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This book will be a landmark study of Korean online gaming, serving as the touchstone for future studies on this topic.

At the same time, it offers a useful methodological template for analyzing online game industries and cultures beyond the Korean example. Search Search.

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Overview Author s Praise. Summary The rapid growth of the Korean online game industry, viewed in social, cultural, and economic contexts. Share Share Share email.

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Reviews Both developers and marketers will find this discussion enlightening. Brad Reid Computing Reviews.

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Endorsements The Korean game industry has spearheaded the global online gaming phenomenon—it is one of the fastest growing creative industries worldwide. Korea has the largest percentage of broad-band subscribers of any country in the world, and Koreans spend Increasing amounts of time and money on internet-based games. Online gaming has become a mode of socializinga channel for human relationships.

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The Korean online gaming industry has been a pioneer in software development and eSports electronic sports and leagues. Jin discusses the policies of the Korean government that encouraged the development of online gaming both as a cutting-edge business and as a cultural touchstone, the impact of economic globalization, the relationship between online gaming and Korean society, and the future of the Industry. He examines the rise of Korean online gaming in the global marketplace, the emergence of eSports as a youth-culture phenomenon, the working conditions of professional gamers, the role of game fans as consumers, how Korea's local online-gaming Industry has become global, and whether these emerging firms have challenged the West's dominance in global markets.