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Dynamic Interactive Crowd Simulation using Stress Based Behavior

Edition 1st Edition. First Published Pages pages.

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Subjects Arts, Computer Science. Export Citation. Get Citation. Pelechano, N. Provides crowd simulation methodology to populate virtual environments, for video games or any kind of applications that requires believable multi-agent behavior Presents the latest contributions on crowd simulation, animation, planning, rendering and evaluation with detailed algorithms for implementation purposes Includes perspectives of both academic researchers and industrial practitioners with reference to open source solutions and commercial applications, where appropriate.

Most crowd simulations include only basic locomotive behaviors possibly coupled with a few stochastic actions. Our goal in this survey is to establish a baseline of techniques and requirements for simulating large-scale virtual human populations.

Sometimes, these populations might be mutually engaged in a common activity such as evacuation from a building or area; other times they may be going about their individual and personal agenda of work, play, leisure, travel, or spectator. Computational methods to model one set of requirements may not mesh well with good approaches to another. By including both crowd and individual goals and constraints into a comprehensive computational model, we expect to simulate the visual texture and contextual behaviors of groups of seemingly sentient beings.

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Abstract There are many applications of computer animation and simulation where it is necessary to model virtual crowds of autonomous agents. Computer Graphics Forum Online publication date: Jul Research in Data Science, Autonomous Robots 42 :8, Online publication date: Feb Social Science Computer Review 36 :5, Online publication date: Sep Jan M. Functional Crowds.

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Simulating Heterogeneous Crowds with Interactive Behaviors (EPUB3)

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Efficient Computational Models for Simulating Large-Scale Heterogeneous Crowds - Dimensions

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