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Jeans brands? Rebecca, thank you!! Love this article! I am a stylist for online styling platform, Keaton Row. It seems like you have embraced our philosophy of buy less, buy better! I recommend DL denim to all of my clients. Their 4-way stretch allows for a great fit, while also helping to retain their shape no saggy jeans by the end of the day!

Check us out if you have a chance! My go-to every time! I have not read the book but I am intrigued. Much is done, much remains the adult kids are at college, small apartments, etc. Moving a time or two can cure you of that pretty quickly! Love it when things can go right to someone who can really use it. Passing along a vanload must have been a great relief! When my kids got their first places all their stuff went with them.

Keeping all that stuff would of amounted in so much clutter and now they have ownership of all their own stuff. They balked at first but one by one they all did it…if I had to go thru someones things who is an adult, I would not be happy. Paige denim is absolutely incredible. Really soft and has the perfect amount of stretch. They can be a little pricey but they are SO worth it.

You can find them cheaper at Saks Off 5th too, they always have a bunch! Have tackled more utilitarian categories, yet? Any thoughts? I would say that tools bring independence and joy of a different kind. My father-in-law, who recently passed, was an artist and artisan. He made many beautiful things, from huge public art installations, to a box he carved for me with a Scottish luckenbooth on it.

He had a big messy workshop with every sort of tool imaginable. He knew where they all were, what they all did, and took care of them. I just know my witch of a mother-in-law tossed out all those beautiful tools like junk. My mother-in-law does not use the internet. She grew cold then cruel after my husband, her son, died. I tried so hard. It was just awful. The books do mention tools. Asking if something sparks joy is more for items like clothes or books, other items you keep because they are useful. But even within the category of useful items, you can still sort things by what brings you joy.

But how many pens in that drawer actually work? How many feel nice in your hand? How many make your handwriting look better? Maybe 1 or 2 out of If you only have 1 or 2 pens, instead of 50, you will declutter, have a designated storage place where your few pens go, and you wont lose them so easily.

I am a pen thief. Admit it openly. How bout keeping 50 instead of ? That is actually de-cluttering. Its all a matter of perspective. Two pens??? I am being slightly sarcastic but seriously, all office supplies are going to be a tough one for me. Two pens? Not realistic. As for the canvas bag issue mentioned above: we somehow acquire canvas bags the way people acquire stray cats — from the orthodontist, the OBGYN, the preschool, etc.

Ditto those ubiquitous poly-cloth wine bags from the grocery store. Decluttering the bags with the stuff makes sense to me!

Lesson #1: Tackle Categories, Not Rooms

In this case I agree….. AG jeans. Good quality denim, with just the right amount of stretch. Regarding jeans, I recently purchased a pair of flex-fit? They definitely did not lie, and without a doubt I would say they bring joy to my life. I think she purchased the goodies after. The book maybe? I keep my books if I like them. I like the idea of a library and since I read a lot of fantasy, a lot of my books are series.

My mom was a packrat. It was quite a job cleaning out her house after she died. They can be useful to someone else. I also go through my files, drawers,closets etc. It will not be hard cleaning up after me. OMG, me too! I spent an entire afternoon trying on all different styles they have so many and sizes to find what really worked, and took pictures of the ones I really loved.

Then managed to buy them for less through Amazon.

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I practically live in them! It is truly life changing in so many ways that are hard to describe. Do not buy organization items until after you sort!!

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You will not need them! I blogged:www. Not selling anything either! You need silverware, laundry detergent, bed sheets, etc. I think the idea is that you go through the items that you have the most of, which would probably would be a big factor in your clutter. Not many people have too much silverware or boxes of detergent, but clothes and books and knickknacks are a different matter. I have sheets and silverware that make me smile.

She would definitely tell you to get rid of them. I put old sheets, towels, pillows in a giant trash bag and take them to the Humane Society. Love the Humane Society idea. Also, check with your Goodwill about non-usable clothing and textiles stained, torn, etc. In my town, they are happy to take them— they go to a recycler to make insulation, etc.

