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The highest class was the onde. This class consisted of keepers of religious objects, honored warriors, and major tribal leaders. Warriors and leaders gained the majority of their wealth through achieving honors or acts of heroism.


In most cases wealth accompanied, but did not necessarily determine, social status. Roughly 10 percent of the tribe belonged to the onde , which included men and women. This class was formed from less influential leaders, less distinguished warriors, and individuals with limited wealth. Most of the tribe belonged to the poor class called the kaan. The lowest class, the dapone , was reserved for those without wealth or military experience.

There was some ability to move between classes. Any man who achieved high honors in battle could quickly rise to a higher class. A man could also be demoted as quickly.

Indiscretions, such as dishonesty, theft, or callused treatment of another member of the tribe, could result in demotion. Members of the onde were less likely to face demotion for minor offenses that might result in punishment for a lower class individual. Major crimes, such as the murder of another Kiowa, resulted in the offender being ostracized.

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Women had less upward mobility. Most female members of the onde had to be born or married into that class, but there were exceptions for the most skilled at valued crafts. Each individual band had a chief who made decisions that concerned his band.

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It was common that at least one of the band chiefs achieved enough diplomatic and military honors that he could carry his influence across bands. The band chiefs met in a council to make decisions for the tribe as a whole.

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The council functioned as a unicameral legislative body with some executive powers. The most honored band chief likely had the most influence over any decisions. Councils were responsible for declaring war, establishing peace with enemies, and determining the schedule and location for tribal ceremonies. These men regulated the collective hunts.

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Before a hunt began, the Dog Soldiers would position themselves to form an approved perimeter for the hunt. No hunters were allowed to pursue any bison beyond the perimeter or his horse could be shot. Dog Soldiers presided over tribal ceremonies and also served as guards and police for the camps. During some periods of travel, the Dog Soldiers rode on all sides of a band to ensure that none of the younger men broke away to go on raids and made trouble for the tribe.

Dog Soldiers were selected from the warrior societies. The tribe had five warrior societies. Be the first to write a review. Add to Wishlist. Ships in 15 business days. Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. Description Table of Contents Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book!

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Industry Reviews "The Warrior State now stands as the definitive treatment of civil-military relations and politics. The book is well written and will be widely read. Richard Millett, Southern Illinois University "A truly seminal work that brilliantly analyzes the interrelationships between the military and society. Peter L. Hays, Institute for National Strategic Studies. All Rights Reserved. In Stock. The Secret World History of Intelligence. The Ottoman Secret.

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Silent Invasion China's influence in Australia. Fear of Abandonment Australia in the world since Global Politics Macmillan Foundations Series. Item Added: The Warrior State. View Wishlist.

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