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Two years ago, something went wrong. Senior staff at Bungie were unhappy with how the supercut had turned out. The seams showed. Reviewers singled out the story in particular, knocking the vague plot, thin characters, and opaque dialogue. Today, as Destiny enters its second year, a lot has improved. But questions remain.

How did such an ambitious game wind up with such a bare-bones plot? Why did Bungie seemingly change so much of the story before it shipped? And how did it ship in a state that required so much tweaking after it launched? What really happened behind the scenes of Destiny? After conversations with over half a dozen current and former Bungie employees, all speaking anonymously because they were not authorized to talk publicly about these issues, the story that has emerged is one of a studio that was overwhelmed by a sudden reboot, a ruthless production schedule, and a number of other debilitating factors including the technical challenges of a brand new game engine.

The studio had been working on its next big thing at least since then. In February of , Bungie invited journalists to their offices in Bellevue, Washington for the official unveiling of Destiny. When Destiny finally came out in September of , players immediately noticed that something was off. There was no grand, Star Wars -caliber story. I can feel its power… Careful! Its power is dark. Surely the plot was changed at the last minute? In the summer of , just over a year before Destiny came out, the story got a full reboot, according to six people who were there.

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Alien Hive would have kidnapped the machine and brought him to their Dreadnaught spaceship, which was later cut from vanilla Destiny and moved to The Taken King. Originally, this Hive ship would have been part of the main story. Fans have long wondered about the bloody Exo in one early piece of Destiny concept art.

Turns out that was Rasputin, according to a source. In the original story, the player would have rescued this guy from the Hive. In the DLC, we would have learned that this Exo was actually a puppet being controlled by a Warmind, the source said. The story would have also starred a character familiar to hardcore Destiny fans: Osiris, described by one source as an Obi-Wan Kenobi-like mentor living in an ancient Vex temple on Mercury.

Although Osiris has yet to appear in the version of Destiny that shipped, he does have a presence thanks to a competitive multiplayer gauntlet designed in his name: the Trials of Osiris. In the pre-reboot Destiny story, Osiris served as a guide for the main player. He had a robotic assistant whose model was, according to a source, scrapped and reused for yet another character who will be familiar to hardcore Destiny fans: the Stranger.

At E3 , Bungie played a Destiny gameplay trailer that showed a slick blue-skinned Awoken gentleman pointing a gun at the player character. That theory was correct, sources say. The pre-reboot Destiny had way more of a focus on story than the actual game wound up having. Osiris announcing a dramatic discovery about the Vex and asking you to dig up an ancient relic on Mars, or the Crow calling for help from the middle of a firefight with Fallen on Venus. And then every mission ended with a full cutscene, three to five minutes.

Different people who saw the supercut disagreed on its quality. In an interview, one person who worked on Destiny called it terrible. Others argued otherwise. It was also constantly being edited and changed. It turned into a Frankenstein amalgamation like the rest of the game. Some in the studio took issue with the rhythm of progression, which would have shown players all four main planets—Earth, the Moon, Venus, and Mars—within the first few missions of the game. According to one source, Jones also told the team that he wanted a less linear story—one in which the player could decide where to go at any time.

Over the next few months, Jones did two pivotal things, sources said. He designed the interface we know now as the director, a sleek set of maps in which missions are presented as nodes within each planet. They rescoped the game, cutting out the Dreadnaught and moving it to the expansion, which was then called Comet. They changed the order in which players would progress between each planet. Casualties of this process included characters like Osiris and Charlemagne, an artificial intelligence on Mars who was promoted in early Destiny previews but never appeared in the game.

Many of the story missions that actually shipped with Destiny were stitched together from older ones, sources said. But the missions as they shipped were actually sliced up and stitched together versions of the original story, including the cinematics. Think about this—if you had your own business, would any of these apply? As a business-ownership advocate, I hope that this chapter will convince you of the many benefits of starting your own business.

To those of you already in business and who are struggling, I hope this message reinforces your decision to keep moving forward despite all the challenges that you are facing. I graduated from the University of Montana in June of , three-and-a-half years after transferring from Albion College halfway through my freshman year because of my back injury.

One of my goals when I started college was that, no matter what, I would get my degree in four years. For those of you reading this book who are just starting college, or will be starting soon, I challenge you to do the same. How can you accomplish this goal, when most institutions today state that college is a five- or six-year plan? I suggest the following:. Take all morning classes between 8 AM and noon , then after lunch each day study in the library until 5 PM. This will free up your evenings and weekends to work or do whatever you like.

I am proud to say that I followed this course of action, and my family and I and ultimately the people for whom I work have benefited tremendously due to my graduating in four years. My wife and I were blessed with our first child, Sam, when I was 22 years old. Had it not been for my graduating in four years and already having a full-time job, I would have had an even more difficult time supporting our young family.