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Sure they do. How do you like the feel of the sheets? Does your detergent smell make you happy and your clothes bright,etc. Is it pretty and in good condition? I got rid of ugly sheets, blankets and ugly dishes, pans and utensils. They were ugly and not needed. The book is relevant when you start purging. Someone commented about tools and such. I have more tools than a lot of men and they bring me joy because I know how to use them and I can do a lot of things that other wise I would have to hire someone single and broke. So yes they bring me joy for many reason and I have organized them as I would any other item that is important to me.

And I do thank them for helping me so much. Kondo addresses this in her books, saying to think about how good it feels to have the right kitchen or hardware tool to accomplish something. As a result of going through books, clothes, household items, etc. Wonderful things have kept happening ever since I began this process. One day, decluttering a bag of old tax receipts, I found the savings bond my parents had given me as a high school graduation present! So many years have passed that the accrued interest made it quite valuable. Shortly after that, we got completely unexpected news that our annual income was going to double — I am not kidding.

Our teenager was accepted into their dream school, and I began a creative project that has come together so effortlessly it seems like a miracle. I believe it must be connected to the clearing out of so much cluttered energy, and the opening up of space for opportunities, abundance, and joy. How wonderful!

I enjoyed your thoughts on your journey to clearing out. I too, have a house full of books to sell on my on-line books shop, so I have had to work around all this storage. I was utterly shocked by what I got rid of in the last few days. I finished the dining room, and felt soo good getting rid of things that did not give me any joy! I kept things out of guilt, regarding who gave me the item, or what child created this item.

Closing the Sale: 9 Common Objections

No more…. My dining area is cleaned out and feels so good inside my heart now. After doing this I had some strange things happen. Very positive things like you had mentioned! I was overjoyed! My journey in life will be very different now, with this new channel for me! I tackle my clothes right now….. Wonderful hey! Wonderful to hear how this is working in your life, ava! Decluttering IS magical, especially keeping only what brings us joy.

The Feldman method

I plan to tackle this once my daughter goes back to school. I know why Kondo says not to go near memorabilia till the end — all the emotions, memories, etc. Good for you! My one issue with this method is that I truly prefer cleaning by room; rather than by articles. Just a matter of opinion. I have too much stuff and not enough room to separate the categories completely before I start. Wishing you good fortune in your de-cluttering, Maxine! I know to some that may sound woo-woo, but it has proved true enough for me.

I had no idea how distracting all my stuff was until I decided to try the Kondo method. As I now work in the memorabilia bins, it does get tougher. But then I make my next decision to toss or keep based on how it makes me feel. Turns out, not everything I saved — like my high school gym suit! I am glad to hear from someone that has been in the same home long term. I am awaiting my books arrival tomorrow, thanks Amazon Prime! I am determined to clear my space of 10yr old clothing , stored in the basement?? At the same time overwhelmed just thinking about it. I am hoping that this process will bring about an entire change of mindset for me.

I want to love my home again as I did when I first moved in. I desire an open, clear space with only happy items in my space. Fingers crossed! How inspiring! On with the decluttering! I, too, have been tidying up my home. I have read many books about decluttering and organizing in my life and none have been as effective as this one. It has been a life changing experience. And the more you do it, the easier it gets to make those decisions. As I went through my office supplies, I realized I had a ridiculous amount of pens, pencils, paper clips, etc. It is so much easier now to keep my home cleaned up.

I highly recommend this to anyone who is tired of their clutter. This really does work. The book does not suggest putting cast-offs in canvas bags. I think that the canvas bags above are a commercial. Everything on the internet is a commercial, but I do like the breakdown of this post. Convinced me to give the book a try. I use paper grocery bags — they stand up on their own and are a good size to hold a lot of stuff but not to get so heavy no 30 gal trash bags!

