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With the latter, we wouldn't be able to tailor content to a specific user but that doesn't mean that we don't have data at our disposal. We can still list results based on traffic data.

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However, that's content. When it comes to UI, tracking tools such as Google Analytics help us learn more about our user's behaviour.

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Heatmaps can also indicate what users do and don't care about. So as you can see, there are numerous ways to obtain qualitative and quantitative data and combine them to make informed decisions. If we're designing our information architecture well, we'll be offering simple ways to access alternative options. For content this could be a 'see all' button but for navigation it could be a hamburger menu yep, the hamburger menu isn't so bad! Even though less is more when it comes to minimalism, that doesn't mean we need to limit our overall offering, only our upfront offering.

Interesting fact: when it came to product presentations i.

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Speaking of clutter, visual clutter refers to cosmetic styles that only add emotional value — i. Now I do love things that look nice don't all designers?

It's so easy to run with the wind when it comes to the surface layer — some call it over-designing. But if you really want to take a more sensible data-driven approach, there's a really neat trick I like to use that involves screen sharing. While sharing your screen, acquire a few users and have them decide which styles to toggle on and off.

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Carry on until the user is satisfied with both the visual appeal and usability. In terms of tap targets specifically buttons, links, input fields and so on , visual affordance testing can reveal which elements appear to be clickable and which don't. You may find that the former technique is more useful though because it will also reveal solutions i. So we've minimised our upfront offering and optimised it visually in order to reduce cognitive overload but could we take this a step further? Absolutely but we also need to remember that users are lazy — before users read, they scan.

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This means where users are briefly scanning our UI and content holistically, even the tiniest visual distraction can draw users away from what's really important, making minimisation ever more important when it comes to scannability. But that aside, the elements that are left after minimisation should complement each other well. Start Your Career Now Your dream is within reach. Get Started Now. Student Work.

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Eric Yu. Gianluca Martini.

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Hyangyoon Cho. Jesus Valenzuela. Older generations prefer a contact form because they tend to be less skeptical of sharing information than millennials.

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  • This is starting to change with data security becoming such a major issue. Baby boomers are less hesitant to share their personal information, which stems from traditional marketing and advertising, where they were used to sharing information, such as their address for direct mail or catalogs. As millennials earn more buying power, it will be more important for businesses to be reachable on social media and other digital channels that appeal to every generation.

    For example, Mattress Cleaning Melbourne has customers across all generations, so its website appeals to all ages. It also offers a chatbot on its Facebook page. For example, On Location Tours , a company that provides tours of places where popular TV shows and movies were filmed, uses social media to influence its audience to visit its website.

    On Location Tours uses social media as way of reaching new, interested customers who can then visit its website for more information. Millennials hesitate less when clicking to a website from an advertisement or other business content on social media. People generally feel happier when they receive an offer or promotion. Also, consumers are very used to scrolling and scanning content, so you need strong imagery to capture their attention.

    Businesses should post a variety of content on social media to encourage people to visit their websites.