During my senior year at the University of Montana, I found a job doing marketing and advertising for the largest travel agency in Montana. My wife and I wanted to move to Seattle, so I began writing letters and sending resumes to companies in and around Seattle. It was a cold and rainy Seattle day imagine that in December when I flew in for my interview. I landed that morning around 9 AM and had a return flight at PM. I went downtown, had the interview, and was offered a temporary entry-level marketing. After six months my performance would be evaluated and only then would I be offered a full-time job if my performance was satisfactory, of course.

So I walked outside in the cold Seattle rain. It was noon; I had three hours before my return flight. I spotted the Washington Mutual Tower building, drove there, then began on the top floor—the 54th—and went office to office handing out my resumes. Most people quickly shoved me figuratively speaking back out the door, but I kept on because I was determined to find a better job offer. After more than an hour I finally landed in the office of Mutual Travel on the 18th floor. I walked in knowing something good was going to happen because I was already working for a travel agency.

Five minutes! Well, thirty minutes later I was offered a position in the group department until the next sales position came open. To help our family, I took a second job delivering morning newspapers for the Journal American. However, I remembered who I worked for—my family—and I kept on.

The point of all this is that sometimes you have to do something difficult or tiring to help your family. But most of the time these difficulties are only temporary—better times and better opportunities do come. While working two jobs, I also learned that not only is it important to try to maximize your income, but to also watch your spending habits as well.

However, before I left Mutual Travel, because of my Japanese language skills, I had an opportunity to hand-deliver more than 1, airline tickets to Japanese foreign exchange students who were to visit the United States later that summer. At 23 years old I went to Tokyo via business class for five days, carrying a large duffle bag stuffed with more than one million dollars worth of airline tickets.

Let me tell you, I was a bit nervous going through customs in Japan, and very thankful to get through without a hitch. It was a tremendous experience. Well, as I quickly learned, the more money you make, the more you spend. In Chapter 4 we will discuss creating multiple streams of income. At Airborne I had the opportunity to relocate and go into sales management, but I refused because my family and I again, the people I work for wanted to stay in Seattle.

I had little stock in their employee stock ownership plan also called an ESOP. I had nothing, in fact, except my old pay stubs. But the company had a lot—they had the million-dollar accounts that I had brought to Avis. Even today, the revenue from my work continues to flow into Avis. Talk about residual income—most large corporations have this wealth-creation principle mastered. Through my next job hunt, I ended up at a printed circuit board manufacturer in high-tech sales. After three years with two different circuit board companies, I learned of an opportunity to receive a small ownership position in the form of stock options with Merix Corporation, a publicly traded company on NASDAQ.

Because of my income diversity philosophy, I encourage anyone who is working at a job for income, but pursuing a dream on the side during evenings and weekends, to continue with their day job until it gets in the way of those dreams. When this begins to happen be it one year from now or ten years from now , you can begin the transition from a day job to your own business opportunity.

I believe you need to have both of these things before you can make the switch. From to , during the early mornings, late evenings, and weekends, I wrote the first edition of this book while continuing to develop my speaking business on a part-time basis and working my day job full-time. By executing energy and focus toward my passions and true destiny in life, I have continued to realize my lifetime goals—even though my family and I have been through the financial ups and downs involved with pursuing this destiny.

Looking back, I can say with no regrets that all of our struggles were well worth the financial rewards that we have realized as a result of following my dreams. My faith in God ultimately gave me the strength to continue pushing forward at a time when all the odds were stacked against me! Without question, you too will be financially and emotionally tested on your way to achieving your destiny.

If your belief in your vision is strong enough, you too will overcome every obstacle that gets in your way. Some of you reading this book may be questioning my loyalty—working for nine different companies over a period of 15 years. I see it this way: my loyalty and faithfulness belong to my family, not a company. If you desire to get ahead in corporate America, you need to look for a new job, at a minimum, every two to three years, and each job transition should pay you at least 20 percent more than your current salary.

If you desire to make six figures, one way to do this—other than to own your own company—is to change jobs frequently. If you wait until you have been laid off to begin looking, you will have far fewer options. You may, in fact, have to accept less money out of pure desperation. Therefore, most companies are going to pay you only enough to keep you from quitting.

I have taken these important lessons from each endeavor into the next opportunity, and have benefited from all of them in one way or another. You got yourself another car and tried again. The same concept holds true with owning a business. If you are content with your annual 5 percent raises, then all you are doing for yourself and your family is giving yourself the ability to order out for pizza one more time each pay period.

Based on the fact that you are reading this book, I know that you will not be content with only 5 percent and that you will demand more from yourself! You need to understand that moving on to a new company is not an emotional decision emotional decisions should only be made regarding love—who you will marry, etc. All other decisions, especially career and financial decisions, should be based on facts and accurate thinking. Napoleon Hill understood this well when he said:. You can and will make new friends wherever you go, and your old friends will stick with you if they are truly good friends.

The answer is to let other people take you to these opportunities. Have others work for you to help you uncover these hidden opportunities. Get a recruiter of one kind or another to start working for you. Never pay the recruiter to do so unless you are seeking your first job out of college. Almost all recruiters are paid by the company who is looking for qualified applicants. I have worked with recruiters on two occasions, and both times I was offered a job and accepted the position—both at a salary much higher than what I was previously making.

