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That was when the creatures swore revenge on the Destroyer - Ellen Ripley. About the Author James A. Moore is an American horror novelist and short story writer. Help Centre. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Write a review. Add to Wishlist. In Stock. Unable to Load Delivery Dates. Enter an Australian post code for delivery estimate. Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. Description Customer Reviews 1 Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Stranger Things : Suspicious Minds.

The Warning. Thrawn : Treason Star Wars. To Be Taught, If Fortunate. The Memory Police. Gears of War : Ascendance Gears of War. Brave New World Vintage Classics. Lovecraft The Complete Fiction. Galaxy's Edge : Black Spire. If you are not then I've got nothing for you. But you probably don't even exist either, so it's okay. Everyone needs a bit of terrifying killing machines lurking in the shadows in their lives. My heart beat so fast I lost weight. Listening with the full cast was, once again, an awesome experience.

I just love Audible and the things they pull off. Directory did a marvelous job and I'll keep splashing my cash for their books for as long as they'll keep making them. I'm not a weapons kind of guy Let's go find some weapons.

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What did you do? View all 10 comments. Now as a book i'm not sure this would have worked for me, even though it had more plot than I was expecting and linked really well to other offerings in the universe. It's pretty basic and has some questionable dialogue. But as a dramatised audio, it was just right- any cheesy bits add rather than detract from the experience.

From the motion sensors to hissing aliens and automatic gun fire, it dings all the audio bells so loved in the films and sets your mind's eye alight. Extra points for the s Now as a book i'm not sure this would have worked for me, even though it had more plot than I was expecting and linked really well to other offerings in the universe. Extra points for the sound used for the facehugger application process, which is enough to make you lose you lunch, and never failed to make me gag, shudder, and lean back in my seat to get away from what, for me thankfully, was a non-existent threat.

The characters were shit out of luck though. To be fair, all i'm looking for in this type of listen is lots of people getting killed by lots of aliens so I was pleased it delivered this and a whole load more. The absolute best part is always the anticipation, that feeling of knowing so much more than the people on the ground.

So you get situations where a team investigating the old mines of LV go quiet and their coms aren't working because of the Trimanite interference, but their heart rate monitors show a big spike 10 hours ago followed by what looks like them sleeping and everyone's totally fine about it The two main characters are excellent too. Alan Decker, a descendent of Ripley who seems to have some kind of empathetic connection to both humans and aliens, sounds like Bryan Cranston so I pictured him as an early Walter White throughout. Wayland-Yutani Corp Acquisitions manager, Andrea Rollins, was a cast iron callous bitch, with an attitude like Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada and a serious disregard for human life, always pushing the requirement to capture a live specimen.

Even if she might not be as human as I hoped. All in all, heaps of fun with blood and bodies everywhere, recommended. View 2 comments. Though this is the second in a new trilogy of novels set in the Aliens universe, Sea of Sorrows only ties in with Tim Lebbon's opening novel Alien: Out of the Shadows insofar as it has a common setting.

But the action takes place about years after the events of that novel, ensuring there are no repeat characters to follow along for the ride. Instead, we get Decker, who, as the blurb reveals, is a descendent of Ellen Ripley. This means that the Aliens harbour a particularly impressive grudge Though this is the second in a new trilogy of novels set in the Aliens universe, Sea of Sorrows only ties in with Tim Lebbon's opening novel Alien: Out of the Shadows insofar as it has a common setting.

This means that the Aliens harbour a particularly impressive grudge against him as they somehow know he is a descendent of Ripley - the human they identify as The Destroyer - and feel an all compelling desire to rend him limb from limb So, yeah. This book is basically the futuristic version of Jaws: The Revenge.

If you can manage to make your mind suspend its disbelief past this point, the rest of the novel is pretty darn good. The writing is decent, the set up is good, and the action set pieces are more varied than that of the previous novel.

Alien - Sea of Sorrows (Book 2)

All the Aliens tropes are also in place: Ill-advised effort to capture the aliens by Weland-Yutani? Reluctant guide who knows more than the fighting types he's going to accompany into the lair? Check and check there are two. Mayhem and slaughter with an increasingly small cast trying to get out of said lair alive? It's like Moore took the film Aliens and wrapped it in a slightly varied outer shell of goodness, so if you liked that, you're not going to go far wrong with this.

