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When this happened to me, I felt so hopeless. All my friends would soon be getting engaged and moving in with each other, and I sat in a flat by myself, drinking away my sorrows with a bottle of wine.

Starting Over Again

To start with, I was jealous of everyone. Why do they get a fairy tale ending and I have to start mine all over again? I had no clue how to date anyone after having been in a relationship for so long. I tried to make a fairy tale happen with so many different guys.

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After doing this for so long, I finally took a step back and saw what I was doing. I was excited to fall for someone again, properly this time. I was excited to get through all the relationship milestones with them. I suspect God has given these same marching orders to other believers, but out of fear, they remain in Haran.

They settle.

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My wife and I have uprooted multiple times, to six countries and two continents. Every time, we experienced angst in not knowing what the situation was going to be like. There is fear of the unknown, but at the same time there is a calm assurance in the God who has called us. We know that He will go with us and equip us.

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We are in the midst of just such an uprooting. For six years we mentored young people and felt confident in our roles. At 58 and 59, respectively, you do not leave salaried positions, warm homes and easy lifestyles, do you? Not if God is calling you to Canaan. And so, we left Haran. We thought our international days were over, but God called us.

And we obeyed. We left three sons and their wives and eight grandchildren. We left a nice home. We left a thriving ministry. In fact there is: access. We were living in the United States of America, which probably has the most access to the gospel of any country in the world. All enable a person who does not know Christ to hear the truth of the gospel. It is said that if an unbeliever in the United States wanted to know how to have a relationship with Jesus, he would have to knock on six doors until he found someone who could share the gospel.

In my new area of ministry, an unbeliever would need to knock on 30, doors! This is why God has called us here; what we take for granted is an anomaly in this part of the world.

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Have you ever been denied access? Recently, I was traveling in my region and tried to use my corporate credit card. It was denied. That was frustrating. Currently, I have been trying to get an ATM card for a new bank account overseas. While these situations are embarrassing, they are not life determining. There are Americans who are denied access to education because they are poor.

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Some are denied good legal representation. Still others are denied adequate housing. These are much more serious examples and yet they pale in comparison to the millions, even billions, of people around the world who are denied access to hearing about Jesus. In America freedom of religion is a tenet of our society although it is being sorely tested of late. We tend to assume that since we could go to a church, the rest of the world can also. Too many people around the world—and in my region in particular—are, for political or religious reasons, denied the opportunity to hear the truth about Jesus.

This is a prime motivator for me and my wife to leave our Haran and go to our Canaan.

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It caused us to uproot and become unsettled once again. Is it worth it? Whatever inconveniences I go through now, it is for the sake of coming glory that will be radiant on the faces of those who had little or no access being presented faultless before the throne of God when they choose Jesus. What about you? Are you willing to be unsettled? Are you willing to leave your Haran if God calls you? Do not say it is too late. Abram was I was God has promised to do amazing things.

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But God just might call you to put down the remote control one night a week and spend that time serving those with little or no access to the gospel. Would you give up a night a week to pray for God to send harvesters? Maybe God wants to unsettle your finances a bit. Trust Him as you give sacrificially to see that others have access to Jesus.