I have a tremendous amount of respect and gratitude to the large national recruiting company Management Recruiters International MRI. Jim Kozich of MRI placed me in my most lucrative position to date in high-tech sales. Another option is to network with people in your industry as often as possible, as well as to regularly attend job fairs and job expos.

Lastly, please make certain that you get someone to help you put together a winning resume even if you have to pay for it. If you are not interested in owning your own business for whatever reason and enjoy the excitement of corporate America, I simply urge you to make certain that the corporate ladder you are climbing is not leaning against the wrong wall!

Once they have a job, most people think their career challenges are over. This is false: job security no longer exists. These companies will do anything to build the bottom line, including laying off people. For instance: you just happen to be one of the unfortunate ones. With the recession in late and , I personally know hundreds of people who have been laid off, including myself. Unfortunately, in September , I too was a victim of corporate downsizing.

Eight days after the September 11th tragedy and after almost three years of a successful sales record , I was laid off by Merix. Thankfully, I received an attractive severance package and was able to get another sales position within two weeks with a competitor in the printed circuit board industry—TTM Technologies. As a result of this experience being laid off twice in as many years , I decided that I would never again put myself in a situation where I was dependent on a job to support my family.

I remember driving that day, northbound on I-5 heading back toward Seattle, deciding I was going to transition my part-time business to full-time; and become unstoppable as I pursued my business goals. Since then, there have. It was at this time that I also launched my publishing coaching services with www. The publishing coaching portion of my business has been a great way for me to supplement my business as a speaker while simultaneously helping numerous people from all walks of life publish their books. As a result of these adversities and diversifying my business, today I am no longer dependent on corporate America to support my family.

I also created business opportunities for readers who ask if they can help me market this book. I created a Destiny Achievers Club, where anyone can create a part-time business and earn commission when booking me to speak. To learn more, visit my web site or call me at Getting back to layoffs, the problem is that when companies go through downsizing, the victims including myself have virtually nothing to show for their work except old pay stubs.

Most simply look for another job, hoping that they can get hired so that they can probably get slapped in the face again. This is foolish. To combat this, I recommend that you do some soulsearching as I have done and turn your hobby into a home-based business. Then, if you do happen to get laid off, at least you have a second alternative to fall back on.

Tryst with Destiny

You owe it to yourself and your family to build something that becomes an asset, rather than just wasting time on a job renting out your skills. After my experience of being laid off, I made a decision to build my own business in such a way that I will never again become dependent on a job to support my family. I have made a decision to become unstoppable, and as a result, my own business has skyrocketed.

At 36 years old, I retired from corporate America on my own terms, and now make more money than ever before in my business as an author, speaker, and coach. More importantly, I am. My experience over time of getting laid off from two companies in 18 months taught me the true meaning of an old fish story that I am sure you have heard at one point or another. It goes like this: give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, but teach a man how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.

See, having a job is just like getting a fish your paycheck given to you every other Friday. This is how you eat. When you get laid off and lose your paycheck, you starve! The key then, is to learn how to fish how to earn money in a business you own. I never really liked fishing as a kid because I rarely caught anything even though I enjoyed all the time I spent with my dad listening to his stories.

If you want more freedom in life, you must learn how to fish for yourself.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a job because it allows you to eat. But make certain that while you are eating at the job, you work on your dream on the side and learn how to fish for yourself. In talking about being able to provide for your family, or relying upon someone else your employer to provide your. At the beginning of this book, one of the questions I asked you was: are you free?

The reason that I pose this question is that many people believe that slavery ended on January 1, , when President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation. I believe that as long as we have jobs we are enslaved to our employers and are NOT truly free. Given the fact that all workers are given a limited amount of income in return for working 50 weeks out of 52 weeks per year to earn their pay, it becomes obvious to me that employees are not as free as some may think. If you disagree with this belief, let me pose to you a few questions.

Why is it that employees must ask permission from their employers to go on an extended vacation, when business owners can go on vacation any time they desire for as long as they want without having to ask permission from anyone to do so? The kind of slavery that existed in the s in the United States has ended, largely due to the efforts of President Lincoln, but a different kind of enslavement exists today with our employers. Some of you may be thinking that a six-month vacation is not really practical.

Well then, how about on any given hot summer day: can you just take the day off from work and go to the beach together as a family? Or do you and your spouse need to ask permission from your employers to spend this day together as a family? As a business owner, you will be free and never again have to ask for permission to spend quality time with your family!

In talking about freedom and enslavement to an employer while giving speeches on this topic, I have been both ridiculed and admired at the same time. The ridicule has come from employees who still believe in job security and that their employer will take care of all of their financial needs in the future. However, at the same time, I have been admired and given an overwhelming stamp of approval from business owners. A job is a good thing, but you must realize that it is nothing more than a temporary vehicle to pay your bills and support your family while you are building your dream.

