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Chemistry of Nickel

The Biological Chemistry of Nickel. Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Write a review. However, through new uses and manufacturing processes, organisms are increasingly exposed to changing levels of both essential and non-essential ions in new chemical forms. They may not have developed defenses against some of these forms such as nanoparticles. Many diseases such as cancer, diabetes and neurodegeneration are associated with metal ion imbalance. There may be a deficiency of the essential metals, overload of either essential or non-essential metals or perturbation of the overall natural balance.

This book is the first to comprehensively survey the molecular nature of the overall natural balance of metal ions in nutrition, toxicology and pharmacology. It is written as an introduction to research for students and researchers in academia and industry and begins with a chapter by Professor R J P Williams FRS. Product details Format Hardback pages Dimensions x x Other books in this series. Metalloenzymes in Denitrification Anthony Wedd.

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  • The Biological Chemistry of Nickel.
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Metal Chelation in Medicine C. Metal-based Anticancer Agents Angela Casini. Gasotransmitters Rui Wang.

Biochemistry of Nickel

Moore, Mark D. Distefano, Lynne D.

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Zydowsky, Richard T. Cummings, and Christopher T.

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Organomercurial lyase and mercuric ion reductase: nature's mercury detoxification catalysts. Accounts of Chemical Research , 23 9 , Abuzar, Harold. Observations on the activation of bicyclomycin. Journal of the American Chemical Society , 12 , Yoon, Cynthia J. Catalysis of alkene oxidation by nickel salen complexes using sodium hypochlorite under phase-transfer conditions.

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