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I instantly recognised the illness that afflicts one of the characters, due to my own close association with a sufferer. Aimee Alexander's exact description put me through it all over again. The car j A blackbird in the car is definitely a good omen.

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The car journey, in particular, brought back vivid and heart stopping memories. I won't say any more as I don't want to be a plot spoiler. This book is much more than the story of a romance, although love is at the centre of the action. A thought provoking read. I was trying to move this book from the carousel in my kindle phone app and it opened without my intending to.

The first sentence caught my eye so I read it. By the end of the first paragraph I knew I wouldn't be moving it before I finished it. Aimee Alexander writes manic depression extremely well. If telling the story from a perspective of observation and empathy, she is very gifted with a rare understanding of BiPolar Disorder.

Living with BPD I was trying to move this book from the carousel in my kindle phone app and it opened without my intending to. Living with BPD myself, I'm all too familiar with climbing to the highest manic peak, subsequently plummeting to abysmal depths of despair in the darkest suicidal depression. This is so well written, I wish I'd written it myself. It's THAT good! Sweet and emotional story. Some reviewers didn't like the writing style, but personally I found it refreshing and mature. I liked that. The story moved quickly and the characters fell in love so fast, especially given Lucy's adamant desire NOT to move on so fast, and I would've preferred to see more of that stage, but alas it continued into more conflicts and I just kept flipping pages as fast as possible.

Hence the 4 instead of 5 stars. Still a great, interesting read though! Nov 07, Heather L rated it really liked it.

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This story was not what I expected at all. It was a little slow at the start, then unforeseen things happen. The subject matter becomes more than I bargained for. But as the story progresses, you start to put yourself in Lucy's shoes and try to understand her choices. Halfway through the book, uncomfortable topics and situations present themselves, and I become emotionally invested. By the ending, it was raw and very, very real. I like the way the author brought those emotions out in me. I will This story was not what I expected at all. I will be checking out more of her work, for sure.

May 03, Ursula rated it it was amazing. This book had me hooked by the beauty of the writing but, at first, I thought the story was fairly innocuous and unchallenging, even predictable. I was wrong! When you get to know someone you gradually find out more about them as they change from acquaintances into friends. This novel does the same. It becomes multi-themed and increasingly gripping but also thoughtful and very emotional.

The characters are complex and very real. This is not a book to set down and forget about. Lacking the sparkle to sustain interest I had high hopes for this book as the outline looked very interesting, but the book just seemed to drag on, going everywhere and no where at the same time. Great idea for a book, but not written well enough to keep the attention of the reader. View 1 comment. May 15, Jeanette rated it it was amazing Shelves: first-readers.

I was pleased to have won this book in the Goodreads First Reads giveaway. This was an excellent story and quite emotional. This is the first time that I have read any novels by Aimee Alexander and shall be looking forward to reading more. I rarely write what a story is about for fear of spoiling for others, but I do highly recommend. May 08, Jody K rated it it was ok Shelves: dnff. I listened to a solid 3. Tedious and drawn-out story.

Sep 26, Karen rated it really liked it. Little does she know just how much her life will change. Set in Ireland and the South of France, and narrated in the present tense by Lucy, this is a multi faceted story of love, family, relationships, and much deeper complex issues. Having been in a very similar situation to Lucy myself some years ago, so much of her experience was familiar ground and reading this story bought back some very unhappy memories.

Unlike Lucy who was a much more reserved character, Greg was full of life and had a reckless and impulsive nature. He very quickly managed to break down her self-protection barriers and even though there were times when I thought their relationship was too much, too fast, it was heart-warming to see her living a little.

The author writes the story very well and the characters are realistic and rounded; whether you love or hate them, they are unforgettable. There was an excellent sense of place, particularly with the part set in the South of France. This is much more than just a simple romance story. The drama and emotion continue to the very end to make this a very moving read and definitely one to be recommended.

My thanks to the author for the e-copy to review. I should also mention that this book was previously published as Loves Comes Tumbling under the name of Denise Deegan. Apr 30, Karen Peterman rated it it was amazing.

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Lucy Arigho is a graphic designer mourning her late fiance when she meets - and is swept off her feet by - best-selling author Greg Millar. Widowed himself he seems charming and Lucy finds herself starting to enjoy life again. Lucy is likeable and believable and I loved the way the author captures Lucy's mum's knack of putting a dampener on things. This is an easy and enjoyable read with well-rounded and plausible characters.

I raced through the first few chapters. Greg quickly proposes to Lucy Lucy Arigho is a graphic designer mourning her late fiance when she meets - and is swept off her feet by - best-selling author Greg Millar. Greg quickly proposes to Lucy before she has even met his children and even she is shocked by the speed at which this happens. However after her initial hesitation she agrees to marry him and then meets his children, their nanny and Greg's brother. Greg's brother reveals a side to Greg that Lucy does not know.