Being enslaved to an employer is acceptable only if you are building your long-term vehicle of business ownership in a field in which you have passion. The 10 percent are business owners; the remaining folks are employees. On which side of the equation do you want to find yourself? Remember, there are a million ways to make a million dollars—you just have to execute in one way. Follow your heart, and it will make the choice for you. Think of hobbies that you could turn into businesses.

Remember that a home-based business provides more tax benefits.

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Also, remember that whatever business you choose, it must be consistent with your values and goals: 1. You should make certain that they are very stable and are capable of helping you attain your long-term goals: 1. When starting a business, you need to align your passions with an opportunity that you can do from home.

This will give you the ability to be there for you family. I have worked from home now for over 13 years. Because I work from home, I am better able to meet the needs of my family. This is a secret that most people never learn. One reason there are so many broken families is because too many people place more importance on their jobs than on their families. We are all challenged to try to make it financially while also being there for our families.

But when you do, you must try again. Instead, failure teaches us lessons. And we all want to learn more, right? The more we fail, the more we learn. In fact, over the course of his life — , Edison failed thousands of times while following his passion of inventing new things capable of changing the world. In , he produced the first reliable, long-lasting source of light with his incandescent lightbulb.

I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is often a step forward. If you still have difficulty with this concept, I suggest you read the book Failing Forward, by John C. As I stated earlier, no one ever ends up on their deathbed wishing that they had spent more time at the office, but many wish they had spent more time with their children, spouse, and loved ones.

These are, after all, the people you truly work for—not the people at your place of employment! I challenge you to spend twice as much time with your children, and half as much money. The more time you put in with them, the greater the return will be on your investment of time. Remember that our children are, after all, the future of this world. His character, Bob Wakefield, almost. Put your family ahead of your work and you will experience more love and more happiness in life. As in the case of the MasterCard example used at the beginning of this chapter, I also know for whom I work.

This is just one photo from the many family vacations we have taken in Hawaii. Building Real Wealth Surplus wealth is a sacred trust which its possessor is bound to administer in his lifetime for the good of the community. Many people have solid plans, but lack the financial wherewithal to accomplish them.

They feel as though they need a tremendous amount of money before they can actually begin living their dreams. Studies show that most people want more time, more money, more freedom, more health, more love, and more happiness.

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Most young people today want a decent job so that they can save for the American dream of owning a home and having a car in the driveway. At the same time, most older people want to achieve financial security and someday be able to retire. In this chapter, I will introduce principles and tools to show you how to get more money in your life regardless of your age or current situation. Additionally, if you play your cards right, more money will ultimately get you more time and more freedom.

It is important to remember that money cannot buy you more health, more love, or more happiness. Money is important. But too many people rely on gambling or lottery tickets because they believe this is the only way to get rich. Regardless of your financial circumstances, anything that you set out to accomplish is still within reach. It may take you working one or two jobs for a time, or having a part-time It may take a lot of work, in other words, but money is a necessary tool to create freedom.

And freedom gives you the time to pursue your goals. The key is to work smarter and negotiate more often. In this world, you either need to spend less than you make, or make more than you spend. Either way, you will spend much of your life negotiating for something or other, so always remember to ask for more than you want to ensure that you will get what you need.

Too many people get hung up working at their jobs, living paycheck to paycheck, and they never make time to learn the principles of wealth creation and financial planning. Provide right now for your family. Learn, so that you can advance to the next level whatever that might be. Having this philosophy about work will help you in many ways.

The old concept of going to work for a good company to get job security no longer exists. My friends in Canada tell me that the percentage of people unhappy at work there is even higher. The Gallup Organization shows 55 percent of employees are actively disengaged in their jobs—putting in their time, but with little or no energy or passion. They neither identify with their work nor promote company objectives. This results in loss of productivity in the U. This is not a problem just in the United States.

The same issues are a reality throughout most of the developed world. In fact, working conditions worldwide create far more concern than those in the United States. The information presented in the previous list proves that job security and worker satisfaction is a thing of the past. Income security can only be reached if you understand two main strategies about money and wealth, both of which I learned from one of my business mentors as a young man while in my twenties. These two key strategies are as follows: 1.

How to utilize four wealth creation principles. During my early days just out of college and working in corporate America, I soon realized that no matter how hard I worked on a job, my annual raises were minor—most in the 5 percent range. In other words, I would have to diversify by creating multiple streams of income.

Multiple streams of income is a simple concept: you have income coming in from more than one source. In the stock market and in the world of investing, it is considered common practice to have a diversified and well-balanced portfolio. Many people also have tried network marketing and become quite successful. Network marketing also referred to as direct sales or multilevel marketing is a legitimate way to diversify your income and make money working from home without having to invest a lot of money to get started.

Worldwide, many more millions of people have chosen this vehicle to earn money building their businesses from home.

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I know several people in network marketing who worked very hard and became multimillionaires from this industry, as well as others who have not worked at all and made almost nothing. As with anything else, you get out of network marketing what you put into it. I have dabbled in network marketing numerous times in my career. However, I have always kept my book, speaking, and coaching as my primary business model. I have found network marketing to be a tremendous way to make extra income for my family. The beautiful thing about network marketing is that you can get started in it with very little investment up front, which contradicts other business models today.

