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Lizzie Borden | Biography, Trial, & Facts |

As the churchgoing daughter of an upper-class white family, Lizzie Borden was not the image that 19th-century Americans had in their heads as someone who could have committed the brutal crimes. But a number of pieces of circumstantial evidence pointed to the year-old as the murderer of her father and stepmother. Robertson also discusses other potential suspects in the murder and her thoughts about why Lizzie Borden chose to stay in her hometown after her acquittal.

She also invites readers to register how they would have voted as a jury member at TrialofLizzieBorden.


Cara Robertson is a lawyer who first started researching the Lizzie Borden story as a senior at Harvard and published her first paper on the trial in the Yale Journal of Law and the Humanities in Her scholarship has been supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Humanities Center of which she is a trustee. The Trial of Lizzie Borden is her first book. Photo by Aaron Jay Young.

The Borden household was a troubled one

Next: How introverts can make networking work for them. Former friends abandoned her, and even fellow church members avoided her.

Newspapers wrote thinly-veiled attacks, all but accusing her of getting away with murder. In , Lizzie faced another scandal, when she was accused but not charged of shoplifting while visiting Rhode Island, leading her to become even more isolated within the walls of Maplecroft.

Arrest and Trial of Lizzie Borden: Topics in Chronicling America

Fall River society may have treated Lizzie like a pariah, but others were more than willing to take advantage of her largesse. She also began throwing lavish parties at Maplecroft for her new friends. Lizzie doted on her, and gossip soon began to spread that the two were having a sexual relationship, though neither woman commented on the accusations.

I did not go until conditions became absolutely unbearable.

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Lizzie died in June , at age Emma died a little more than a week later. Today, the Borden family home on Second Street is a popular bed and breakfast, where those brave enough can spend the night at the scene of the one most famous — and officially unsolved — murders in American history.

Lizzie Borden Trial: 1893

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From the Bronco chase to inside the California courtroom, here are the key moments from the trial of the former NFL running back. The playwright was the toast of London in early —until he decided to sue his lover's father. Written in a personal style, almost as if you can hear her speaking, the diary makes readers feel like they know Anne and The accused killer began living lavishly, only to have the residents of Fall River, including her sister, ice her out. Lizzie did herself no favors during the investigation On the morning of August 4, , the lifeless bodies of Andrew and Abby were found in their home.

Lizzie stayed in Fall River after the trial Lizzie and her older sister, Emma, briefly returned to the house, but soon purchased a room, Queen-Anne style home on The Hill, which they named Maplecroft.

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Her new lifestyle destroyed her close relationship with her sister, Emma Fall River society may have treated Lizzie like a pariah, but others were more than willing to take advantage of her largesse. By Sara Kettler.

Trial of Lizzie Borden