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So what makes it work? Characters, and Mr.

Parker's writing style. The story is billed as centering around one Sgt. Oskar Andreas Wulfe, although honestly, the entire cast list gets their fair share of screen time. This is all for the best. Wulfe is a great character. One Amazon reviewer compared him to Sgt.

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Nick Fury in the Howlin' Commandoes days, and it's true. This book reads like an awesome WWII pulp novel. Wulfe is real, a hard-nosed, gritty grunt, who knows enough to question the logic of the Imperium and keep it to himself, and who genuinely cares about his tank crew and the unit in general. He worries for his men to the point of overprotection, which is what managers in hostile environments have to do. He also has the frustration of dealing with an upstart newcomer to the unit. Unfortunately, this royal bastard, Cpl. Lenck, can back up his trash-talk on the battlefield.

You just know a sweet showdown with these two is coming. Other characters include Lt. Van Droi, who leads his men from the front, and tries to balance his caring for them with his mandated adherence to beaurecratical B. But don't get him wrong; his resume includes plenty of decisive victories and he still is more than happy to participate in the firefights.

Also along for the ride are some representatives from the Adeptus Mechanicus, who have their own agenda on Golgotha; and it's no major spoiler to say that it doesn't involve a pimped-out tank. Parker's writing style is superb; world building is descriptive without being encyclopediac.

The planet Golgotha is sinister, the atmosphere itself is sickening the men, poisoning their lungs, reddening their skin and eyes. Parasites threaten to infect at all turns. As for the characters, the banter between men has an authentic vibe, and the depiction of orks is on point.

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These Golgothan orks have been conditioned by their environment, they are bigger, leaner, stronger, their skin a leathery brown. Smarter too, in that they actually try to utilize basic concepts of human warfare strategies. Plenty of times in the action scenes you could feel their presence, smell them closing in, feel their hot steaming breath as they get ready to bash you to bits. The Adeptus Mechanicus are written well too; creepy, haughty, calculating, cold. Are there any criticisms?

Very few. Sometimes that battlefield deathtoll becomes hard to envision. You'll be told ten thousand men are squaring off with 2 million orks, then you are reading about "scores" of Guardsmen being blown away and "piles" of dead orks. It makes it hard to keep score of how many Guardsmen are left at any given time, and if millions of orks are dying, are the tanks really riding over small hills of ork corpses? Other than that, the book is solid. Everyone has their merits, their faults, their time to shine and their time to die. Oh yes, the death toll is appropriately high for the mission involved.

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Subject: Stonneds Guard 'The Gunheads'. Hererford, leo. Started on one of the annihilators, along with striping down the other squad of vets to re-paint. Base layers done. Wash layer done. Madison, WI. Gitz - Yeasss, and here is some more progress. Rzhev, Kronstaat IV. I've got two Leman Russ in the post, how do you do camo stripes?

Is it tape? I love the russ, will look to see what you do with them. Surrey, BC - Canada. Cheers, CB. Please Check out my Painting Logs - More than individual photos of completed models shown. Camo highlights done, could be a bit smoother but i'm going for speed over quality with this one. I did find that doing confident quick strokes worked better than feathering the lines in though.

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Automatically Appended Next Post: Metallics done. Another late night update, had this finished this afternoon but then I started messing around with osl. Needless to say as a 1st attempt thing have not gone so well, so I left it to come back too. Looks ok from the side and i think the turret looks okay, but the front of the tank i think is ott. It will need re-painting. Just been remodelling a few bits on the veterans, making sure they all have double shoulder pads and windbreakers.

Made the sgt from a ebay rescue model, looks a bit different from the normal one you constantly see. Then I added a few bit to the back of the annihilator I did a while ago to give it a bit more realism while I glued a track secion back on that had fallen off. Not where I should be. I think the biggest problem is that it's way too harsh and I think that if you toned it down around the edges and lightened it up in the middle it would work. Every day my army comes a little closer to being whole.

THE EMPEROR'S WRATH - Boltgun Weapons - WARHAMMER 40,000 [LoreGear]

Although Iv'e basically just gotten rid off the glow on the hull. But it will be usefull for next time. Here is what it looks like currently. And started painting the veteran squad, although I would like to get some more paint before I continue. Ineed a brown wash and Iv'e switched colours because the old ones ran out but after painting the tank I noticed that they are different enough to notice.

I do like the new colours though so might carry on as they are close enough to be in the same army. London, UK. I really like the colour scheme of your army, the camo looks great! The vets look really cool too and I'm sure the wash will tone them down to match the rest of your army. I agree with the above about the toned down OSL , it does look better, although maybe a slight touch of light would hit the stubber mount as well, but that's only nitpicking. Instagram, follow if you dare! I also like the new OSL but still say go big or go home.

Also, sorry if I missed this but are those SM Scout shotgun arms? How do they fit the Cadian torsos? I shall try and do a comparison shot of the two take on the scheme if i can. Yeah i think your right it needs a little more on the Osl. Excommunicatus - Hahaha yeah it is rather. I think i'll add a bit more more osl but I anymore and i would have to change the whole look of the model, but I do see where your coming from. Yes tey are, one of the 1st things I did all those years ago. If I remember they fit okay but i mate the mistake of making them with the cheepo easy to make guardsmen so i think they could come out better with the normal dudes.

Finally carved out some modelling time should have been doing course work but hey ho and got to use some shade paint which is what games workshop calls a wash, and I have to say I love it haha. Bath uk. So what's the deal, you getting a bunch of different regiments togther or have you just changed your mind on a scheme? I do like what's going on though, looks good! Forever in our hearts. I just got slightly different pains by accident when the old ones ran out, think i switched from velo to game colour or something. As for the necromundians I really just wanted to see how well i could paint if i put my mind to it.

Might do a few more schemes just for fun in the future. After doing course work I managed to dredge up some more of the red-brown and got some more painting done on the vetts and the last of the built tanks. So not a miniature update but a gaming update for sure. Just got myself 4x4 foot of flat gaming surface in the form of two fold out tables. I'm sure most hard core games have some of these already but I've never had dedicated playing spaces so its nice too have. My plan is just to spray paint them a sandy colour and put the terrain pieces straight on them, no matt for now.