My issues are small but significant with the primary among them being the cast is simply too large. Only a few of the mercenaries that accompany Decker down the mine shaft are detailed enough to be discernible; some have a single character trait that is meant to define them eg. Silent Dave ; others get introduced and a character point is emphasised only to go nowhere eg. Piotrowicz and his recording of everything for money. Then there is the ending, which though it wraps up the events on New Galveston in an acceptable way, leaves several plot threads hanging. Given the next book goes back to provide more detail the aliens on LV, I was hoping for something a bit more final here.

I can't even hope the survivors of Sea of Sorrows might tie into events of Alien: Resurrection since the dates between this book and that film don't match up the book taking place about a hundred years after the film. Hence, some frustration on my behalf The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that Goodreads needs an option somewhere between liking a book and really liking it.

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Recommended to anyone who is also a fan of the Aliens universe. This book was a lot better than the disappointing Alien: River of Pain. The story takes place years in the future and pretty much nothing has changed. Facehuggers impregnating victims can only be an exciting revelation so many times. I recommend listening to the full-cast audio production instead of reading the novel. The cast delivers a great performance, especially Stockard Channing as Andrea Rollins. I never t This book was a lot better than the disappointing Alien: River of Pain.

I never thought I could enjoy a cruel and cold-hearted character that much. Mar 30, William M. James A. Moore, best known for his horror novels Blood Red, Deeper, and the Serenity Falls trilogy, tries his hand at writing his share into Alien cannon. Unfortunately, after reading Tim Lebbon's excellent book one in this new trilogy, Alien: Out Of The Shadows, this entry was a substantial letdown and really doesn't add anything we have not already known about the Weyland-Yutani Corporation and very little more about the Alien mythos.

We do learn, however, that the Aliens have a more advanced James A. We do learn, however, that the Aliens have a more advanced communication system among them than previously thought along with confirmation of their organic technology regarding space flight. But these few minor details are few and far between in a novel with very little story or plot. With the exception of our main character, Decker, the characters are bland with very little depth. Even the atmosphere Lebbon beautifully set up in the first book is mostly wiped away. This one has no twists, no surprises, and virtually no energy.

In fact, although this is nearly years in the future, without the high-tech weapons, this could have taken place during the Civil War. Other than terraforming the planet of LV, the book was shockingly void of any futuristic or science fiction concepts. The story is a basic dungeon crawl in mining tunnels where paid mercs escort an empath to retrieve a live specimen for Weyland-Yutani.

They battle here and there and as each one dies in various generic ways, the human numbers dwindle down to the characters we suspected would survive in the first few chapters anyway. Uninspired and not very creative, this book seems like the author just went through the motions in this project for hire and I know from reading a lot of Moore's other books, he can do much better. This one is for diehard Alien fans only. I just wish Tim Lebbon was hired to write all three books himself.

View 1 comment. The Dirk Maggs production was, in my opinion, a significant improvement over the prose novel.

Paperback Editions

As with the prior two Alien Audible Originals, Sea of Sorrows is performed by a full cast of actors, including Stockard Channing, complemented by sound effects and musical score. And like the prior two entries, it sounds freaking incredible and makes for an intense listen that will make you feel like your surrounded by Xenomorphs, worried that a facehugger might try to leap out of your speakers. Story-wise, I appreciated the changes and shift of focus that this audio drama brought to the table. Much of the original prose novel was centered around the empathic Decker, and it would surely be difficult to sustain an audio drama built around stuff that occurs so much inside one guy's head.

Maggs has slightly shifted the focus a bit more toward the mercenaries that have abducted and pressed Decker into service on behalf of Weyland-Yutani. While I had complained a bit in my original review that Sea of Sorrows was rather derivative of the Aliens film, I found it easier to digest during this second go-round. I'll chalk that up being more familiar with the story beats and the movie-like minus the visuals presentation Audible has afforded it.

Although it's been a couple months since I read Moore's book, I feel like Maggs made some pretty big changes in the story itself, trimming a lot of fat, shifting scenes around slightly and giving us a stronger ending than what had been written originally, in addition to tying this story a bit more fully into the narrative begun in Alien: Out of the Shadows. Maggs also wastes no time getting us right into the action, starting immediately with Decker's abduction, which occurred in the prose work after an extended introduction to Decker, his abilities, and his history with Weyland-Yutani and LV Maggs and his cast put the pedal to the metal early and often, giving us another strong entry in Audible's adaptations of these Titan books.

Forced into the mission is Decker, a very distant relative to Ellen Ripley who the aliens can sense and hate and want to kill. Unfortunately this plot conceit feels a bit superfluous to the whole thing, with the book trying to retread the familiar action of movie-sequel ALIENS. Oct 15, Michael Bates rated it liked it Shelves: i-own-a-copy. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

To start, I love aliens. I love when a big team goes in to retrieve something and most die. Simple but I love it, Nothing to surprising however in this book I thought they could have done a little bit more, a little different from the rest of the aliens books.

