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One of the possible explanations of the better evaluation of the flavor may be related with milk fat: as the product is not homogenized, it is possible that fat influences its taste. Besides homogenization, milk industrial processing is also based on standardization of fat content and thermal processing, making processed milk sensorially different from raw milk.

Standardization of fat content is carried out to make milk fits in commercial categories: whole, semi-skimmed, or skimmed milk.

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For the latter two types, part of the fat is removed from the product. Therefore, industrial processing of milk leads to sensory changes in the raw material, justifying the preference observed in many households for uninspected raw milk. Although not statistically significant, the reason better price was the second motivation for uninspected raw milk consumption in the cities of Toledo Uninspected raw milk consumption was observed in all household income ranges, but it was statistically significant when household income ranged from one to four minimum wages.

As for the knowledge on possible pathogens transmitted by any type of milk, it was observed that most of the households did not have information on that issue: PIERI et al. This habit was also recorded in The proportion of households that consumed uninspected raw milk and did not know about a specific regulation that prohibits the trade of raw milk directly to the consumers was: LIRO et al. Models of the federal and state inspection services logos were presented to the interviewees, and Not all households that consumed uninspected raw milk agreed to exchange the product with the researcher for laboratory analysis.

They said they were not interested or were concerned with causing problems to the producer. Therefore, from the households that consumed informal raw milk, only 46 agreed to provide samples for the laboratory analysis, and Although illegal, raw milk was marketed directly to consumers in this study, and therefore the standards regulatory for trade BRASIL, were applied for comparison with assay results.

All samples showed lack of compliance with at least one parameter: From the samples that did not comply with NFDM, In the analysis of the FP, It was observed that Mean mesophilic count recorded in the present study was 5. The high number of microorganisms associated with inadequate preservation of milk enable microbial growth, which is followed by the acidification of the product. Following the update of the national regulations for raw milk BRASIL, , if this study were conducted in , Coagulase-positive Staphylococcus involves species such as S. In the present study, 6.

Although Salmonella spp. It should be clear that RT is a screening test that does not show the prevalence of B. In this study, it was observed that only one sample 2. This commercial test shows high sensitivity but low specificity as it does not identify the nature of the residue antimicrobial or antiparasitic agent, disinfectants, detergent. However, it points out to chemical hazards in milk. This sample showed high mesophilic 5. Thermotolerant coliforms and coagulase-positive Staphylococcus were not observed, as their growth may have been prevented by the inhibitor.

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However, all analyzed physical-chemical parameters were inside the range determined by official regulations BRASIL, Because of that, the presence of antimicrobial residues in the sample may have been due to the treatment of cows for mastitis, given the high SCC and high microbial loads, which may be related do inadequate milk hygiene management.

Comparing the adoption of region and time criteria established by Normative Instruction No. But the roots of our work reach even further back. GSA was already the administrative home of a nationwide network of 26 Federal Information Centers which people could visit in person.

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These centers, generally located in the lobbies of federal buildings, answered government questions from the public. The centers were first established in , were formalized in , and were merged with our office in They gradually moved from providing in-person service locally to answering questions by telephone nationally—a bilingual service which still exists today as the USAGov Contact Center at USA-GOV1 and via chat and email.

Another primary vehicle to connect the public and government was the Consumer Information Catalog. It listed more than popular publications from across the federal government on diverse topics that are still relevant today: saving for college and retirement, avoiding fraud, staying healthy, and learning about federal laws and regulations that affect daily lives.

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The Catalog was crucial: imagine getting quality government information on those topics in the pre-Internet age! We published the first edition of the Catalog in , and the final edition in In 45 years, we filled more than 76 million orders and distributed more than 1. The Catalog was our first foray into the online world: in , we created an electronic bulletin board system to allow anyone with a modem to dial up and download the publications listed in the Catalog.

We launched our first website in , also based on the Catalog : Pueblo. It was one of the first consumer information websites and received more than one million visits during its first year. Both publications empower people to resolve their own consumer complaints. Clinton called for us to use it to create and launch an official U.

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Additional professions and vocations were brought under State authority in the next 30 years. By the late s, the Department of Vocational and Professional Standards was responsible for licensing or certifying accountants, barbers, cosmetologists, dentists, embalmers, optometrists, pharmacists, physicians, and veterinarians. The Consumer Affairs Act was passed in , giving the Department its current name. These professionals provide a wide range of support services including human resources, information technology, investigations, professional examinations, training, strategic planning, budgeting, and more.

The Office of Administrative Services provides accounting, business, personnel, and budget services. Business Services ensures that DCA entities promote sound business decisions and practices in contracting and purchasing goods and services. Human Resources provides human resources support for DCA employees. Fiscal Operations provides budget, accounting, and central cashiering services. Infrastructure Services maintains the desktop and network services, and phone services.

Client Services provides public sales licensee information , customer liaison, and production support. It includes the Family Support Unit, which maintains systems that involve processing limited license hold issues related to child support systems, and the Service Desk. Enterprise Project Services provides project management assistance, control agency liaison services, oversees the OIS change management and release process, manages the BreEZe project that will replace the DCA legacy systems, and is implementing IT Governance. The Complaint Resolution Program helps resolve complaints that consumers have filed after experiencing difficulty or disappointment in the California marketplace.

Through its Call Center and Correspondence Unit, CIC provides consumers and licensees with user-friendly information and identifies for them the government agency or community organization that can best address their needs. Correspondence Unit staff respond to e-mails and letters sent to the Department. The EEO Office also promotes affirmative action for people with disabilities and works to prevent and eliminate discriminatory practices through policy implementation, training, education, and outreach.

It is the only entity within DCA that employs investigators who are designated peace officers. DOI staff work to provide timely, objective, and cost-effective investigations regarding allegations of misconduct by licensees of client agencies, and to developing information for filing criminal, administrative, and civil actions on behalf of these agencies.

DOI field investigations frequently involve allegations of the illegal use and theft of drugs, sexual misconduct, quality-of-care issues, and unlicensed activity.