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You have offered me so much more than a resume and cover letter. The process of completing your worksheet questionnaire, and then seeing how you were able to represent my skills and achievements made me realise that I had so much more to offer than I first realised. At first I was aiming for entry level positions, but the boost of confidence you gave me, simply by presenting me in such a way, has seen me apply for positions that I originally passed over, thinking that I did not meet the selection criteria.

I applied for 4 positions last night, with one application already progressed to an interview.

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I have received so many compliments regarding my resume and have secured repeat interviews for each job I have applied to. The CEO and fellow management team of my current job were so impressed with my resume and cover letter; it showcased my extensive experience beautifully. Thank you, Stacey, I feel very fortunate to have found you and would highly recommend your services to everyone I know anytime. From my first chat over the phone with Stacey I knew she was going to be fantastic and offer me an incredible service. She took the time and communicated regularly throughout the process of preparing my resume and related materials.

I am extremely impressed with the end products - Stacey is a consummate professional, talented creative, excellent writer and delivers on time. Within a matter of days I had landed my dream job. I couldn't have done it without you Stacey! Stacey has a very impressive knowledge of the employment industry which makes her the ideal person to assist anyone wishing to rejoin the workforce, looking for work or seeking a better position or a promotion.

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She is professional, approachable and an absolute pleasure to deal with. Her background experience and qualifications speak for themselves in the quality of work she presents.

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I would absolutely recommend her to anyone needing that extra hand in putting their best foot forward. She was able to bring my idea to life and the finished product far exceeded any expectations I went in with. I contacted Stacey to assist me to revamp my resume. She provided excellent tips to update my LinkedIn profile and prepared a professional resume which accurately reflected my unusual background and experience.

The investment I made by engaging Stacey was very worthwhile! Also, most of us are self- conscious of certain features on the face.

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A recent shot Many of us are always tempted to use a picture taken in our younger days on the CV, when the skin looked better and when the head was fuller with hair, but we cannot ignore the fact that we will have to face the employer with the current self. Dressed in formal attire Your attire should suit your profession. Clothes should be well fitting and non-baggy, in order to look smart and neat. Sunglasses might make you look smart and cool at the same time.

Opt for simple jewellery, because the focal point of your picture should not be your jewellery. When taking a photograph, going natural would work best or a light touchup would suffice, given that your intention is to present your most professional self.

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If you are thinking Resumes are your history stuffed with what you have done in all the various fields of your interest, a personal statement or some sort of self expression, then you are grossly wrong. It is simply an exhibition of your sellable qualities which will impress the employer or the recruiter and get you the opportunity for an interview and to be selected for the selection process.

The importance lies in making the crucial first impression. If your Resume is well laid out, systematic, precise and to the point you are seen as sorted and organized. It is important because the Resume is what the employer or the recruiter sees, way before any interaction with you in person or on the telephone. So Human Resources HR person has to swim across the sheaf of papers and a pile of Resumes, an impressive and well formatted resume with relevant highlighted points really stands out. Your Resume is a tool for winning an opportunity of the interview.

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It wouldn't be wrong to say that it is also an advertisement of yourself in the job market. In short, the Resume content has to be convincing to the reader about how good, useful and profitable an employee you can be to him or her or them. So the content should invariably revolve around what have you done in the field or industry till now, what were your responsibilities, what were your targets, what was the work profile or nature of job, etc.

Keeping yourself in the employer's shoes is the key point here while answering the question as to what should be the focal point of a Resume. Ask yourself what makes you a perfect candidate for the said job.

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What does the employer really need and is looking for? Resumes are made up of two generic sections, namely, the first where you mention your qualifications or things that you have achieved so far. And the second one being the details of all the information you gave and proof for the claims you made for being hired. Be sure to use words like: achieved, delivered, exceeded expectations, beat goals, acquired, etc.