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Plot and Characters-3 Stars. Here is the problem I have, the main character, Decker, is a empath. Thats a pretty cool idea when it comes to aliens, with their hatred you would have a early detection warning basically. With that ability, I wou To start, I love aliens. With that ability, I would have gone and made Decker into the best Alien hunter since Predator. He could have been pretty bad since he could shoot in their direction since they have very different moods from humans, however he is instead very scared.

Understandable when your talking about Aliens. However, be different from the rest of the movie and books. Finally make a badass to go against the Aliens, heck even make him a Honorary Predator, just make him not so scared. So Decker aside, I think the supporting characters were good, you had your typical mix of macho, rude, nice, smart, big, small etc.

Rollins, the female antagonist, is one of the best characters in the book. She is a great bad guy, willing to sacrifice lives, doesn't care about the rest of the group in the least, and to put it bluntly, she's a bitch. Aliens-4 stars. In typical fashion, the Aliens kicked ass and again looked unstoppable unless a warhead is used. The difference this time is some of the insights into the Aliens mind, which was a little refreshing. However with Aliens, you don't need much to change with them, They are badass, plain and simple.

Overall I would have rated it higher if not for the very scared, pushed around, main character. Other than that not a bad book, not great either. Liked this so much it got a five star review. The plot, the pacing, the characters Highly recommend. We also see main protagonist Decker nipping from LV to Earth and back again, as if it was a brief drive to the corner shop, with Moore riding as roughshod over the laws of physics, let alone logic, as the aliens do over human flesh.

The novel even has the same narrative hook of grunts-for-hire going in blind to some armpit of a planet and slowly being picked off by the creatures that they wholly underestimate.

Audiobook I Am Legend 1 by Richard Matheson #Audiobook

In this instance we have a direct descendant of Ellen Ripley fulfilling the role of the proverbial canary in the coal mine. Neither the familial link, let alone the telepathy, are explored in any depth, and are therefore rather unconvincing. The ending sees Weyland-Yutani finally procure the live specimens they crave, which is a good set-up for the third novel.

Alien: Sea of Sorrows

Let us hope that Christopher Golden was allowed enough creative control to take this saga in the new direction it deserves. Mar 09, Neil rated it really liked it. Feb 19, Brian Taylor rated it really liked it. This is my first experience reading a James A. Moore book. My hat goes off to Mr. Moore for pulling it off rather well. A quick note, this book stands on its own.

I'm not going to lie, I almost stopped reading this book after slog This is my first experience reading a James A. I'm not going to lie, I almost stopped reading this book after slogging through pages. I became a bit bored but had faith in the author. I'm happy I did. It's fast, visceral, and intelligent. I also liked the larger cast of characters. Too often authors utilize a small cast and try to whittle it down over longer sections of the story. In a story like this you need 35 mercenaries, a group of miners, and a group of scientists running around from the alien threat.

I thought having a large cast was a great move by the author. It really added to the scope of the story. It's familiar in some places, which is nice, but a bit "been there done that" in other places. I thought it was a mostly good mix, but other readers may disagree. For far too long fans have languished under mediocre attempts at utilizing the potential of this storied franchise.

Moore, and Christopher Golden for reigniting our fandom. It's been a long time coming. Pick up a copy of this book. You'll enjoy the hell out of it! I enjoyed reading this book. It's about a man named Decker who is an ancestor to Ellen Ripley. He also has empathic powers, and is tortured by nightmares of big black creatures that want to kill him. The aliens know somehow that he is related to "the Destroyer" as they call Ellen Ripley, and a lot of their hatred is geared towards him, with a need to wipe him out before he can them.

They end up on New Galveston which is a mining place for Weyland-Yutani, and the soldiers use Decker and his power I enjoyed reading this book. They end up on New Galveston which is a mining place for Weyland-Yutani, and the soldiers use Decker and his power to escape the aliens, since he can sense them.

Also of course, the Company wants samples of the creatures, so you got that going on as well. I particularly liked the chapters from the "aliens" point of view. How they think and what they think. This was a pretty action packed book! But the ending left you wondering, what the heck?! Does Decker manage to wipe out most of their race like Ripley? You gotta find out for yourself! View all 3 comments. May 25, Stephan rated it did not like it Shelves: sci-fi , crap , aliens , horror.