I will talk more about network marketing and direct sales income in Chapter 13, where I will also better introduce you to the Destiny Achievers Club. If you want to work from home and own your own business, but you are completely confused as to what kind of business to start, then I recommend that you visit my web site, www. Create YourOwnDestiny. This is one of the biggest keys to being. There are not many folks selling Eight Track tapes or typewriters any longer—you get the point. Whether it is a result of owning your own business or getting involved in network marketing, the goal remains the same—to build your business once, then get paid for life.

Imagine what it would feel like to wake up in the morning and know that whether you rolled out of bed, or just rolled over, all your bills that month would be paid. Financial freedom is a wonderful feeling. I believe business ownership is the best way to experience this feeling of more freedom in life. A SPECIAL NOTE All my extra activities are meant to produce income, of course, but they are also related to my life destiny and goals, which are to positively influence people through my inspirational speaking, writing, and coaching. Always attempt, as much as possible, to combine generating additional income with your life goals and ultimate destiny.

It is just that simple. This is the formula: executing your game plan on a daily basis is all you need to do to achieve financial prosperity through business ownership. I know what some of you may be thinking—that you know of business owners who have started in business and are now stuck working 70 to 80 hours per week. They have no extra time and. Imagine what it would feel like if you owned the home of your dreams in a place that you always desired to live. Imagine what it would feel like if you had a vacation home in addition to your dream home, which you and your family could enjoy for many generations to come.

Imagine what it would feel like if you had enough money that you could build your business out of choice instead of having to work at your job out of need. Imagine what it would feel like if your children could go to college wherever they desired, instead of settling for a school you can afford. Imagine what it would feel like if you could dedicate the rest of your life to helping others in need. Imagine what it would feel like if you could experience the feeling of having more time, more money, more freedom, more health, more love, and more happiness in your life!

Create your own Destiny - By Sandeep Maheshwari I Hindi

I agree that there are many business owners who find themselves trapped in this predicament. However, the types of businesses I endorse are those you can own and operate from the comforts of home. For this reason, I have been an advocate of home-based business ownership for years. I also believe that you will be better off to contract out some of your needs, as opposed to hiring direct employees. The reality is that we do not give up on automobiles and spend the rest of our lives walking everywhere just because we were once left stranded.

Instead we just get a new vehicle. The same principle holds true with business ownership. List as many ideas as possible: 1. What steps can you take to begin to put this idea into action? What can you begin doing now to make this a reality? I have seen too many people get fired for working at their new business ventures while on the clock at their day jobs. You must keep these completely separate. It has been said that you work nine to five to make a living, but you work five to midnight to make a life. Lastly, make certain that whatever income opportunities you select, they are consistent with the following wealth creation principles.

However, 90 percent of the wealth is owned by only 10 percent of the people. The question then must be: what knowledge does the wealthy 10 percent have that the other 90 percent are missing? The answer is this: the wealthy 10 percent understand that the quickest way to wealth is through business ownership. They also know how to build income-producing assets by building ownership and equity. Owning income-producing assets that allow you to live in the manner that you desire, without having to work next week, next month, next year, or many years to come.

Wealth produced from these assets can support your family for many generations. Wealth, in other words, is a measure of the freedom it provides you—not your level of income. This is foreign to many Americans, who try to display wealth or give the perception of accumulated wealth through their high standards of living. To put it simply, it is something that pays dividends. An income-producing asset is usually a financial investment that pays you dividends, such as stocks and mutual funds.

Real estate or a business that you own are also considered income-producing assets. Having a rental property, for example, provides you with a monthly source of income. In many cases, a combination of all the above become solid income-producing assets. The goal here is to build an asset that will, for years to come, generate income for you and your family. If your lifestyle could be maintained on this amount, then you would be considered wealthy—even though you may not have millions of dollars in the bank—because you would have the choice whether or not to ever work again.

They understand that distribution is the key, because volume requires reaching many people in many places. They partner with others to create wealth through mass distribution. This is vitally important to anyone who wants to be wealthy— the key to wealth is through ownership; not through a salary! My oldest son once asked me how to make lots of money. I thought it was a pretty good question coming from a fourth grader—I could tell he was not content with his current allowance.

One of my mentors uses Bill Gates as an example. Bill Gates did not become the wealthiest man in the world because he was the best software writer—rather, it was because he was the best in the world at selling software in volume. You can achieve significant wealth by earning or purchasing stock ownership in one or more companies during the early stages of your life, then letting the stock or other ownership investments appreciate.

A job, then, is really only renting, unless you build equity via stock options! If you are working at a job while building your dream on the side , make certain that you find an employer who allows you to earn stock options. With stock options, you now become a business owner. As a result, you will do a better job and ultimately earn more money in the long run. Four wealth creation principles I learned as a young man are as follows: Principle 1: Business Ownership 97 percent of financially independent Americans own businesses, which gives them huge tax advantages. This allows you to, in effect, earn 1 percent of the efforts of people rather than only percent of your efforts.

