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See further notes 43 and The first enemy is weakened, but continues to pose a grave threat. The second enemy is gathering, and will menace Americans and American interests long after Osama bin Laden and his cohorts are killed or captured. Thus our strategy must match our means to two ends: dismantling the al Qaeda network and prevailing in the longer term over the ideology that gives rise to Islamist terrorism. Nevertheless, a similar assertion was reportedly made by former U.

See further Jeffrey M. Davis and Kim Cragin, Eds. Demographically, their most important characteristic is normalcy within their environment. Terrorist leaders actually tend to come from relatively privileged backgrounds. Nevertheless, all too often, many analysts, officials, and advocacy groups are still prone to insist, for varying reasons, that the actions of violent, ideologically-motivated extremists are really attributable either to poverty or to mental illnesses of some type rather than to their stated beliefs and motives.

Unfortunately, such errors or legal stratagems, even when contemptuously repudiated by the defendants themselves, have repeatedly led to the acquittal of the perpetrators on the most serious charges. Concerning the former, cf. Most of them…have felt obliged, in writing or speaking about Islam, the Muslim world, or the Arabs, to adopt an attitude in which an excess of reverence, deliberate omissions, or worse, distortion or servility, have damaged truth, scholarship, and most seriously mutual understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims.

Bosworth Oxford: Oxford University, , p. Understanding has given way to apologetics pure and simple. They have pursued social ends, [the] betterment of the political order in Egypt , etc. Note also that pornography is often found on the computers of Islamists and jihadists, including Usama b. Ladin himself. See, e. Tamerlan was also a fan of conspiracy websites like InfoWars and, of course, jihadist websites. He believed that the Koran was the one true word and he loved it.

But cf. Paul, MN: Paragon House, N[orman] A. Bearman et al Leiden: E. Brill, , volume 11, pp. Bostom, Ed.

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The ideas animating the rally were that Muslims are being unfairly scapegoated, targeted, and persecuted by the U. Such attacks in fact rarely materialize, except for some reprehensible but relatively minor incidents of opportunistic thuggery and destructive vandalism. What about Islamism? Shariah4UK now also has branches in other European countries. The Kenyan authorities then arrested and deported him to Britain, where he changed his name to Adebolajo.

Here the emblematic example is the case of a Department of Homeland Security intelligence analysis produced by Daryl Johnson, wherein he warned that the economic downturn, the election of Obama, concerns about gun control, and changing demographics in the U. In short, he was simply stating that which is patently obvious and easily documentable.

Sadly, DHS rapidly caved in to this malicious campaign, and refused to defend Johnson and support his analysis. This incident has apparently made U. The obvious question is why U. Moreover, social anthropology professor Th. It hands out rewards to those who personify the desired differences, while taking away cultural recognition and even political rights from those who do not. For different manifestations of collaboration between elements of Western radical left or right milieus and Islamists, cf.

Alexandre del Valle, Verdi, rossi, neri. C [as well as, it must be added, in Ottawa and most European capitals]…extends to a denial of the essential qualities of our determined enemies….

In the long run, al-Qaeda will be defeated by Muslims, not foreigners. But the West can still help

The problem is religion. Our Islamist enemies are inspired by it, while we are terrified even to talk about it. We are in the unique position of denying that our enemies know what they themselves are up to. We contort ourselves to insist that their religious rhetoric is all a sham, that they are merely cynics exploiting the superstitions of the masses.

Setting aside the point that a devout believer can behave cynically in his mundane actions, our phony, one-dimensional analysis of al-Qaeda and its ilk has precious little to do with the nature of our enemies — which we are desperate to deny — and everything to do with us…. Thus we insist, for our own comfort, that our enemies do not really mean what they profess, that they are as devoid of a transcendental sense of the universe as we are. Instead, they were reduced to expressions of some psychological trauma connected to inequitable social and economic conditions.