Decker, an descendant of the legendary Ellen Ripley, is forcibly recruited to aid a bunch of mercenaries on a quest to capture a live Xenomorph. All in all I can't say I enjoyed this novel. It started fairly well with quite an interesting character. Including a psychic empath was an interesting idea and it added an extra dimension to the story.

The way he was forced to help Weyland-Yutani was very grimdark and it added a lot to the atmosphere of the novel. Other than that there's not really much g Decker, an descendant of the legendary Ellen Ripley, is forcibly recruited to aid a bunch of mercenaries on a quest to capture a live Xenomorph. Other than that there's not really much good to add.

In the prequel to this book I commented how many mistakes or odd decisions there was. The biggest problem with this story is that it doesn't quite fit with it. How come there's not a trace of this catastrophe? I get that mother nature can clean up quite a bit, but not mine tunnels, electrical wiring or elevator shafts. Has the author read any other alien-novels? The creatures only use their tails to smack people around.

We never see them impale anyone, which is usually how it's depicted. Speaking of how they attack people. As far as I know it's used to stab through people with quite some force! It's probably the most iconic of the aliens attacks! Most of the alien attacks on the civilians or mercenaries can be summed up as: it crawled over the person and during this process the person died.

There's even a civilian who judo-throws an alien and then blocks another's attacks. Bare handed. I've also lost count of how many times the xenos gets clobbered, kicked or thrown by mercenaries when they manage to close the distance and actually threaten the mercs. The mercenaries are quite scared of the fact that the aliens bleed acid. A tablespoon of the stuff ate through two deck levels in the first film.

Drake gets showered by the stuff in the second film and dies screaming and melting. Several characters in the comics are killed quite gruesomely when splashed with the stuff. In this novel there's a mercenary who gets the stuff over half his face. He gets some bandages and refuses any painkiller. Another gets it over his hand. He wipes it of and comments of how it hurt. During the later part of the story another mercenary gets his legs sprayed Then he's fine again.

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Why bother mentioning the acidic blood if it hardly matters? When you consider the toned down blood and how it's entirely possible to fight the creatures in close combat, you get the feeling that the only source the author used as a reference was Aliens: Colonial marines. A game not really famous for being well received.

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  • Or even scrambling what they have? They seem to do their very best to make it harder for the mercs to complete their mission. Weyland-Yutanis mission! Most of the story reads like this: Mercenaries enter a new area. Aliens show up. Mercenaries fire and get one or two bursts of, then the aliens are among them. A couple of mercs die while the survivors kicks, shoves or clobbers the xenos out of the way and then either the aliens or mercs retreat. Rinse and repeat.

    It has a few interesting bits like the empath, the way the author describe the utter alien way the monsters perceive their surroundings and how cold and inhumane the Weyland-Yutani corporation is. Jul 28, Jonathan Maas rated it it was amazing. A master class in action-oriented SciFi from James A. Moore It is often easy to overlook these types of books as genre fiction or books for hardcore fans only. What people forget is that when franchises anoint a novelist to write these things, they often go for Bram Stoker-award winning writers like James A.

    Crispin - Disney had a franchise, they went for the best in Crispin, and the book is beyond incredible. I'm also reminded of Valerie Frankel , who collaborates with people like Snooki and makes surprisingly good books - but that is for another tale. What James A. Moore has done is made a book that is just as good as any Alien tale It starts out like a cannon, and every chapter leads to the next.

    Every sentence is either character development or plot-pushing, and usually the latter. The one minor critique I had with action-oriented tales, like the great Ice Hunt by James Rollins , is that each chapter predictably takes out the lesser characters and bad guys, and you kind of know where it is going.

    Not so with this tale - some survive, and many do not. You don't know what is going to happen. Moore introduces many Alien-type characters, Manning the tough Colonial Marine, Rollins the person who pushes the plot along by holding up the Weyland-Yutani corporation's end of the bargain. Decker is the main character - and very interesting. He deals with Weyland-Yutani, a corporation that puts the East India Company to shame with its power and its ability to change the world, or in this case solar system.

    But Decker is great.

    James A. Moore

    You don't need to read the others of this Canonical trilogy to understand this - it seems to fit in well with them, but it also stands by itself. Great tale! Nov 25, Satu Suomi rated it really liked it. Sea of Sorrows gave me nightmares and temporary paranoia. You know when you've watched or read something scary and your imagination goes into overdrive.

    Every sound and a flicker of a light makes your heart beat a bit more faster. Moore succeeded on creating an immersive story that was suspenseful, terrifying and which made you feel alone and hopeless. Even after finishing few chapters and putting down the book, the feeling of utter hopelessness didn't go away for awhile.