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The first related to the tension between the control of borders on the one hand and the imperatives of free trade for the national economy on the other. Border security was invoked by both national administrations relative to the inward flows of migration that were considered to be a significant threat to national security. Yet free trade, linked as it often is with questions of population mobility across international borders, was also a national policy objective.

In essence, the UK reconstructed itself as an effective champion of free trade despite its decision to leave one of the largest free trading blocs in the world. This attempted reconfiguration of the UK as a free trade champion was undoubtedly undertaken to reassure the British public and investors. The question of migration was a centerpiece in both contexts. For the US and the UK, the control of inward migration was linked directly to perceived problems in the domestic sphere, such as unemployment, pressure on welfare provision, and crime levels.

Balancing the protection of borders from inward migration versus the reduction of impediments to free trade was a core tension between domestic and international policy. The second major tension was between the question of national sovereignty versus international commitments. Here our working concept of sovereignty relates specifically to the capacity of national governments to enact policy and legislation to the exclusion of other decision-making mechanisms outside or above the state.

Nevertheless, the pressures of international commitments continue to intrude on domestic electoral commitments in both contexts. Interstate cooperation and its benefits were in clear tension with the desire by both states to reclaim and retain decisional autonomy. This represents the classic tension between effectiveness and accountability. Closely related is the third and final major theme to emerge from the data. One of the major domestic pressures on national leadership is the need to improve economic performance, inclusive of ensuring that this has a demonstrably positive effect on working and middle class citizens.

Notwithstanding this identical pressure from within the domestic sphere, its effect on foreign policy articulation is quite different in each context. The US, by contrast, only mentions the idea of free trade explicitly very few times. Bernard Chavance. Identity and Justice. Ian Angus. Manly States. Charlotte Hooper.

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Gerard Delanty.

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Saree Makdisi. Revolutionary Pedagogies. Peter Trifonas. Critical Theory of International Politics. Steven C. James Martin. I believe that the moment both political and scholarly is now right for them to re emerge from the darkness. The wonderful staff and the excellent library at the CHS afforded me the perfect opportunity to reflect deeply on these early readings of Thucydides and their place in his reception history and value to scholarship today.

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The quiet of the CHS campus allowed me to begin to form these thoughts into a monograph that will hopefully appear next year published by Bloomsbury. Bagby, L. Lee, C. Morley, eds. A Handbook to the Reception of Thucydides. Fromentin, V. Gotteland, and P. Payen, eds.

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Ombres de Thucydide. Harloe, K.

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Williams, O. He recalled reading Thucydides in the following words: In this spirit I made again the acquaintance of Thucydides, who kept me going many weeks of the Dardanelles campaign, amazed at the modernity of his outlook and the extraordinary political insight reflected in his set speeches.

Alternative Thucydides s What is the value of this turn to scholarship today? Select Bibliography Abbott, G. Thucydides: A Study in Historical Reality. Connor, W. Cornford, F. Thucydides Mythistoricus. Jaffe, S. Thucydides on the Outbreak of War: Character and Contest.

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