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Goin' to run all night Goin' to run all day I bet my money on a bob-tailed nag Somebody bet on the gray I win my money On the bob-tail nag Doo-dah! I keep my money in an old tow-bag Oh!

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Most likely this song refers to a camp of American workers who built the American railway in the late 19th century a camp town. The hero of the song seems to enjoy himself and he seems to have picked the right horse to bet his money on. The town was founded in by Captain Job Camp, a Connecticut carpenter and hunter.

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In , he built a barn for himself, which is still standing. In , Foster moved to New York City. A year later, his wife and daughter left him to return to Pennsylvania.

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He began writing patriotic songs for the Civil War before passing away in In Pennsylvania there are six historical markers dedicated to Foster, two near his hometown in Allegheny County and four in Bradford County near Camptown. One reads, "Camptown Races Stephen Foster's title for the well-known song is said to have been taken from nearby Camptown.

Foster's residence at Towanda and Athens may have created the association.

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Another begins, "Stephen Foster's well-known song, Camptown Races, was probably inspired by the horse races run from this village to Wyalusing. Each fall for the past 44 years, visitors to Camptown can view the Camptown Races except the race is not five miles long, it is 6.

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Chorus Old muley cow come on to the track, Doo-dah! Take Medicine When You are Sick.

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