Jeffrey M. Halverson, H. Goodall, Jr. Corman, Master Narratives of Islamist Extremism New York: Palgrave Macmillan, , for the recurring themes emphasized in Islamist ideological statements, treatises, and websites. And if you look at Middle East studies, you will not find a single person on the faculties in the Middle East studies departments that work on terrorism. Some of them dabble in it, but nobody specializes in it.

On the contrary, they would be sounding the alarm and vigorously opposing every single initiative promoted by the Christian and Jewish religious right — and justifiably so. To what extent is this pejorative term really applicable? Third, certain regressive and intolerant aspects of Islam itself, not just Islamism, present real and ongoing problems for the West, and are therefore both matters of legitimate concern and deserving of criticism. Why, after all, is it OK for non-Westerners to want to preserve their cultures, but not OK for Westerners to want to preserve theirs?

In both cases, it is the factual information presented on those websites, not their agenda-driven interpretations of that information, which generally proves to be most useful for research purposes. I should also hasten to add that, apart from their concerns about problematic aspects of Islam, their opposition to radical Islam, and their alarm about ongoing Islamist subversion of Western law enforcement and counterterrorism efforts, I rarely share the views promoted on those conservative or rightist websites about other social and political matters [e. Sadly, one reason why it has become increasingly necessary to make use of right-leaning sources about Islamism is that so many liberals and leftists have completely abdicated their own politico-moral responsibility to monitor the Islamic radical right, either due to egregious ignorance about the nature of Islamism or because of their narrow pursuit of partisan ideological agendas.

Note, e. Schmid Ed. Alain Finkielkraut, The Defeat of the Mind New York: Columbia University, , parts although I do not support his own condescending display of cultural conservatism and elitism in part 4. As several critics of multiculturalism have rightly noted, this amounts to a kind of paternalistic de facto racism insofar as it treats non-Westerners like virtual children without moral agency, who cannot therefore be expected to adhere to the same impossibly high moral and behavioral standards that are insistently demanded of Westerners.

Such a reprehensible double standard directly conflicts with the authentically liberal view that every individual and human group should be judged according to the same standards of morality and legality with respect to their behaviour. That is the equivalent of arguing, equally absurdly, that there is no difference between Christianity in general and literalist, extremist, and theocratic interpretations of Christianity, e. However, it also consists of less radical but nonetheless very conservative or rightist individuals e.

Lebl , classical liberals e. I should also admit, for the record, that I myself — as a radical individualist, an unabashed secularist, a member of the anti-PC and anti-totalitarian left, and a countercultural rebel — straddle two of the above categories [the third and the fourth], and that I voted for Obama in both and , which means that my criticisms of his policies with respect to Islamism herein are by no means motivated by partisan animus.

For a detailed analysis of this doctrine, which was generally interpreted historically to mean that the Muslim state had the primary responsibility for enforcing hisba within the umma , see Michael Cook, Commanding Right and Forbidding Wrong in Islamic Thought Cambridge, UK, and New York: Cambridge University, Meijer London: Hurst, , pp.

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Be that as it may, many of these Brotherhood-linked groups are still operating openly and largely unimpeded in America today. Similar networks of such organisations exist throughout Europe, where their apparent goals are likewise to undermine, destroy, and eventually supplant Western civilization.

Radical Islam: The Most Dangerous Ideology

IGD Hamburg: Diplomica, , esp. The best history of the Brotherhood remains that of Richard P. Perhaps predictably, most newer academic works on the organization and its founder have tended to be overly apologetic. Al-Qaradawi himself has long been one of the most influential Sunni religious scholars, and he currently has the most popular talk show on the al-Jazira television network. Note further that, according to John L. It arises from years of inculcation in the [government] agencies, and more generally in the culture that we all operate within.

Although the two last-named sources have a rightist political agenda and a rather alarmist tone, and their analyses are at times overly simplistic or distorted and therefore cannot be accepted uncritically, the basic information provided in all four of these sources about Islamist organizations and individuals that have acted to undermine American counterterrorism policies is accurate and well-documented, both during the Bush and Obama administrations.

Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, et al. For an overview of this problem in the context of the Department of Defense, see David J. These groups then urged Brennan p. Army officers, and all federal, state, and local law enforcement who have been subjected to biased training….