The children and nanny are unfriendly and we begin to wonder just who Greg really is and why he has been less than open about his past life. Lucy's mother is charmed by Greg but her father is unsure and when Lucy travels to France to spend the summer with Greg, the nanny and the children she begins to learn more about Greg and to wonder whether she will ever be accepted by his two young children. She unwittingly makes mistakes along the way and this added to my enjoyment of this well-crafted book. And then things get really worrying and strange and this book becomes a real page-turner.

Greg's life is out of control and so is Greg. Lucy us caught up in the chaos and risks losing everything as she realises that Greg is not the man she thought he was. She doesn't know what he is hiding and nor does the reader. No spoilers from me but I loved this book!!! Lucy has to win the children over and this aspect of the book appealed to me as a step-parent myself. I loved Lucy's parents, her sister Grace and the way - as Lucy has to cope with everything life throws at her - her family are right behind her. This is a very well-written, surprising and clever book. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it.

It's not quite a psychological thriller but it's exciting and a gripping read - well done Aimee Alexander - 5 stars from me!!! I liked this more than her other one as it had fewer mistakes!! It makes such a difference. There were errors but way fewer than her first. It's a great story and not what I was expecting. I liked Lucy a great deal. She'd had some junk thrown at her in her life and she manages to cope well with all this awful adversity.

You have to feel for her. She had more patience with Greg's daughter than I would have had as well, all credit to her!! There were some really funny moments and little asides in I liked this more than her other one as it had fewer mistakes!! There were some really funny moments and little asides in it as well along with a couple of passages that made me snivel as well. There were some apostrophe mistakes and Gordon is a Moron isn't the title of the song mentioned though I remember it well-it's Jilted John.

She spelt a lot of words the American way but not all of them.

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When I started reading I assumed it was set in the States so paid no attention till I realised we were in Ireland!! Some commas were misused and this sentence makes no sense-"How's this day week? I really liked the image of little Toby saying "Hello, sir" to every dog he encounters.. I thought that was so very sweet. I look forward to the next by her. I see this author name is a pen-name but haven't seen others by her on the Kindle in her real name.

They say never judge a book by its cover - in this case, don't judge it by its title or blurb either! The title implies it's a cute n' quirky chick-lit, whilst the blurb implies it's more of a physiological thriller 'His behaviour becomes increasingly bizarre and Lucy begins to wonder whether his larger-than-life personality hides something darker—and whether she knows him at all. Neither the title nor the blurb come anywhere close to depicting what the book i They say never judge a book by its cover - in this case, don't judge it by its title or blurb either! Neither the title nor the blurb come anywhere close to depicting what the book is actually about, which is view spoiler [mental health issues hide spoiler ] , grief and parenting; not a genre I often go for.

I didn't realise it was heading this way till past the half way point, but by this time good storytelling, interesting characters and real life issues had made it an engrossing and emotive read; I don't mind admitting I shed a few tears at the end. Not at all what I was expecting, but surprisingly very good! DNF, which is rare for me.

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I couldn't, I just couldn't. The story seemed like it would have been interesting, but the writing style and the fact that the story felt like it was at a roller derby kept me from going any farther. The good news is,this was a free download for Kindle. Maybe later I'll try to pick it back up. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. She was convinced it was drugs. The reason I decided to share this is because, for me, it was one of the things that made the book stand out. To be suffering from a mental illness is scary for the person who is ill but also those around them.

For Lucy, there are stages to her acceptance and you see how she struggles to decide if she can handle their future when there is a risk of relapse. What a superb book! I was completely surprised by the effect it had on me. The writing was strong, the characters believable and wonderfully flawed. What Alexander does so well is she makes you care about them.

I cared what happened to the children Rachel and Toby. I understood how hard life can be juggling work life and home life.

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I related to t What a superb book! I related to the dysfunctional family relationships. This book is a big thumbs up for me. It tackles a hard subject matter with feeling and humour. Jun 30, Trina Dutta rated it really liked it. Lucy is a graphic designer who works at a company Get Smart with Fint her job partner. Lucy's fiance Brendan died on a road accident. So, on her way to office when she watches a car being driven so carelessly she could not help but talk to the driver and he was none other than the famous author Greg Millar. Later at her office she found out that they were having meeting for Greg's recent book cover.

