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Lecture 1 : Introduction. Lecture 2: Second Order Systems. Lecture 3: Uniqueness and Existence.

Applied Non-Linear Dynamical Systems | Jan Awrejcewicz | Springer

Lecture 4: Lyapunov Theory. Lecture 5: Input-Output Stability. Lecture 6: Passivity. Lecture 7: Lure Problem and Circle Criterion. Lecture 8: Controller Design Techniques. Homework 1: Khalil, 3 rd Edition, Chapter 2: Problem 2.

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Chapter 3: 3. Homework 2: Khalil, 3 rd Edition, Chapter 4: Problem 4. Homework 3: Khalil, 3 rd Edition, Chapter 4: 4.

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Chapter 5: 5. Homework 4: Khalil, 3 rd Edition, Chapter 6: 6.

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  • Introduction to Applied Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Chaos!

Chapter 7: 7. Chapter Term Project :. Submission link:.

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Debraj Chakraborty Email: dc [AT] ee. Analysis: a. He has promoted highly interdisciplinary work in mechanics of materials by bringing into the field of solid mechanics ideas from diffusion theory, chemical reactions, and nonlinear physics. He has pioneered theories on dislocation patterning and material instabilities, gradient elasticity and plasticity, chemomechanics and nanomechanics.

Nonlinear Dynamics: Transients and Attractors

His current interest is on neuro-nano-electro-chemo-mechanics. He has published over articles and received about 11, citations with 54 h-index Scopus ; 10, citations with 53 h-index Web of Science ; 17, citations with 66 h-index Google Scholar. He is included in the ISI Web of knowledge list of the world's most highly cited authors in engineering. His research interest is in Analytical mechanics, Gyro motion, Vibrational mechanics, Stability of dynamical systems and Bifurcations.

His research has focused on two main topics. The first one is the rotational motion of a rigid body about a fixed point. He utilizes perturbation methods to obtain the asymptotic solutions of the governing system of motion. The used method allowed him to have insight investigation of the impact of system parameters on the system stability.

The vibrational motion of rigid bodies and dynamical systems with multi-degrees of freedom had shed the interest of Amer. Currently, Amer is a reviewer for many international scientific journals and has a group of good researchers. Aziz Aloui's original area of expertise is the theory of dynamical systems, chaos theory and bifurcations. It has gradually evolved, from the asymptotic analysis of ordinary differential equations stability, bifurcations, chaos and strange attractors with applications to electric oscillators, to that of Delay-DE and PDE from the dynamical system point of view , with applications to life science, and then to complex systems and networks interaction mainly, the study of coupled systems of ODEs or PDEs, modeling problems in neuroscience, in ecosystems - predator-prey or in epidemiology.

Balachandran received his B.

Applied Non-Linear Dynamical Systems

Engineering Mechanics from Virginia Tech. His research interests include nonlinear phenomena, dynamics and vibrations, and control. Romesh C.

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Batra, Clifton C.