Manual Quantum Metrology and Fundamental Physical Constants

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A photon is a quantum of light, for example, as it is the smallest indivisible unit of light.

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Quantum physics describes the behaviour of these fundamental units which can behave either like waves or like particles, resulting in many extraordinary properties. They can provide unchanging standards to use for measurement and their 'quantum' behaviour can potentially create a completely new class of advanced environmental sensors and systems, with radically new capabilities for timing and navigation, secure communications, driverless cars, computing and other critical applications.

We have a rich heritage of exploring, embracing and applying the science, so are best placed to ensure you stay ahead of the curve. We are harnessing the power of quantum science to develop next generation devices.

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Case study. The discussion implying metrologists, physicists and chemists raises questions about experimental inconsistencies and on the general structure of the SI definitions of units, values of fundamental constants, "mises en pratique" of definitions ….


The proposed school consists not only of a series of lectures but also of round tables and a final debate, two poster sessions and a demonstration session to put the use of a specific mathematical tool in practice. The school will not cover the whole field of fundamental metrology but will be limited to the quantum field, i. General lectures which are not given in the other schools on metrology are proposed.

Are the Fundamental Constants Changing?

They will deal with the main manufacturing technics in micro and nanotechnology, the general methods for ultra low noise measurements, the use of mathematical tools used for data analysis Allan variances or for uncertainty evaluation recent methods involving distribution propagation by means of Monte Carlo simulation. Finally, other subjects concerning metrologists as well as physicists will be about very specific measurement technics used in several domains thermometry, Electricity, Spectrometry..

The program includes 31 lectures and two poster sessions which will be preceded by a session of one hour during which students will present their own poster in a single slide.

The Role of the Fundamental Constants of Physics in Metrology

Some students will be asked to organise and to lead round tables on specific questions. These discussions will be held during the spare time. A debate will close the school by going back to the key questions presented at the beginning of these two weeks. The fundamental physical constants and the base units of measurement occupy positions of great importance in physics, not only through their foundation role in the edifice of science but through their interplay with the most advanced research in measurement science and in basic science, both theoretical and experimental.


Not infrequently has one found the precision of experiments limited by that of the standard used in the realization of the pertinent unit s and new research is thereby stimulated to improve or even replace the existing standard s. The periodic adjustment of the physical constants sometimes reveals inconsistencies that call for new measurement, new theory, or both.

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Discoveries in basic research are from time to time developed into new means for realizing the base units, as well as contributing to the consistency evaluation work. Physicists in general, and readers of Metrologia in particular, can therefore find it immensely rewarding to remain abreast of all such developments; to this end, Metrologia makes an important contribution by publishing both research papers and seminal review articles.

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This suggestion and a concomitant offer to recruit authors and furnish major editorial assistance were accepted with enthusiasm and alacrity. As the outcome, we foresee publishing some seven or eight review articles devoted to the metrology of electrical units and related physical constants. These will appear in successive issues of Metrologia , commencing with the present one, two or three at a time. The original intention had been to publish the reviews as they were presented in Tel Aviv.