For more on MPAC, e. Moreover, only a few of the illustrative examples that were cited in the letter actually supported their histrionic claims of bias. One might therefore assume that the government would have been strongly resistant to such blatant attempts by Islamist advocacy groups with vested, if not subversive, interests to interfere with its counterterrorist training.

Unfortunately, the United States as well as Canada and various European countries has now adopted the very same misguided approach within the Muslim world itself — partnering with supposedly moderate Islamists to help resist violent Islamists — by collaborating with the Islamist government in Turkey and the pro-Islamist regime in Qatar through the newly-established Global Fund for Community Engagement and Resilience. These documents, which were released in two batches, can be accessed in groupings by clicking on their URLs at the bottom of that page.

The basic premise of this strategy is that Muslim community organizations should not be viewed as a source of radicalization problems, but rather only as a solution to the problems of Islamist radicalisation. This ignores the documented reality that influential segments of the Muslim community — in particular Islamist front groups, mostly established by Muslim Brotherhood operatives and, in a number of cases, funded by Saudi Arabian or other Gulf State donors — are in fact a major source of the Muslim radicalisation problem.

The impact of their suggestions can be clearly seen in later government policy documents, e. Many mainstream Muslim organizations have terrorist ties [, and] b. Mainstream Muslim organizations are fronts for Islamic political organizations whose true desire is to establish Sharia law in America. Muslim Americans are using democratic processes, like litigation and free speech, to subvert democracy and install Sharia law.

Sayyid Qutb

From where, one might ask, did DHS borrow this dangerously biased and wrong-headed approach? These claims are verifiably false. Therefore ibid.

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Unfortunately, it seems as though the Obama administration, in support of its laudable in principle but misdirected in practice efforts to reorient and improve U. Brill, [] , vol. Joseph I. Lieberman, Chairman, and Sen. Susan M. See William H. Moreover, the report immediately took pains to emphasise ibid, p. Indeed, it is hard to imagine that such a sappy and unnecessary disclaimer would have been included in official U. Note further that since his arrest, especially in various verbal and handwritten statements proffered on the eve of his trial in which he opted to defend himself , Hasan has repeatedly highlighted his jihadist ideological worldview and motivations, and has explicitly explained and justified his attack on that very basis, thereby demonstrating the falsity of the ludicrous non-ideological interpretation of his actions being officially promoted by the U.

See Chelsea J. Their sound advice was obviously ignored. This attack was only averted due to the alertness of a local gun shop owner. This is all the more extraordinary given that the two Islamic Society of Boston centers in Cambridge and Boston have documented links to Islamist extremists including some of its founders, imam s, and presidents , and that certain worshippers there had previously been prosecuted for their involvement in terrorist plots. Alas, this blindness is hardly a new problem at the FBI.

As Sperry notes Infiltration , p. Gaubatz and Sperry, Muslim Mafia , pp. There are conflicting reports about whether Brendan Mess, one of the three Waltham victims the one who had been a very close acquaintance of Tamerlan , was in fact Jewish. His brother Dzhokar also posted ibid, pp. Account Options Connexion. Version papier du livre. Abigail R. The book takes the reader across Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia, and the Middle East to examine most Islamist terrorist and radical groups. Moreover, Alaolmolki Hiram College provides sufficient historical background and discussion of contemporary developments to enable readers to understand current militant tendencies in the Muslim world Upper-division under-graduates and above.

The treatment ranges from early origins to Islam's conflict with modernity. The contributors make a valuable contribution to scholarship about this subject, andrefreshinglythey do so without succumbing to the cliches and intellectual pitfalls that accompany much of contemporary writing about the subject. Jandora "This work is more than a book for the times. An exceptional author.

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John Jandora provides his readers the insights of both of both scholarly interest and practical experience with the challenge of modernity in the Islamic world. John M. Following the attacks of September 11, , America and its allies pledged to spread democracy throughout the Muslim world, and to secure its place and future in the West.