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This flood was the first event to be linked to Macaper's prophecy by an unnamed astrology student, and is the calamity which began to draw attention back to the book. The third calamity is described as a "roaring stone that silences the world". In YC an asteroid entered the atmosphere of the planet Rumida in the Amarr Empire , impacting in the ocean.


In addition to damaged infrastructure and lost lives, thousands of people were left deaf due to the intense sound waves generated by the asteroid as it traveled through the atmosphere. This event resulted in Damella Macaper's name becoming renowned throughout New Eden. The fourth calamity is described as "the appetite of nothing expands over the world".

This event has yet to take place. The fifth calamity is described as "the little brother makes the final sorrowful steps home; he is not welcome". The sixth calamity is described as "what was many now becomes one when one becomes four".

The Seven Churches of The Apocalypse and Nicea

Summary Specialty Friendship Background. Originally born in a small village, she was chosen to become an incarnation of the god of war, before accidentally falling into another dimension while fighting an enemy general. She has no memories of her life before she was deified.

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Hero Stats. HP ATK SPD DEF Campsite Topic Heroic Tale.

Table of Contents

Median Value:. Show More.

Apocalypse Ravi GW Testing! How Does She Do?

Skill 1: Spectral Axe. Attacks the enemy with an axe, absorbing some of the damage dealt as Health.

The Apocalypse of the Seven Heavens: The Latin Version

Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster's max Health. Greatly increases amount of damage dealt. Does not trigger a Dual Attack.

Skill Enhance. Effects and Multipliers. Skill Power 0. Skill 2: War God's Might. Consumes 10 Fighting Spirit to recover Health after being attacked. Amount recovered increases proportional to the caster's max Health.

Seven Events of the Apocalypse - EVE Fiction

Begins the first battle with 50 Fighting Spirit. Skill Power 1. Skill 3: Deliverance: Soul Exchange.


Delivers divine judgment down upon the enemy. Specialty: Infernal Gatekeeper.