: adf , apex. As some others already blogged APEX 3. If you've seen the demos of the " Interactive Report Regions " you know they are worth trying ;- You can see here an interactive report on top of the Emp table! Warning : Use Firefox To access our hosted instance, please register. If you have participated in a previous evaluation, you will bypass the short survey. Expert Oracle Application Express, 2nd Edition. You'll learn about important features in APEX 5.

Oracle Application Get the domain knowledge you need to develop real-world business apps for and in the cloud. You'll see how Oracle APEX has made the life of web developers much easier and how it helps you create web-based data-centric applications easily and instantly without writing screeds of code. Using only a web browser, you can develop and deploy professional applications that are both fast and secure.

However, as with any website, there is a security risk and threat, and s Pro Oracle Application Express 4, 2nd Edition. Pro Oracle Application Express 4 is your key to mastering one of the most innovative products to come out of Oracle in years. Installing Oracle Database 12c on Windows, This tutorial shows you how to install the Oracle Database 12c software on Microsoft Windows along with a default instance of an Oracle Database that contains example schemas including the HR schema.

In this course, Oracle certified instructor and consultant David Yahalom provides an overview of this powerful database, focusing on those brand new to the software. Step by Step Oracle 12c database installation Guide — An installation guidance with every screenshot of Oracle 12c database on Windows Platform. But maybe you're not as adept at getting your resume's parts in order. The Oracle 12c: Database Administration I Part 2 course will continue to build your knowledge in shared server, database performance monitoring, database maintenance, how to use the undo management feature, how to deal with locking conflicts and finishing up with backups and database recovery.

This Oracle Database 12c: Admin, Install and Upgrade Accelerated course covers 7 days worth of substance in just 5 days. This course includes a thorough discussion of new Oracle 12c automation features including flashback technologies, automated storage management, automated tuning tools, and automated management tools such as the new scheduler.

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Oracle 12c database cannot log in as a local user. Oracle Database 12c: Administration Course Overview. Finally, you will learn about data migration and Oracle networking. For those of who you have installed Oracle Business Intelligence 12c would know that the metadata schemas for 12c cannot be installed on a container database. You can submit your tutorial to promote it. Oracle database training will help you learn the ins and outs of Oracle database development.

It is imperative for administrators to be well trained. This path of courses covers all the tasks involved in managing and tuning the performance of an Oracle 12c Database system. Audience Oracle Database 12c - Administration I. From 12c Onwards, the instance is shared with multiple databases. Accelebrate's Oracle 12c for Administrators course introduces the many powerful capabilities of the Oracle database and teaches administrators the skills necessary for day-to-day administration of the Oracle 12c database management system.

Oracle's Exadata database appliance is also available for users looking for an easier, plug-and-play Get more opportunities for success with Oracle 1z Oracle Database 12c: Advanced Administration exam test which has helped thousands of people to achieve their goals.

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Database Administration has grown over the years from the mere management of a few tables and indexes to a complex interlocking set of responsibilities ranging from managing database objects to participating in enterprise wide decisions on hardware Become a certified Oracle Database Administrator by enrolling into Mindmajix Training, where you will gain a firm foundation on all the database administration concepts through real-time examples. Calling all Oracle Database Administrator Certification candidates! Take the next step in your path to Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate certification today.

In this training, you will gain the knowledge and skills to create and configure Oracle 12c databases, manage memory and storage effectively, and deploy essential procedures to maintain your organization's database and ensure its availability. Now product-specific root actions will be performed. Learn oracle 12c database management I will be concentrating mostly on 12c database on this site.

Click on Close button. But from version 12c onwards, a completely new This Oracle Database 12c Administration course is designed to give database administrators the knowledge and skills needed to maintain successful and efficient day-to-day operations of an Oracle 12c database.

So this course introduces the many powerful capabilities of the Oracle database and references the applicable courses within the Sideris Oracle database administration series that one might next consult. Oracle Database 12c is a multimodel database management system that supports data formats, access methods and indexes, and programming languages required by specific workloads while exploiting common administration, Oracle Database 12c is the world's leading relational database management system.

Also how the database fits in with other systems. The Oracle Database 12c administrator will gain practical experience in administering and monitoring an Oracle 12c database.

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Therefore how do you create a new database in SQL Developer? I thought I would be able to find my answer by Googling. Introduction to Oracle Database. Within Oracle Database 12c, there is new terminology being used for user accounts. This course will teach Oracle database administration fundamentals; installing Oracle, creating databases, managing objects in the database and more.

Latest exam dump: June 18, However, with SQL Developer you have to connect to a database already created rather than connecting to the server. In this course, you will learn a wide variety of advanced concepts to let you fully master administration of an Oracle database. Download the files as a zip using the green button, or clone the repository to your machine using Git.

Registration for our Oracle classes is open for anyone in the world because it is an online course. In this course, students will focus on configuration on supported systems. It also covers ways to protect an Oracle 12c database, from using suitable backup and recovery strategies to implementing system security and auditing.

The memory and process is owned by the Container Database. Oracle Database 12c data types. In the course, you will learn all of the fundamentals of the SQL language when working with an Oracle database. Expert Oracle University instructors will demonstrate how this solution protects your Oracle database against planned and unplanned downtimes.

Most Popular. The Oracle 12c database, Oracle WebLogic 12c application server, and the Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control software are available now, and they provide a next-generation database that offers a new multitenant architecture on top of a fast, scalable, reliable, and secure database platform. You can change the architecture by making Oracle database use thread based architecture instead of process based. Aalok Institute provides Oracle database consulting as well as training.

In this chapter, we review the Oracle Database 12c Release 2 The Oracle Database 12c R2: Administration Workshop Ed 3 course is designed to provide you with a firm foundation in administration of an Oracle Database. You can use this exam guide to collect all the information about Oracle Database 12c Administration 1Z certification.

Author Darl Kuhn draws from a well of experience over a decade deep to lay out real-world techniques that lead to success as an Oracle Database administrator. Learn the security features built into the Oracle database in this hands-on class. This course is one of a series in two SkillSoft learning paths that covers the objectives for the 1Z Oracle Database 12c: Installation and Administration. But how to practice for the 1Z exam? In my case I am using Oracle Database 12c. Any certified computer school recognizes Introduction - Database Administration.

Oracle 12c create user. RMAN active cloning in oracle 12C views 1 min , 58 sec read 5 RMAN active is one of cloning method used to clone a database on target host without taking backup of the source database. Visit PayScale to research oracle database administrator dba salaries by city, experience, skill, employer and more.