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All part of this plan. Then, later, as Theon Alfie Allen breathed his last and the Night King walked slowly toward Bran Isaac Hempstead Wright , who sat there so calm and so confident and so unperturbed, suddenly it hit me. I turned to my girlfriend and I said, "Arya's going to kill the Night King.

And just after I said it, we see the wind blow and the White Walkers turn as if a shadow has passed. The Night King reaches for his blade, but Bran doesn't mind. He's calm. He's ready. His trap is sprung. Then there she is.

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Azor Ahai, the princess that was promised, leaping through the dark. The Night King turns, grabs her by the throat, she drops the dagger—the dagger Littlefinger sent with an assassin to kill Bran Stark , lo these many years ago; the Valyrian steel dagger that he later told Catelyn Stark was Tyrion Lannister's, leading to her arresting the Imp, which in turn led to Jaime attacking Ned Stark in the streets of King's Landing; the dagger, in other words, that helped start this entire war, intended for the throat of young Bran, whose Direwolf saved him.

We've come full circle. Arya catches the dagger in her other hand and plunges it into the Night King. And just like Bran hoped, when he falls so does his army. Just when all seems lost, when the odds become impossible and the dead keep rising and rising and the night is blackest—the army of the dead falls. I will say this. I am not particularly good at predictions. But I did make a couple this week that I'm happy about. I said that the fan theory about the Night King heading to King's Landing instead of Winterfell was poppycock , and I was right. I said that the dead would rise up in the crypts and attack the living—not fight for them— and I was right.

And I said that our heroes would win and defeat the Night King in this episode before turning to face Cersei Lena Headey in the final three, and I was right. I did not, however, see Arya Stark as the perfect assassin who would, in the end, kill our epic fantasy villain. I love that I didn't see that coming until the moment before it happened and I'm still a little giddy that I saw it coming just in time and I'm overjoyed that both Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen were, in the end, sidelined in a way.

Their dragon-riding, fire-breathing antics did very little to stem the tide of the dead. Sure, they blasted some wights with their dragon flame, but most of the episode they were lured into one fruitless confrontation with the Night King after another. Both Jon and Dany's dragon were taken out of commission and—perhaps one of my only complaints about this episode—woefully underutilized in the actual battle.

They could have been much more helpful burning the ranks of the dead than playing chase with the Night King. Then again, so much wonderful drama occurred on the battlefield. So much that, to be quite honest, I will need to dip in for a second viewing to fully wrap my brain around everything that just transpired. Who died? I can't say for sure after just one viewing, but the biggest deaths were:. A bunch of people in the crypts, almost the Dothraki, so many brave fighters and survivors. Help me out here? You can tell my priorities, I suppose, from how I started this post off.

Not with a recap of events, but with the stunning finale, with the revelation of who exactly Arya is and what her purpose was all this time, and the purpose of those around her. Back and forth, back and forth. Weiss and Benioff ended up significantly editing it down, as a comparison between page and screen proves, and moving at least one significant scene into an earlier episode in order to fit everything important in. Here is a rundown of the major changes from page to screen, and what they reveal about Game of Thrones at a major inflection point.

Assisted by Meera and Jojen Reed, Bran connects to a mid-sized Weirwood tree and sees images both old and new—including a three-eyed raven in the Winterfell crypt, a snowy throne room; and a flash of the Night King, in his first appearance. Martin, on the other hand, wanted us to see this:. Images flash by, one after another; distant places and different times, familiar faces and faces of strangers.

Benjen and Lyanna as kids. Robb sits drenched in blood amidst the carnage of the Red Wedding, surrounded by the dead. At that point in the series, Weiss and Benioff were still firmly opposed to depicting flashbacks of any kind. At any rate, casting a young Benjen and Lyanna then would have precluded using those same child actors later, say, in Season 6.

A note for future reference. No such clash exists in either the show or the books thus far—so this is an especially juicy little nugget. Martin wrote this note while he was still working on the early stages of The Winds of Winter. As of the end of the previous book, A Dance with Dragons, Ramsay was still at or near Winterfell, preparing for battle with Stannis.

Remember that, show-watchers? Undoubtedly, because. At the time Martin wrote this script, though, substituting Sansa for Jeyne was not yet the plan. A match to help House Bolton hold the north. Arya Stark. Before he can react, however, Joffrey brings the blade down in a savage two-handed cut on the book that Tyrion had given him. A dagger of Valyrian steel. Mar 04, David V. Received as an ARC from the publisher.

Finished Another good story about the troupe of musicians and warriors traveling through 13th Century England, making the countryside safe.

This one starts in and ends with the signing of the Magna Carta. King John the Vile brings in shapeshifters to help him with his plot. Not a nice guy!!!! This is the 3rd book in the series and there's no lacking of adventure. Starting this book was like meeting up with old friends again.

Apr 26, Patricia rated it it was amazing. An amazing series!!

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Rich historical detail, wonderful main characters that I love and the secondary characters are always interesting, too and an exciting story. I'm hoping there will be more!!! Apr 11, Bob White rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical-horror-fantasy. I love the Something Red series and this is as good as the first two. More later Apr 07, Marilyn rated it it was amazing. Great writing and a story that moves from one action to the next BUT even better is the kind caring relationship between the four main characters.

I also love the language that Molly speaks as English. The word order conveys that she is speaking English as a foreigner. The words of all the characters are thoughtful and take time , are kind of poetic, a very dramatic counterpoint to the action.

