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Just a lamp and a rub away from whatever you want Habibi, lemme show you the dream Habibi! Just whisper if you don't wanna shout out what you need But I promise you ain't never had a friend like me. To reiterate: Just a lamp and a rub away from whatever you want. A lamp and a I don't think I really need to dig into that one, though it is worth restating that this movie was made for children. Putting aside the sex thing for a second, this song is ostensibly about being an unprecedentedly good friend—but Will Smith sounds, uh, really angry for some reason?

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Why is he so mad? OK, back to the filthy undertones.


What else could that mean? There's one line that's very pure—"I'm the coolest, bluest one of 'em all! But then the weird part about "rubbing" comes back, and DJ Khaled starts whispering again, and he and Smith start shouting "you ain't NEVER had a friend" real loud, and— ahh!

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What is happening!? How does this exist, and why is it being foisted upon children?!?!?!

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These are questions I may never know the answers to, but I do know this: "Friend Like Me End Title " is just as deeply cursed as Smith's Genie itself , and I would really, really, really like them to both go back in the goddamn lamp. Sign up for our newsletter to get the best of VICE delivered to your inbox daily.

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Follow Drew Schwartz on Twitter. He suggests that individuals are more like populations of bargaining agents than like the hierarchical command structures envisaged by cognitive psychologists.

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The forces that create and constrain these populations help us understand so much that is puzzling in human action and interaction: from addictions and other self-defeating behaviors to the experience of willfulness, from pathological over-control and self-deception to subtler forms of behavior such as altruism, sadism, gambling, and the 'social construction' of belief. This book integrates approaches from experimental psychology, philosophy of mind, microeconomics, and decision science to present one of the most profound and expert accounts of human irrationality available.

It will be of great interest to philosophers and an important resource for professionals and students in psychology, economics and political science. Toon meer Toon minder.

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  5. Recensie s 'This book is definitely worth reading and food for thought. It raises and sheds light on difficult issues that should be of interest to anybody concerned with human behaviour Philosophy in Review.

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