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Test instrument designed to furnish a signal of desired radio frequency, used for alignment of radio receivers.

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Band A: megacycles. Band B: megacycles. I Frequency meter set. Consists of four absorption type wave meters contained in a steel carrying case. Frequency range l. Portable frequency band megacycles. Uses separate battery supply. I Test unit Part of IE Case containing multi-range meter, RE and AF oscillators, receiver, microphone, crystal tester, switches, terminals, test harness, etc. SCR Meter contained in metal case; ma, dc; designed for measuring current in 2 positions in Signal Generator A, in 5 positions in Radio transmitter BC and 1 position in Radio Receiver BC; includes cord and plug.

Jlab Pitot Tube Apparatus, Model Name/Number: JL-FOT-10282

A composite measuring instrument designed for measuring the electrical characteristics of telephone equipment. I Oscillator. Audio oscillator with a frequency range of 20 cycles to Power input VAC 60Hz. I Analyzer. Part of IE-9 Alternate for I Multimeter , volts; dc Voltage ranges; ac, V; dc, , , , , , Resistance ranges; dc, , ,, , ohms and megohm. Measures audio frequency output voltage at ohms impedance, ranges Voltage ranges 2,5-lV.

I Hickok Model Tube Tester. Portable tube tester for small size amplifier and rectifier tubes, etc, Power required, 60 watts, volts, cycles , ac, Replaced by I I Test unit. Part of Test set I DC: microAmperes.

I Tube Tester. Portable tube tester of the dynamic or mutual transconductance type capable of operation on or volts, cycles ac, Replaces I A portable current flow test set for use in testing and adjusting relays and similar apparatus in accordance with electrical requirements for performance of the relay. Provides for application of specified values of current thru the relay winding.

May also be used as milliammeter in scale range , , ma. IA Test set. Polar relay test set. For testing and adjusting W. Includes special adjusting tools for these relays. Power required, 10 watts, VDC. Replaces test set IA. I Signal Generator. Frequency ranges 1,9 to 4,5 megacycle and 19,0 to 45,0 megacycles. Frequency mod. Can be operated from l2-volt vehicular battery or from a volt cycle AC source.

Used for calibration, sensitivity check and alignment purposes.

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I Alignment Indicator. Part of ME and ME An electronic alignment unit, with electron ray tube VT-2l5. Requires 1 Battery BA I Test Unit. Part of TE BC Analyser. Analyzer with multiplier for readings up to volts. EE Test Set. Wire chief's portable compact testing equipment for field and central office use.

For maintenance of common battery and magneto telephone equipment, station lines and trunks. The signal send from motor-driven cams by an AC series governed motor, adjustable for speeds of or cpm.

Estate Vintage Precision Apparatus Co. RF Signal Marking Generator model E-200-C

Test signals may be a test message, repeat space, R or Y. Equipped with jacks and resistors to provide 60 mil local circuit DC power from external source for checking performance of teletypewriters. Tests for grounds, crosses, shorts and opens, line capacitance to ground or to other lines, and distance to an open on a line. Voltage scale ranges VDC; resistance megohm, or megohms if 45V test battery is used. Provides direct current bridge for measurement of conductor and insulation resistance, and the location of grounds, crosses and shorts, and an alternating current bridge for measurement of capacitance and location of open.

A telephone set such as Telephone EE-8 may be connected for two-way talking and signalling between maintenance groups. Crystal-controlled test oscillator with provision for cycle frequency modulation of output signal in frequency range of mc with kc separation.