They also stack neatly in the car for trips to Goodwill. Just a friendly fyi- Goodwill is not non-profit. They are a billion dollar business, and some might say not such a nice one. I use local truly non-profits that help local homeless, or Salvation Army. Your information is mistaken. Goodwill is a nonprofit, and you can check with Charity Navigator for the information for your local Goodwill organization. For example, the Houston area Goodwill has a score of What I know about Goodwill: they hire mentally challenged individuals who otherwise would not or could not have employment; they hire probation related community service definitely for individuals who could not get hired because of a criminal background; they hire newly released prison inmates who could not otherwise find a job.

I believe Goodwill to be nonprofit…. I have a bunch of large canvas and cotton totes that I used, since the clothes were getting donated mine went to the homeless shelter, as it was winter and I had some good warm coats in there or consigned rather than thrown out — it worked well and it was useful to be able to see what was inside from the top to keep track of what was going where. Special bags? Collecting canvas bags to get rid of stuff seems to cancel part of the solution out. Then you have to store the canvas bags. I use plastic leaf bags and boxes to take things to Goodwill. Of course no one puts their discarded stuff into pretty canvas bags.

I think the point of touching everything and having to put it all back when your finished is so that you really consider everything. I mean, they all fit in my closet and dresser. BUT, taking it all out of everywhere, I found six 13 gallon garbage bags of donations and four 13 gallon garbage bags of trash. But, instead, I ended up sucked right in.. I hate my work clothes, but, I have to keep them anyways.. In ten years while having foot surgery you will realize how silly you were in so many ways.

Why be so critical and negative….. What not share some of your great ideas? Her standard, in simplest terms, is only to keep things that give you JOY. Not whether the clothing fits which is an something she specifically tells you to do in her book and talks about her own unwearable, joy-giving clothes or whether the shoes are comfortable to walk in.

I did use some nicer bags because that was part of what I was clearing out. After that, it was paper and plastic. I bought a few different garbage bags to do my discard! White garbage bags for donations, black garbage bags for things that just belonged in the trash. Such a smart idea! Wish I had done that when cleaning out my clothes, would of made things so easy. Um, its called bloggers being beholden to brands for money to support their blog, in exchange for plugging products. Read this and weep:. I recommend against it, even though I have some.

Her order: Clothing, books, papers, all the odd stuff she calls it komono , and lastly mementos. When you run into something of sentimental value during your other categories, set it aside for the last stage. You are right—our past is a part of who we are and we should respect that. Your beautiful trinkets and such give you joy. You should not even think of getting rid of them.

The Feldman Method

Keep your joy closer to you. I read the book and love it. Have put a serious dent in the clutter. There are a lot of advertisements in this article that have nothing to do with her book. She is against a lot of the storage items that are sold today. She said in the book that storage is for hoarders. This book definitely spoke to me.

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It has established a team to evaluate which blockchain platform to build on. The bank has invested in a half-dozen startups Digital Asset Holdings, Axoni, SETL, Cobalt DL, R3 and Symbiont developing blockchains and distributed ledgers for applications such as securities settlement, credit derivative swaps and insurance payments. Last year, Citi partnered with Barclays and software infrastructure provider CLS to launch LedgerConnect, an app store where companies can shop for blockchain tools. It offers custody, wallet services and both retail and institutional trading platforms.

The blue chip among crypto-first financial firms is poised to become even more dominant when institutional usage of blockchain grows. Comcast owns MState, a venture capital firm that has invested in at least seven enterprise blockchain startups, including Blockdaemon, which builds software to help enterprises build applications that use Bitcoin and Ethereum and comply with current regulations for example, from the SEC or protecting healthcare privacy.

As its first project, the network plans to publish tamperproof, unforgeable medical credentials so patients can check out their doctors. Other projects being considered would combine data from different insurers to make it easier to share information between doctors and insurers and prevent prescriptions that conflict, with the aim of improving care while cutting costs. If the new system, scheduled to launch by the end of the year, is successful, it could eliminate massive record redundancies and prove that centralized middlemen have a place in a decentralized ledger world.