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I need to read book 1 and two now! Also the action is never fixed just to fool the reader. A steady on st Great writing and a story that moves from one action to the next BUT even better is the kind caring relationship between the four main characters. A steady on story. Mar 22, Doctor Science rated it really liked it. I love this series for its writing not surprising from a poet and for the setting, which is almost historical-novel realistic. Mar 02, Renee rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy , adventure , favorites , historical-fiction , lyrical , epics.

One gets the distinct impression that Nicholas carefully constructed every sentence in this series. To date, this is hands down my favorite fantasy trilogy.

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Oct 11, Helen rated it it was amazing. It's a new book if you haven't read it! Being a column about previously published books. Perhaps recently reissued, perhaps just discovered, perhaps recommended, perhaps on sale as an ebook, or a library find. I discovered him several years ago and was lucky to read the first two, plus e-novella The Demon back to back. I eagerly awaited the third installment but life intervened. When I rolled into Rochester Sunday my first stop was the library because I had checked their website and this book was on the shelf! I would have purchased it, indeed I would like the series, but they are hard to find.

This author deserves a much wider audience. I am reminded of what a great library we have here. This time King John is coordinating an attack on his rebellious knights and barons with an African sorcerer and the Cousins, blacksmiths who can become savage hyenas. Seemingly impossible odds. The accurate historical detail and rich evocative prose make this a fascinating, spellbinding tale. Others have considered this a coming of age novel Hob's story while some say it is Harry Potter for adults.

I find each thread compelling and equally important. Each novel is a complete story but again I feel reading them in order is best for the developing characterization. I find it amazing to be so easily transported back to this time period. It is a brilliant, profound adventure fantasy. Even better the next in the series Three Queens in Erin is expected March My only worry is it will be the end of the series. Sep 23, Mary MacKintosh rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical-fiction. I picked the Throne of Darkness up this morning at the library, and just laid it down at p. This book does not disappoint, and it follows two gripping tales: Something Red and The Wicked.

I am sorry to be out of England and home in the modern small town in which I live. I have loved the character of Hob for his innocence and sense of wonder. In this third tale Hob is a young husband, but still with a fresh delight in the world and its beauty. England's King John is unstable and willing to join with truly evil powers to assure his power over his nobles. The Church sends an emissary to Molly to ask her to use her considerable powers of which the Church disapproves to bring an end to the evils of the sorcerers the king has brought from Africa.

If you read Nicholas' novels you will learn about life in the 13th century--food, travel, village life, weather--and people who live close to nature. It's hard to pull oneself back out of the book to reality. Feb 06, Jess freaks over books rated it really liked it. It takes me FOREVER to read his books, but I still keep coming back and wanting more, because his writing, his characters, the lace of awesome Celtic folklore through his novels, make me love his books, but the PACING, the over-the-top details, I basically put this book down every time a better one came along, but I still loved it enough that I knew, in time, I would finish it.

And of course, I have already marked in my calendar when his next book is coming out, because I will read that one too. I am very excited about Three Queens of Erin, however, and if he writes more beyond that, I will read those as well. Jul 24, Amy Carter rated it it was amazing. Enjoyed immensely. Took just a bit to get used to the writing style, but not much.

The author is a poet which I think reflects in his writing, but it isn't written as a poem, just had a poetic sense about it in the plot and somewhat in the flow of the writing, which was a good thing. I do wish I had realized that this was the third in a series. Didn't pay enough attention when I grabbed it on impulse from the Library's 14 day checkout, "new books", rack. I do plan to go back to the beginning tho Enjoyed immensely.

I do plan to go back to the beginning though and read the first two in order. That is once I complete the stack of books I just checked out from the library. Sep 23, Ramoths Own rated it it was amazing. I loved this book as much as I did the first two.

I adore this authors style of writing and the second I read the first sentence of any of his books I am instantly transformed into the world of his words. I am so happy that it isn't just a trilogy, but that each book is marked "a novel" which means that it is open ended.

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Each book can be a stand alone story and he gives enough background in each book without being annoying to the people that have read the other books. I will say this, I want to I loved this book as much as I did the first two. I will say this, I want to be part of Molly's little family, I want to travel in her wagons and have adventures and I can't wait for a new one. Feb 23, Ann rated it really liked it. I did not read the first two books in this series and didn't realize that it was a series until I saw it on Goodreads.

This is a fantasy set in Ireland. Someone or something is trying to dethrone Queen Maeve. The small band of warriors who help defend her kingdom are her friends and neighbors. This fantasy tale has something for everyone who enjoys this genre. Feb 28, Astrid rated it really liked it Shelves: series. One thing I noticed here, though, is the fact that there were really no obstacles thrown in Molly's way in eliminating the evildoers. But other than that, as a woman in her mid-fifties, Molly kicks ass! And I love the addition of the little dog.

Nov 05, April rated it liked it Shelves: sci-fi-fantasy , historical-fiction. Enjoyable tale of Irish queen Maeve and her little band of four fighting the evil British King John, who has succumbed to the arts of a dark sorcerer. Despite the standard nature of the fantasy, the characters are well drawn and interesting, and it was a fun read. Dec 04, Flexanimous rated it really liked it Shelves: This is the third in the series I've read, and they're all slow burners but quite gripping by the end. Aug 07, Suzanne rated it it was ok. I just couldn't get into this book.