Principle 3: Royalties and Residual Income Expend effort once, and then receive residual income for years. A book or software program is a good example: a bestselling book can sell for years and years, yet the author only wrote the book once. Principle 4: Take Advantage of Trends Positioning yourself in the right situation at the right time can make the difference. How can you take advantage of up-andcoming trends? Everything I have learned about wealth came directly from the wealth creation philosophy of one of my mentors.

Because of this knowledge over the years, my family and I will benefit for a lifetime. I also have learned another principle over the years that I believe should be added to the previous four: Principle 5: Know and Trust Your Business Partners Many people are like sharks, only in any venture for their own personal gain.

Be careful with whom you do business. If while engaged in conversation people continually look away from you, they are either unsure of themselves or lying. Either way, you should avoid doing business with these types, unless you want to get burned down the road. I challenge you to sit down sometime and add up all the money you spend over the course of a year on taxes a good CPA can help minimize your tax burden and interest from credit cards, student loans, your mortgage, car loans, etc. Once you have added this up, I encourage you to do two things to help minimize these enemies: 1.

Start a home-based business, which will reduce your tax burden. Borrow as little money as possible. Wealth can also be defined as having an abundance of financial and emotional peace of mind. This can be attained by having more time, money, freedom, health, love, and happiness in your life. Your best shot at achieving wealth is to combine working from home with business ownership in your area of interest. This also has become a tremendous tool for me to ensure that all my bills get paid on time each month. See the wealth creation blueprint on the next page.

I update my blueprint every month. I also suggest that you list account numbers and phone numbers of the financial institutions for easy reference. I even use it to help pay bills—as a bill comes in, I log it. Consider creating your own wealth creation blueprint to help you keep track of your financial future. Remember, building real wealth does not happen overnight.

It can take several years to get to a point where you never need to worry about money again. My sales success formula will help you achieve more sales now that you know why buying decisions are made. Whether your background is in sales or not, as a new business owner, you must sell. Even if you have never sold before, you have sales experience, whether you realize it or not.

How can I say this? Simple: Every day we all sell. We sell our spouse, significant other, parents, children, employer, and employees on what a valuable person we are in their lives. This is selling and it occurs on a daily basis. After more than a dozen years in business-to-business corporate sales, I have slowly learned and further developed a formula for successful selling. This sales success formula has become my mantra.

The answer is that people always love talking about themselves. The best salespeople in the world have figured this out and they try not to ever dominate conversations. Then it is absolutely necessary for you to shut up and let your prospects talk themselves into buying from you—while you are listening. Listening is one of the most powerful tools in business, but unfortunately it is rarely used to its fullest potential.

The bottom line is this: friends buy from friends—people buy from those they like. If you want more sales, make more friends.

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It is that simple. The best way to do this is to talk less and listen more. Ask thoughtful questions to get to know your prospects better. As you do this, your prospects will grant you. Then, if you can fill a need for them, you will earn their business in almost every occasion, if you ask for their business. We need to speak 10 percent of the time and let our prospects talk 90 percent of the time.

If you put my sales success formula to use in both your personal life as well as your business life, you will be amazed at how quickly you will attain a new level of wealth in both your relationships and your finances. As a result, you will get more money and more love in your life. I will discuss how to get more health, more love, and more happiness later in this book. In order for me to reach my destiny of helping others, for example, I will no doubt become more diversified and increase my wealth at the same time.

Many people overlook the importance of diversification. Remember that from an investment standpoint, at no time should you put all of your savings into one stock or one specific investment. With this in mind, why would you only have one source of income—your job? Secondly, make certain that your own business does not interfere with your day job.

Keep in mind that many presidents and CEOs are compensated one way or another by being on the board of directors of companies other than their own.

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I believe that they do this primarily among other reasons for income diversity—so should you. Remember that your employer does not own you; he employs you because of your skills. You must diversify—whether it means taking a second job, starting your own company, or opening a home-based business. Only then can you begin the path to true financial freedom and wealth, and move rapidly toward your destiny.

However, to put wealth in a different perspective, I do want to warn you to stay away from the trap of materialism trying to keep up with the neighbors. This can be catastrophic over time. If you do this, your debts will slowly decrease and your assets will gradually increase. Over the years, through the proper execution of the wealth principles discussed in this chapter, your financial challenges will be minimized. The key is to soul-search for your inner passions, then turn these passions into an opportunity or business that you can own. When you are doing what you love, you will never have to work another day for the rest of your life.

This will free you up to more thoroughly pursue your destiny and, as a result, experience more time, more money, and more freedom. For Danny, this belief allowed him to win the RAAM on two separate occasions—riding 21 hours a day for eight straight days. However, as you tap into your newfound energy, you are bound to start making more money as a result.