Since then Lucy and Greg starts seeing each other. They both meet each other's family. After having a barbecue at Greg's house Lucy came to know that Hillary is the nanny of Greg's two kids Rachel and Toby. Rob, Greg's brother their admits that he has never seen his brother so active after Greg's wife Catherine died. Soon after that Greg proposes Lucy to marry him. Lucy at first denied that but afterwards accepted his proposal. Rachel was not easy with Lucy being her to-be stepmother on the other hand Toby was a always happy and bright kid.

Greg invited Lucy to his Villa in France and spend her summer holidays. There the changes start. Greg became over hyper, too active and never tired. After that he started disappearing without any notice. Once on a trip back from the hills in France Greg drove terribly like crazy maniac recklessly. Alongside Lucy finds it troubling to get close with the kids with Hillary always with them.

Hillary manipulates Rachel saying that Lucy wants her to get out of the house. Rachel gets more and more difficult. After certain unexpected events like that Greg became too low. Then he fires Hillary without any previous concern. Lucy finds out that there's something wrong with him. But Greg always gets upset when he is bothered about this. But somehow Lucy persuaded him back to Dublin their home. Greg was sent to hospital when Lucy tried to parent his two kids. It was difficult with Rachel at first but gradually everything cool down.

In the mean time Hillary kept on threatening Lucy to let her talk to Greg but she never allows her. By the time Greg recovers and comes back home, they become a happy family. Greg and Lucy gets married. Everything became almost happy and perfect. Greg also publish his book on his life on those days while he was suffering from bipolar disorder. It became an instant hit. One day suddenly a letter arrived claiming their kids by their grandparents.

They soon found out that Hillary was behind all this. Now whether they will be able to get their kids back becomes a big question mark My thoughts: Honestly this is the best book based on family I've read. This story is so real and it seems to cling with daily lives so much. It was easy for me to visualize the life of Greg and Lucy as it is a movie. Toby was so cute and innocent. I really loved Lucy. She fought till the end. One thing I clearly got from this book - if you stay true to your path and be honest no one can drag you down how hard they even try.

And, my my, how evil can Hillary be? She was too evil to be a nanny or barely a human. We should keep in our mind that every thing has a limit and no one should step out of it. Hillary being a nanny stepped out of her limit. She forgot her scope and tried to ruin Greg's family from the core only because she could not bear kid herself. At first reading the boom I expected it be a psychological thriller or a crime-thriller with a tremendous plot twist. Later I discovered that how beautifully Aimee has written the story so simple, so true from the roots that gave the plot a tremendous touch of reality.

The story was not at all boring. In fact it kept me glued from the beginning till the end. And when I was reading the letter written by Rachel to bring them back to their parents I almost cried. I totally loved this and I'm glad the author herself send me her book. Thank you so much Aimee. Oct 08, Suze Lavender rated it it was amazing. The first impression Greg Millar leaves when he meets Lucy Arigho isn't good. However, soon he makes up for his rude behavior and she gives him another chance. Greg is a talented author and Lucy is fascinated by him professionally as well as personally.

Lucy is a designer and is working on the cover of his new book. Greg manages to charm Lucy and even though she thought she wouldn't be ready to love someone again he convinces her to give him a chance. He even proposes to her when they've just st The first impression Greg Millar leaves when he meets Lucy Arigho isn't good.

He even proposes to her when they've just started dating. Greg is a father and has two children. Lucy's first real test is spending a family holiday with them. However, Greg's nanny is there as well and she's far from happy with Lucy's presence. She doesn't want Greg's family to like Lucy.

Meanwhile Greg's behavior starts to become stranger and stranger. Lucy barely recognizes the man she's on holiday with, Greg isn't the same person she fell in love with anymore. What's happening to Greg and is Lucy's love for him strong enough to stay and find out? Will Greg's actions eventually break her heart? The Accidental Life of Greg Millar is a beautiful moving story.

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Lucy's careful when it comes to love. She's been through a lot already and the last thing she needs is more complications in her life. The first weeks with Greg are fun, but then his behavior starts to change. My heart ached for Lucy, she doesn't know Greg's family all that well and she's being placed in a situation she's not comfortable with, but can't get out of either.

Javascript is not enabled in your browser. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. Just eight whirlwind weeks after their first meeting, level-headed career girl Lucy is seriously considering his pleas to marry him and asking herself if she could really be stepmother material. On holiday in the South of France, things start to unravel. His behaviour becomes increasingly bizarre and Lucy begins to wonder whether his larger-than-life personality hides something darker—and whether she knows him at all.

Aimee Alexander is the pen name of bestselling Irish author Denise Deegan. She writes modern family sagas about ordinary people who become extraordinary in a crisis. Aimee lives with her family in Dublin, where she regularly dreams of sunshine, a life without cooking, and her novels being made into movies. Customer Reviews Average Review. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Usually ships within 6 days.

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