In May of that year he moved former PayPal president and Coinbase board member David Marcus from his position as vice president of messaging to head up a secretive team exploring blockchain and its applications. The year-old fund giant began mining bitcoin in as a way to learn about digital assets. This year, it launched a custody service for institutional investors who want to store bitcoin securely. About Fidelity employees are now devoted to digital assets.

Having originally missed the ETF explosion, Fidelity will be at the forefront if crypto-assets go mainstream. The giant Chinese manufacturer has pilot projects under way that use blockchain to streamline supply chain transactions and provide working capital to suppliers. Separately, it is developing a blockchain-enabled smartphone that would make it easier for consumers to spend digital coins.

Books with the subject: Feldman, Ben, 1912-

In one early application, Golden State is giving all the companies involved in its burger business—from meat processors to shippers to restaurants—access to streaming data about the temperature at which the beef is kept. The search giant has made numerous investments in blockchain, including Veem, a payments startup that lets enterprises instantly send and receive payments in different currencies, using bitcoin as an intermediary holding.

Meanwhile, it has created a suite of tools that make it easier to search and analyze cryptocurrency transactions—in other words, to Google public blockchains. That could be useful as more Americans move from owning a car to renting one by the hour or month. The phone also has a special Web browser designed for sites built on the blockchain. Other IBM launches include World Wire, a foreign exchange platform seeking to replace interbank messaging platform Swift, and TradeLens, a shipping supply chain service codeveloped with shipping giant Maersk.

IBM has already filed for more than blockchain patents. With its proprietary blockchain connecting companies in at least 85 networks, IBM is a clear enterprise winner. The Dutch banking giant has launched eight pilots since the creation of its dedicated blockchain team in The bank has also invested in several blockchain ventures, including Komgo, which plans to use the Ethereum blockchain to streamline a wide range of transactions.

Like IBM, Intel is one of the bigger corporate forces pushing blockchain into the enterprise market. Its open-source Hyperledger Sawtooth platform lets companies build their own blockchains. Still, IBM is way ahead. It recently announced JPM Coin, an early-stage project to enable real-time institution-to-institution payments. Transactions for shipping goods from one port to another still rely on reams of paperwork, as they did centuries ago. So far, organizations, including ports, freight forwarders, sea and land carriers, and customs agencies, have signed up to use the platform.

The credit card behemoth has applied for 80 blockchain-related patents. Paris Dacanay rated it it was amazing Jan 12, Chairman Council rated it it was amazing Feb 08, Mattie Fuller rated it it was amazing Jan 30, Kawin Thoncompeeravas rated it it was amazing Jun 17, Sarahbg rated it really liked it Mar 13, Jude Viktr Uchea rated it it was amazing Jul 25, Kamen Ng rated it it was ok Mar 03, Bob Alban rated it liked it Sep 22, Victor Tokarev rated it it was amazing Jul 19, Greice rated it liked it May 23, Etienne Delport rated it liked it Sep 12, Carlos Munoz rated it it was amazing Oct 15, Emerson Wan rated it it was amazing Aug 13, Kandaswamy Aruchamy rated it did not like it Nov 06, Vadim Erenburg rated it really liked it Nov 25, Osiris Elhaitham rated it it was amazing Jul 22, Inigo added it Sep 05, Roshni Patel marked it as to-read Sep 26, Edward Robinson marked it as to-read Apr 15, Nancy added it Jun 29, Jason added it Aug 26, Holly Vipond marked it as to-read Sep 29, Agil Hajiyev marked it as to-read Oct 07, Mike marked it as to-read Nov 17, Alex added it Dec 23, Jim added it Feb 01, Jason Riemens marked it as to-read Mar 20, Brent added it Apr 23, Jussi added it Sep 10, Lilac Rongda marked it as to-read Oct 29, Esaam marked it as to-read Nov 09, Philip Anderson is currently reading it Nov 17, Chase Leftwich marked it as to-read Dec 15,