The goal is to invest as much money as you can in an emergency fund or investment portfolio, so that you can attain a greater level of peace of mind. The more toys you buy, the less money you have invested and working for you. This in turn means that you are earning less interest than you could if you learned how to spend less and save more. Your personal finances and money are always at the center of building your wealth. If you like, you can view this as a game—a game that comes with serious consequences. Take the game of Monopoly, for example.

When you run out of money, the game is over. The same principle holds true in real life. Your challenge is to never run out of money! This can be hard to do if you are like me. I have invested a tremendous amount of time, money, and energy into building a business to create an income-producing asset. We have had our electricity, water, cable, home phone, business phone, and cell phones all turned off at one point or another. We almost had both of our automobiles repossessed.

We also had been within a month or two of losing our family home that we built back in We ultimately sold our home and used the equity to pay off all of our debts. Since then we have purchased another home that we like much better. It is located on a golf course with a partial view of the water. We now have more equity than ever before and really enjoy our new home. I am so thankful for my beautiful and supportive wife, Cheryl. Her salary as a prosecuting attorney kept our mortgage paid and put food on our table during these turbulent financial times.

She was the saving grace that kept our family together given our challenging circumstances. She is truly an amazing woman, a talented prosecutor, and a loving mother. These times were excruciatingly painful for my family and me. As a result of building this asset, I will never again find myself in the dire financial straits I have been in at times over the years.

Through this process I have become free, since our family is no longer dependent on corporate America to support our needs. Through this painful process of following my dreams, providing for my family, and trying to survive financially, I learned that nothing worthwhile in life comes without risk. I have learned that if you remain committed to your visions, take daily action in pursuit of your goals, nothing can stop you from achieving your destiny. My challenge now for you is to do the same: follow your passions and build yourself an income-producing asset that will pay you and your family for life!

The time is now and the best investment you can ever make is in yourself and your future. If you do this, you will build real wealth for your family. If you are not content with your current level of income and desire more money, then visit my web site: www. CreateYourOwn Destiny. I firmly believe both opportunities will help you achieve your destiny. PLAN You will become as small as your controlling desire; as great as your dominant aspiration. Creating Your Game Plan The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want.

But this next step is what, more often than not, stops people from being successful. Usually one of two things happens at this point: 1. Like a runaway horse, though, this short burst of energy usually looks much more impressive than the results produced. What is the answer? I believe it is to create a game plan or blueprint to follow to help you navigate along the path to success.

If you were starting out driving on a cross-country trip, would you begin without a map? Of course not. Nor should you begin moving toward your goals and destiny without a similar course of action in mind. Another way to think of this concept is this: many people who struggle with a sense of direction would not attempt a crosscountry trip without some type of map and compass to help them reach their ultimate destination. As we discuss destiny a derivative of destination and goals, it is important to utilize any tool or tools that can help get you where you want to go.

A compass a device for finding direction can symbolize your goals. For example, if you determine that you want to travel north, then you will need a compass goals to tell you in which direction to travel. Without a compass goals , you may want to travel north, but it will be extremely difficult to do so. Late U. President John F. Kennedy was the best example of someone setting a goal, taking ownership of a vision, and creating a game plan to accomplish this vision. In a speech before a joint session of Congress on May 25, , President Kennedy announced the ambitious goal for the United States to send the first man to the moon and safely return him home.

All of this was to be accomplished before the end of the s. This decision involved much consideration and an enormous amount of money and human effort to make project Apollo come to fruition in Shortly after the goal was announced, a tremendously ambitious game plan was created and executed over the course of eight years with the combined efforts of the federal government, NASA, and engineers and contractors from all over the United States.

Tragically, President Kennedy did not live to see the realization of his goal. He was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, The game plan that was put into place on May 25, , has forever changed the boundaries of what is possible in space exploration. If you were also to create a game plan in pursuit of your passion, and take action on a daily basis, what could you ultimately achieve? Finally, if you do all of the above and fully utilize the goal sheets we discussed in the last chapter, you will become unstoppable and achieve what your game plan has put in place.

I think. Studies have shown that many people spend more time planning their vacations than they do planning for their retirement. I think no game plan is complete without the following three ways to work smarter rather than harder: 1. Incorporate a high-quality calendar book. Develop habits that take control of your life. Specifically, a calendar book allows you to list what you need to do to accomplish your goals, and also break these tasks down into daily duties and responsibilities.

Only when you live day by day and accomplish small tasks will you create something monumental over the long term. It should be a comfortable size for you. This is something you will want to carry with you virtually everywhere you go. Avoid trendy products or those that are too big or bulky to be carried. Some, for example, can be more than two inches thick. I believe these are not convenient enough to be carried at all times. It should be large enough. You are going to want to include a great deal of information in your calendar book. Not only your daily appointments, of course, but also your long-term goals, your personal mission statement, and other destiny-related elements.

Again, find the size that works for you. I recommend a book approximately eight-by-ten-inches and less than one inch thick. I recommend the weekly calendar book from Letts of London. Most fine office supply stores carry these. Plan ahead. Make certain that you only have one calendar, then record everything in it. I also strongly suggest you not rely only on a computer calendar. Even laptops require charging and are not possible to use in some instances. This ties in closely with the first point.

