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What does the Fox say? My guess is he'd probably ask for a more ergonomic chair.

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Looks like 10 Breaking Bad characters will appear in the upcoming movie El Camino. Crap py taxidermy — Kat Su's website, Crappy Taxidermy, is full of gems like this.

Mittens isn't so cute anymore, is he? Hide Caption.

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Meow isn't this nice? Crap py taxidermy — Behold! The rare and exotic cocaine monster. Crap py taxidermy — When inter-species mating goes bad. Crap py taxidermy — Little Billy's bedroom has an animal theme. Little Billy is in child therapy.

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Story highlights A UK man named Nish started his CrapTaxidermy Twitter feed about a month ago Since , a popular blog about the same thing has existed under the name Crappy Taxidermy Kat Su runs Crappy Taxidermy and is working on a new book about the subject. The art of preparing, stuffing, and mounting animal skins is called taxidermy, and it can range from classy to creepy depending on whether your subject is a moose, or, say, a homeless drifter.

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Of course, proper taxidermy is primarily reserved for hunting and fishing trophies, and it sort of works like this:. Dave drinks two dozen Coors in the woods with friends. Dave shoots bear. Dave pays taxidermist to turn bear into furniture.

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Dave puts bear in living room. Dave's kids wet bed until they're Because quality taxidermy really depends on the skill of the taxidermist, and a simple hunting mount can turn exponentially more creepy if it isn't done with precision or mild sobriety. But even for those of us who don't necessarily enjoy the idea of killing animals for the sake of impressing dinner guests, somehow it's not all that difficult to be amused by terrible craftsmanship.

So, although I'm sort of weirded out by this practice and, hey, to each their own I can absolutely appreciate bad taxidermy. It's called CrapTaxidermy , and it's completely dedicated to images of the very worst animal mountings.

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Not to be confused with MileyCyrus. The Twitter account was started by a guy in the UK named Nish, who requested to only be identified by a one-word name. Like Cher.

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Or Madonna. Or Steve from accounting. He loves taxidermy and Sheffield Wednesday Football Club.