Again, people who want to achieve large, far-reaching destinies have goals that support both their personal and professional lives. Use one calendar to keep these two areas tied closely together. Record your successes. Another good thing about a calendar book is that it can become a record of your accomplishments, a diary-like way for you to savor small triumphs. Recording and then later reviewing your successes is a sure way to increase your confidence. I have. I think these tools are incredible resources to help you better communicate while on the road and become even more organized.

These smart phones are a cell phone, a PDA personal digital assistant , a digital camera, wireless e-mail, devices for watching movies and listening to music, and Web access all in one unit that fits in the palm of your hand. They can also be used as platforms for reading e-books. Without question, the best smart phone on the market today is the Apple iPhone. This device can do all of the above and more.

Calendar books still have a place in your toolbox, because you can place photos of your family in your book, plus insert the goal sheets you created in the last chapter. This way, you will have these reminders with you wherever go. Always keep your smart phone and calendar book with you.

His book, Life Is Tremendous, introduced me to the concept of flexible planning. Without this knowledge, I know I would not be where I am today. To do flexible planning, I suggest the following:. For example, you may have ten main items written down for a particular day. All may look very time consuming, even overwhelming. But by prioritizing the items from most 1 to least 10 important, you can focus on a particular task.

You may not complete all ten items or whatever number you have that day. As a result of following this strategy, every day you will always make progress by getting the most important things done first. Here is a short example of what my daily planner looked like on this day:. You can develop your own system for checking off activities as they are completed. How many people can say that? Habits are the things we do over and over. The neat thing about habits is that studies have shown that if you work on doing something for 21 straight days, then it becomes a habit and you no longer need to work to do it.

As an example, on the following page is my Daily Habits of a World Champion sheet. Feel free to use these categories or develop your own. Executing your plan will be the difference between winning and losing. This requires world champion performers to provide leadership in all areas of life—by balancing family, faith, wealth, and health for the long term, while keeping a positive mental attitude that they desire their children to have when they grow up. You can also combine these goals onto one goal sheet as provided on my web site: www. This continual reinforcement of your goals will sharpen your vision and help you as you prioritize your tasks and deadlines.

Another way to utilize your goal sheets is to check off, or highlight with a yellow marker, the goals you have accomplished. Again, this positive reinforcement will show you that you can accomplish worthy goals and will give you the momentum and confidence to achieve other goals. Carrying them with you in your calendar book is an ideal way to help keep them handy.

With your goal sheets handy, even downtime can be turned into productive time. After all, French philosopher Michel de Montaigne said:. Let me leave you with a story about how I used a game plan for success. My wife and I ultimately bought some land on Bainbridge Island, then we built our first house. While it was quite an undertaking, we were able to create what we wanted from scratch. We lived in a beautiful custom-built 3,square-foot home. As you can imagine, it was a great place for my kids and I to play basketball whenever we wanted. The area was so long that, for years, my sons and I played catch with a baseball inside.

Growing up, we never had a basketball hoop in our driveway, so I was determined to provide one for my children. Did all this happen by chance? No, we had to plan, make decisions, and prioritize every step of the way. Our house and indoor basketball court was the result of many years of wellthought-out planning and execution. In a sense, I created a small indoor gymnasium for my children. We played in there virtually every night all winter long and shared a tremendous amount of fun and laughter.

The result of creating and following a game plan is simple: for the first time in your life, you will have a positive impact on the direction you want your life to go.

If you remain persistent in this process over a period of several years, you will realize that you—not uncontrollable circumstances— hold the key to creating your own destiny. I sincerely hope you experience it. Once you have grasped this concept and incorporated this mentality into your daily life, then nothing in the world can stop you from attaining what it is in your life that you want. Always remember that every winning game plan in life requires you to work smarter—not harder—while incorporating three separate but equally important elements: 1.

Flexible Planning flexibility 3. Habits execution. Conquering Adversity, Temptation, and Addiction My advantage is that I can endure more pain than anyone else in the world. Additionally, you will need to gain control over your temptations. But if you are a person who can beat adversity, temptation, and addiction, and you also stay true to your core values and beliefs, then nothing will stop you. Let me tell you about an experience that presented my family and me with a great deal of adversity—so much that we almost lost our lives.

On the evening of May 29, , at PM, my parents and one of my sisters were in their upstairs bedrooms sleeping. My brother Tim, my cousin Tom, and I were downstairs watching a movie in the family room when all of a sudden, we heard the loud roar of a truck going way too fast and screaming around the corner of our street. Then—with no warning—we felt the house shudder as the truck hit it at an incredible speed. I ran into the living room. Every window on the west side of the house was engulfed in bright orange flames. A neighbor across the street had witnessed the accident and called the fire department.

Our family stood outside and watched our house burn. The truck driver—who, it turned out later, was driving drunk—had slammed his truck directly into the side of our house at about 40 mph and had hit our gas meter dead on.